PS4's GPU Is A Beast of A Processor, API Is Strong And Straight Forward

Sony have been secretive regarding the actual specifications of the PlayStation 4. There are many parameters that Sony haven't revealed publicly and it looks like that won't change in the future.

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JBSleek1525d ago

Definitely wouldn't call it a beast, a little hyperbole but it is a very capable processor.

Ezz20131525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

i think it's pretty clear that they are talking about consoles
when they are saying Ps4 GPU is beast compared to the GPUs on other consoles

EDIT: @JBSleek
No, i think it's pretty clear they are talking about consoles only
since they can't say Ps4 GPU is a Beast if they were talking about consoles and PCs in general
it wouldn't even make sense

JBSleek1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Even if that was the case calling the PS4 GPU a beast is still hyperbole. If he was referring to it's the best on consoles then clearly yes. But certainly wouldn't call it a beast.

Also not once in the article was there a comparison so I think it's a long shot saying it's pretty clear they were talking about consoles.

johndoe112111525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )


Oh, don't worry, he is very aware of that, but if he was to say anything different i`t would go against his normal agenda of downplaying consoles as much as possible and painting the pc as the master race. He's very very subtle with it.


After watching the first party games that have been released and will be releasing on the ps4 I highly doubt anyone will disagree that it is extremely capable and was very well designed. As far as consoles go, it is a beast.

loulou1525d ago

Its one of gamingbolts wrote for n4g trash articles. A hyperbole title is to be expected...

Gamingbolt, dualshockers, gamepur and all the other hit leech bloggers should be banned!!

But then blogs4fanboys would actually have to have some real news..

elmaton981525d ago

Shit, I like gaming on PC as I get a better quality in graphics but man is expensive. I just bought a 770 gtx and is still not enough to run watchdog on ultra, it is very unoptimized.

extermin8or1525d ago

Well arguably his statement could be talking in general but be refferring to the price bracket. Most likely he was just talking in console terms in the same way as I might say the cpu inside a galaxy s5 is a beast of a cpu-well in mobike terms the 2.5ghz quad core cpu's are some of the best however compare it to a pc or laptop cpu and its a different story...

Daniel_Potter1524d ago

I doubt you can call your GPU beast, when a mid range GPU that came out the same year can beat you (750)
Or when a 5 year old high end card beats you (480)

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JBSleek1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Sigh... I made a simple true statement and people think I have other motives. I even said it's a capable processor.


Absolutely false. I praise all systems and critique all systems. I'm sorry I'm not some monkey who supports everything Sony does but don't act like I don't critique Xbox One. Look at my comment history. I say everyone should own all consoles.

Also I never said the GPU isn't the strongest of the consoles... I simply said a low mid range card shouldn't be considered a beast. No matter if it's the strongest of the weak consoles.

Utalkin2me1525d ago

Well considering you downplay in every Sony article and praise all Xbox1 articles. What are people suppose to think.

But anyways, the GPU is by far the strongest of the consoles.

funkybudda1525d ago

"beast" and "capable" is not exactly interchangeable in definition especially when referring to computer hardware performance. Nice try tho...

BVFTW1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

The PS4 gpu is the best one among consoles and a very capable chip in general, but compared to some mid to high end dedicated hardware out there it is not a beast, not a slouch alas nothing out of the spectrum either. I agree with you JB on this hardware matter but you must know by now that some people are just on a crusade to downplay whatever platform they don't support and even though you are talking about hardware there will always come a brainwashed brand acolyte to talk you about a exclusive as the alpha and omega of gaming trying to downplay your opinion. The real alpha an omega in the "software" matter is to be able to enjoy a full dinner in my POV.

MysticStrummer1525d ago

"Sigh... I made a simple true statement and people think I have other motives."

They probably recognized your name and know your pattern.

Just guessing.

disKinected1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )


Well said mate. He wouldn't have talked like this if this would have been mentioned about xbox GPU.

JackBNimble1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )


You didn't answer my question. "Where did John Carmack ever compare the ps4 gpu to the 7970?

Do you really believe that a gpu with 1.84 teraflops ,no matter how optimised it is, is comparable to one that is 3.79 teraflops?

PS4 is a powerful console but lets not kid ourselves here. These claims are just as bad as the XO and the power of the cloud or dx12.

EDIT: oops ... commented in the wrong spot.

nycgamer4ever1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )


You MUST know by now that no one cares or asked for your always one sided negative opinions so why do you keep offering it up?

Do YOU own all consoles? Cause if not just saying "everyone should own all consoles" is just a copout and excuse to try and look unbiased when you offer up your often times biased opinions.

