Yes, Your Guardian Has a Voice in Destiny: You Can Hear Them All Here

Many aren’t exactly fans of the “silent protagonist” narrative style, and Destiny‘s alpha made them worry about our Guardian not having a voice of his own. Luckily the beta proved that they worried for nothing, as your characters definitely have a voice of their own, even if they really don’t speak too much.

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TheBurger291613d ago

Love the Awoken female voice so much! I hate when games don't have your character talk, it ruins immersion.

NukaCola1613d ago

Well, mostly true. Legend of Zelda titles haven't needed it yet for Link.

HystericalGamez1613d ago

Well in the lore, link literally can't speak because he had his throat crushed or something like that IIRC as a young child in one of the incarnations.

marlinfan101613d ago

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crimsonfox1612d ago

Good man...
I already have one, but good man +bubs

Meltic1613d ago

problem is when im playing Destiny is that the story isnt a Deep good story. Seems like they have worked much more on multiplayer. A Deep endless good story like last of us is so good. Why not make it a cool story. ITS SPACE FFS

Clown_Syndr0me1613d ago

Yeah the games stable, works brilliant etc but the gameplay is stale and repetitive and the story is so crap I don't care what's going on.

JakemanPS319941612d ago

I love how you guys say that the story is crap when the game isn't even released yet! How are you supposed to even know what its gonna be like when they only gave us the first 30 mins of story to play? And don't even get me started on the whole "game is stale and repetitive"... /end rant

youndamie1612d ago

Why are you talking about the story. You are playing the beta, to say you've barely scratch the surface of the story is an understatement.

Meltic1612d ago

lol dont try to defend them. Wait and see in the final version. Do you really Think the final version is SO MUCH MUCH better than the beta?. NO. The story we have seen in the alpha and beta is the same in the final version. Meaby there is some tweaks if people dont like it but dont expect a good storyline. The storyline is confuzed. Doesen't make any sence. In the beginning you spawn and the flying robot said you have been dead several years and aliens invaded Earth. Wtf ?. Thats cheap. Gameplay and multiplayer is a 10/10 but cmon the story doesent really impress me so far.

youndamie1612d ago

@Meltic I'm not defending them, I'm only saying you can't judge a story you haven't played yet.

Shadonic1612d ago

The thing people arent seeing is that were still being cut off from the full content, this is merely a small taste and people are making it out ot be whats to come of the full course. completely irrational way of thinking.

marlinfan101612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

lol youre comparing the story of TLOU (one of the best stories in the last few years) to the story of a game that we've only been able to play the beta of? come on now.

edit- didnt they say the betas only about 10% of the game?

Shadonic1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

clost to 1% i think they phrase it as " you havent even touched 10% of the game " when they talk about how much weve gotten our hands on.

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Rob_Ko1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

love the Exo synthetic voices, male Awoken is also really cool.
is Nolan North voice of Human male?

MysticStrummer1612d ago

Yeah I'll probably be an Awoken but the Exo voice was the coolest imo.

youndamie1612d ago

The fact that my character had a voice is awesome. Not having a voice in FF ARR ruined the game for me.