VR vs. PlayStation 4

VRFocus - Over the course of the previous two entries in VRFocus’ ‘VR vs.’ series, we have looked the two platform holders that are yet to announce their own virtual reality (VR) headsets, discussing the likelihood of Microsoft and Nintendo getting involved in the scene, and the challenges they would both face. Of course, their other rival, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) already has its own VR device in Project Morpheus for the PlayStation 4. But with the device still in its prototype stages and set to go up against the Oculus Rift on ever-evolving PC hardware, SCE still has plenty of hurdles ahead of it if its exciting experiment is to turn into consumer sensation.

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S2Killinit1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

There was a point made about the PC evolving while the PS4 would not. I thought the article would then mention Sony's clever placement of the processing unit of the headset outside the headset so that a better one could be plugged in later if need be. But they didnt mention this so i thought i should. Of course the downside of this is that it would take away PS4's console advantage of being a uniform medium for VR developers. Its a give and take. Either way, im a day one. I cant wait to delve into virtual reality.

Lazyeye791611d ago

I'm really excited for Project Morpheus and hope Sony and devs really push it hard.

Also I didn't know they had the processing unit on the outside for easy access. Thanks for the info.

kingduqc1610d ago

I'm not sure how Sony is going to push VR with the ps4. To have a low persistence display (way better motion clarity, got to have this in VR) you need to refresh it at 90-95Hz with strobing black in between each frame. This eliminate the pixel persistence(because pixels are slow that's why you need black in between frame to make em disappear) You can see that if you move your mouse real fast, the persistence make so that you can see more then 1 mouse because the pixels are still showed on screen even if the mouse is long gone from that position.

On top of that, VR needs really high resolution. 1080p won't really be great and you'll see tons of jaggies. So in the end you are looking at 90-100 fps in 1440p+ to truly have a great VR experience and that the ps4 can't do. It might be able to do it with simpler games but you won't get close to triple A games in VR on a console so I'm really curious what will happen.