Maybe if you weren't negative all the time and sounding like a hater maybe people would take your comments more seriously

ShinMaster1525d ago

It's not even low-mid range.

I think your motives have been pretty clear every time you pop up in an article discussing graphics and consoles.

Kavorklestein1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Maybe because nobody has to agree or disagree with what he says, for him to have the right to say it?

Most people sound like haters when they are talking about a console that is NOT their console of choice, including PS4 owners. It's just the way it is.

The key to being non biased is giving credit where it is due, whether or NOT you have a preference, and JBSleek DID that. He almost always does that.

This article is not un-warranted, the PS4 is great machine, but so are the other consoles, and so are pcs. Not worshiping a certain console/PC and sucking it's dick doesn't automatically discredit or invalidate people's knowledge, opinions or preferences. TBH, It seems like Nintendo and Microsoft fans have that rule of thumb understood, it's Sony fans, however, who typically have no humility, and split hairs, change subjects, digress, shift goal posts, underrate the competition, even though they just BARELY got done being the underdog with the PS3.
It's time that we as a whole had constructive debates about possibilities or things we are excited for, it's time to stop debating who's console has more potential power.
It's common knowledge, and regardless of performance, people will always have their preferences.

It seem to me, that people of all fanboy factions have accepted that the PS4 is the fastest console right now.

NOW it's time for the Sony fanboy faction to ACCEPT that some people STILL don't care.

Disagreeing with opinions that are pro Xbox, just BECAUSE they are pro Xbox is stupid.

Disagreeing with opinions JUST because they are Pro Sony is also stupid.

Take the time to see where somebody is coming from, and then, if people are saying things like "Xbox is da faztezt" then go ahead and disagree. But unless it's stated as a fact, and unless it's not accurate, there is no reason to disagree in most cases.

I mean, yeah people are free to click whatever they want, and disagree with whatever they want, but it's getting a little too bitchy at this point. When you see a comment in almost every single article, every single day, that says:

"I have a PS4, and an Xbox one, and I still like my Xbox one." with 250 disagrees, OR

"I have an xbox one, and I plan on getting a PS4" with 1,127 disagrees, that's just a glimpse at the maturity levels of people on this site.

I mean, yeah, let's talk, let's all debate, let's weigh out pro's and con's but let's not be so arrogant that unless people think like we do, or play what we play, or like what we like, that they deserve some kind of reprimand.

In Fact, if people attack like rabid dogs when there is no reason for it, THAT is when people deserve reprimand or a "internet flogging"

Let's all just grow up, ESPECIALLY if we intend on attracting fellow gamers to our console of choice.

tee_bag2421525d ago

Your only allows to advocate PS4 here, not all console.
PS4.. yes yes it's a supercomputer. Easily capable of 1080p 60fps.

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TheTwelve1525d ago

Apparently, the word "beast" is copyrighted by PC owners. I didn't know that.

Imalwaysright1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

PS4 is outperformed by a GTX 480 which is a 4 year old card. If "beast" is the word used to describe PS4 GPU, what word should be used to describe the Titan, GTX 780TI or the R9 290x?

dboyman1525d ago

@Imalwaysright Superbeast?!

sinspirit1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )


Wrong. The PS4 GPU has a low level API, less bloated OS, and the one set of specifications for developers to optimize for.

John Carmack, a legend in the first person video game genre, says that the performance is potentially double of what a PC equivalent would be.

So, basically he says the PS4 is high end, comparable to a 7970. Of course it will take experience to get that performance out of it. Don't forget that the RAM is completely video graphics focused, and is great for graphic quality and framerate performance.

JackBNimble1525d ago


"So, basically he says the PS4 is high end, comparable to a 7970".

Oh really? Where did he ever compare the ps4 gpu to the 7970? That's one of the top high end gpu's from amd. The best you can say is it's comparable to the 7850 (which isn't bad at all IMO) not even close to the 7970.

sinspirit1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )


Did you read ANY of my comment or John Carmacks comment?

The PS4 GPU is 1.84 teraflops, directly compared to a 7850. But, because of the capabilities of actually getting more out of the hardware because of optimization and low level API you can get essentially twice the performance of the PC equivalent, in other words, the PC equivalent in teraflop performance needs to be twice that teraflop performance in order to be comparable to the console equivalent in terms of realistic potential.

This doesn't mean that the PS4 GPU actually gets twice the reported teraflops. This means what it can actually deliver in a real world demonstration is far more than the PC equivalent and is roughly comparable to what a 7970 can actually do in games for PC.

uth111525d ago


That's what the PC types never grasp- How much the performance of the PC is held back by Windows, high-level API abstraction and hardware fragmentation. That limits the amount of optimization developers can do.

