Some Great Games To Get You Through The Rest Of Summer

IM PLAYIN gives you a few games to get you through the end of July and the rest of August in the face of a rather empty Summer of new games.

"So July has been a bit of a slow month for new games, and August isn't offering a huge amount either, which is a shame. There are one or two games that have, or will be, released this month like, Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition and The Last of Us - Remastered, but there aren't that many new games coming out for the end of Summer, especially on the consoles. So here is a roundup of the games that we've been playing to fill the void until September, when we'll be graced with games like Destiny, FIFA/Madden/NHL 15 and, towards the end of this summer, the current-gen arrival of Diablo III."

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