Areal - Spiritual Successor To STALKER - Has Been Kickstarter-funded

Well, it was to be expected. With only $12K and five days left to it, it was a given that West Games' Kickstarter would meet its goal.

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juaburg911613d ago

And here i am, trying to raise $500 for my game design studies, with like 6 days to go... Damn son, lol.

Congratulations to them :)

Tiechie1613d ago

Has this thing been proven to be a scam yet, or was that a misunderstanding.

NarooN1613d ago

Hardly anything is known about this, yet people threw their money at the kickstarter anyway? Wow...

NYC_Gamer1613d ago

I couldn't back the project because it felt like a scam in my opinion based on the footage/screens

Rivitur1613d ago

Waiting for the scam's taking forever!

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