Consoles will outperform PCs in the same hardware class

JackBNimble1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )


You're correct when you say "Consoles will outperform PCs in the same hardware class".

The PS4 how ever, is not in the same class as the 7970, it is in the same class as the 7850 which it may or may not out preform that. I would like to see some bench marks to prove these claims.

"This doesn't mean that the PS4 GPU actually gets twice the reported teraflops. This means what it can actually deliver in a real world demonstration is far more than the PC equivalent and is roughly comparable to what a 7970 can actually do in games for PC".

You contradict yourself with this statement.

nycgamer4ever1525d ago


Show us a game on pc running on the GTX480 that looks better than Driveclub, The Order and Uncharted and infamous SS.

I want receipts bro!

Do you guys play games or just play gpus?

starchild1524d ago

Both my GTX 770 and HD 7950 outperform my PS4 in multiplatform games and neither of them are double the performance of the PS4's GPU. These are real-world results, not hypothetical estimations.

sinspirit1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )


No. You just don't know what you're talking about.

TFlop performance is a cards max potential. They don't measure this on Windows, so it's not like TFlop performance is accurately measured on the OS that is holding the cards back. While a 7970 on a PC won't get near it's max performance, the PS4 GPU will. When John Carmack, extremely smarter than you, says the PS4 GPU essentially gets twice the performance of the PC hardware equivalent, it's more accurate to say that the PC hardward equivalent merely gets half its potential performance.


That video is Linus' piss poorest video. I love the guy and I follow videos every time he posts one but that video was extremely not thought out. Watch Dogs is a terrible port on PC, and they assumed this didn't mean laziness on consoles, while PS4 has substantially better looking games running better already on the hardware than Watchdogs.


And, those multiplatform games don't even run on the console as well as the PC equivalents. The 6870 I used to have could play BF3 on max settings at 1600x900, that's only because I didn't have a 1080p screen. I see videos of others playing it at 1080p no problem. You can't just compare multiplatform games right away, considering how some actually are performing worse than a PC hardware equivalent right now, and exclusives look miles better and perform better and are better representations of console performance.

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Mithan1525d ago

He was referring to consoles. We all know the gpu is weak when compared to a PC, but it is the best available for consoles.

Magicite1525d ago

for a console its beastly.

showtimefolks1525d ago

i am glad i is because xbox one is having issues achieving 1080P/60FPS on a HD collection(metro redux)

also its funny when someone is talking about ps4's gpu yet pc gamers coming in claiming their PC's are better. This is a console article, talking about consoles.

TheSaint1524d ago

Get over it and go back to playing your PC.

LightDiego1524d ago

This guy again, lmao, get a life!
Keep your PC agenda to you.

mixolydian_id1524d ago

It's great they managed to sit semi capable GPU and CPU's on the same chip. Even if at a low clocking speed.

SOC's have come a long way. I guess the most limiting factor is that they were being used primarily for phones and tablets where battery life was an issue.

I still wish it was a bit more straightforward getting accurate benchmarks for both consoles. API's allow for better use of the tools available and the more streamlined these are in future, the better overall games will be released.

I wonder when the next cloud reveal will be available and whether game methodology like Titanfall/Crackdown will be able to be incorporated onto PS4 too?

Does anyone know if PSN uses dedicated servers in games like BF4?

XtraTrstrL1524d ago

Well, to be fair, it does have a few advancements over PCs right now. It is using GDDR5 ram unified for the APU, rather than DDR3 + GDDR5 only for GPU. Once devs start going more into GPGPU compute for everything, it's gonna be hard to just use raw numbers to compare the PS4's APU to any PC GPU of the same shader count/tflops. It doesn't compare to a low-end PC in results at all, it compares to a mid-range to high-range PC and will continue to stay in that mid-high range. Devs like Naughty Dog will keep the comparisons to high-end PCs going, as they show the proper way to optimize for the hardware.

hkgamer1524d ago

Simon Bennett called it a "beasty processor", he didn't call it a beast, or even a beast of a processor. The article paraphrased it which took it out of the context.

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XiSasukeUchiha1525d ago

Thanks Sony for this information, oops I forget it's gamebolt sigh, but still thanks for the info!

