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Watch_Dogs - Modder Adds E3 2012 Anamorphic Lens-Flares

Guru3D’s member ‘SoloCreep’ has released a new mod for Watch_Dogs that adds anamorphic lens-flares; a feature that was present in the E3 build of Watch_Dogs but was removed from the final version. (PC, Watch Dogs)

Neixus  +   73d ago
Too much of a distraction, to be honest. Looks good though
Clown_Syndr0me  +   73d ago
I honestly cant see what's different here? I think I need a side by side comparison.
kevnb  +   73d ago
--bienio--  +   73d ago
End of the year I will try this mod:) first I need change my card wich is happen in november😉cant wait!!!
Meltic  +   73d ago
still playing this game?. Cant understand so lazy the ubisoft team was making this game. Hiding the graphic mods or the Graphics in the files...
Epic-gamerz  +   73d ago
How about a MOD to make the Gameplay better? Because it still plays like turd
hiredhelp  +   73d ago
Your opinion Epic
tee_bag242  +   73d ago
Care to elaborate on how the gameplay sucks?
I happen to think the cover system in such an open world is great - I have awesome shootouts . I've even come to appreciate the driving.. hint - using the handbrake combats understeer.

Not too sure why people rag on the gamepay other that if it was running like a slideshow on their rig or console.
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