The Kim Kardashian Mobile Game Broke Last Night And Fans Of The Game Were Frantic

Business Insider: Friday night was harsh for people trying to make it in Hollywood.

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OfficerDewey1608d ago

This game has fans? I thought they were stalkers.

2cents1608d ago


anyone who has a real desire to play this game to wanna be like kim, has no identity or self respect at all.

Shallow, meaningless, air headed, ego driven fools, that just wanna be famous. But if you ask them "what do you wanna be famous for, what is your skill?"
they reply, "errr... what do you mean, I just want to be famous like kim, what, do I have do be good at something?"

Sad Sad World.

NegativeCreep4271608d ago

Unfortunately this American Dream is much easier to obtain for women than it is for men. Women just have to be hot and slutty and know which TV/Film studio executives to play Hop-On-Pop with. Men actually have to have some kind of skill or knowledge to get so far, at least in a vast majority of cases.

XiNarutoUzumaki1608d ago

I'm sorry, but I like this game so much.

9.0 for me.

BX811608d ago

If I wasn't keen to your sarcasm, I would've begged you to not reproduce. Lol.

sinspirit1608d ago

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

This game is a perfect 10. /s

MaximusPrime_1608d ago

all i know is that Kim is some wannabe celebrity. she is famous for.. being famous. Exactly like that other wannabe celebrity.. Paris? Madrid? Hell?

KingPin1608d ago

she is known for sucking black c0ck on the internet.

im surprised her game is unrelated to the one thing that actually made a "famous".

that would be like messi creating a game that teaches you how to cook.

NegativeCreep4271608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

What kind of gameplay does this "game" have? GTA-style roaming around town going to hair salons and plastic surgeons, DDR-style dancing and snorting coke at Hollywood parties with Paris Hilton, and God of War-style sex minigames with NFL players and guys from BET?

The tweets about this game are hilarious. Not necessarily in their content, but just the fact that they are just from teenage girls and gay guys tweeting and complaining about it crashing on Friday.

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The story is too old to be commented.