MegaRay1525d ago

Man, You're one hour late -.-

patrik231525d ago

yes. The most powerful console ever created. No wonder all multiplats perform better on PS4:

Diablo 3 running at 900p on Xbox One; PS4 version locked at 1080p

Confirmed: Watch Dogs PS4 900p, Xbox One 792p, both 30fps

Trials Fusion: PS4 runs at 1080p, Xbox One at 900p

Metal Gear Solid 5 runs at 1080p on PS4, limited to 720p on Xbox One

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Is 900p, 60fps On Xbox One

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare at 1080p 60fps confirmed for PS4 in August

Kribwalker1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Here's Patrick again, spewing the same crap over and over, copy and pasting everytime , I think I got like 6 different PMs from him saying the same thing lol

extermin8or1525d ago

Watch dogs is abit of an optimization mess on all platforms isnt it? I meannif mgs5 is running 1080p at 60fps on ps4 with those graphocs and even managing 30fps and 720p on ps3 how the hell cab watch dogs bot make 1080p...

Jihaad_cpt1525d ago

It's not about the size of the boat but rather the motion in the ocean

Zenith4k1525d ago

Ah but the better built boats tend to survive bigger waves ;)

Utalkin2me1525d ago

Yeah but it would take a long time to cross the ocean in a rowboat.

extermin8or1525d ago

Not if the rowing motion was massive and moving back at sport at an insanely fast speed...

funkybudda1525d ago

Kinect has been removed from Xbox Done SKUs, so motion is dead. Nice try...

Hanuman1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

I'm confused... Who's going where and why is a boat the vessel of choice?

extermin8or1525d ago

@hanuman lol last geb consoles for bur I al at sea :p

TheBoy1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

PS4's GPU is less powerful than a $150 GTX 750Ti, hardly call it a beast, low to mid range is what I'd call it.

JBSleek1525d ago

I'd call it lower mid range card at best. Yet at this junction of PC hardware that isn't too bad.

TheBoy1525d ago

Didn't say it was bad, just that the GPU inside the PS4 would be classified as low to mid range in PC hardware terms.

funkybudda1525d ago

two different categories here, consoles vs PC. It's like comparing car engines, you cant exactly compare regular cars' engine to that of racing cars, the target audience is entirely different.

MasterCornholio1525d ago

With that I'm pretty impressed with what they have been able to achieve on the console. Games like Uncharted 4, Infamous Second Son and The Order look fantastic in my opinion.

Utalkin2me1525d ago


1080p Benchmarks

GTX 750 Ti Benchmarks

COD:Ghost 36fps
Tomb Raider 17fps
Assassins Creed BF 21fps
Battlefield 4 31fps

Best scores are bolded. Our test bed is a 3.3GHz Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition in an Asus Rampage Extreme IV motherboard with 16GB of DDR3/1600 memory and a Thermaltake ToughPower 1,050w PSU. The OS is Windows 8 64-bit Enterprise.

So in conclusion it is not comparable to the PS4 GPU, cause it shows it is under performing on very high end PC parts. Test was done on maximumPC website.

wtopez1525d ago

You left out the "All games run at 1920x1080 with maximum settings and 4X AA except for 3DMark" part. The PS4 won't run those games on the equivalent of Ultra AND with 4x MSAA on. Turn the 4x MSAA off and go from Ultra to High on Battlefield 4 and you'll easily get 70+ FPS on a 750 Ti. This is from personal experience.

AnteCash1525d ago

No ,
750 Ti is 1.72 tlops , memory bandwidth 86.4 GB/s, 16 ROPs, pixel rate 16.32 GPixel/s ,40 texture mapping units.
Ps4 gpu is 1.84 tflops memory bandwidth 176 Gb/s , 32 ROPs ,pixel rate 25.6 GPix/s, 72 texture mapping units,Compute on ps4 gpu is as powerful as that on R9 290.

So you see the gpu in ps4 is no slouch.

I see you have a internet connection , why don't you use it and seek the right info.

The_HarryEtTubMan1524d ago

PS4 GPU isn't 1.84 Teraflops who are you kidding?

callahan091524d ago


It's a well-known fact that the PS4 GPU is 1.84 TFLOPS.

Platinum_k1525d ago

Yeah, I'de stay away from all this PC comparison.

It seems every damn PC gamers try to compare a PC to a console.

You would have to be out of your mind to compare something like that.

TheBoy1525d ago

Why? The PS4 is essentially a PC, it's x86 architecture, the components inside the console can be compared to low to mid range PC hardware because that's exactly what a PS4 is, a low to mid range PC.

insomnium21524d ago


No it's not in a developement sense. You are just trying to paint the entire picture with only one colour here.

Please read up on optimizing games on consoles vs PC and educate yourself a little.

Platinum_k1525d ago

Yes, PS4 is bascially a PC, but less powerful and it's different...

I'm starting to think you have never owned a console. Get one, and Only then you would know NOT to compare these 2 Computer systems.

It's like trying to compare a MOTORCYCLE to a CAR!!!
They have the same functions of transportation, but they are also completely different.

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