Destiny: Understanding Weapons and Armor

GoodGameBro writes, "Whether you were lucky enough to try the Destiny Alpha last month on Sony PlayStation 4, or whether the Destiny Beta will be (or has been) your first taste of the upcoming title on your console of choice, one aspect of the game that you’ll have to learn quickly will be understanding your inventory as it relates to the Weapons and Armor of Destiny’s world. When you begin your Guardian’s new life in-game, your Weapons and Armor will be bare-bones, scrapped together by your Ghost to give you just enough to survive and fight your way back to the safety of The Tower. As you progress through the Story missions and onto Explore, Strike, and Crucible gameplay, you’ll get access to vendors and find items organically in the Frontier which you’ll want to evaluate to see what gives you the best chance to survive and fight The Darkness."

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GusBricker1583d ago

Anyone else like fusion shotguns? They're a big slower, but man, they do some damage.

NiteX1583d ago

I like the fusion rifles, never found a shotgun.

GusBricker1583d ago

I just checked and you guys were right, it was fusion rifle.

LAWSON721582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

I have yet to use those online but they kill me instantly from any range in MP. I have seen people get multiple triple kills with them without breaking a sweat.

Retaliation1583d ago

Fusion Shotguns? I have never gotten those before, only Fusion Rifles

GusBricker1583d ago

Hmmm, I'll have to look later, but I could've sworn it was a shotgun, simply because the range on it sucks, but up close, it's a beast.

Mikey322301583d ago

Thank you for the article! I love informative little pieces like this. I dont know how i would otherwise learn this information.

XtraTrstrL1583d ago

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