Why Mario Kart: Double Dash Is Better Than Mario Kart 8

N247 writes: Mario Kart 8 is proving to be one of the most popular Mario Kart games of the series, and a good majority of people would agree that it’s their favorite. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why I decided to buy a Wii U. There is no denying that Mario Kart 8 is one of the best games in the series. However, I still find that Mario Kart: Double Dash for the Nintendo GameCube is a much better game, and these are the reasons why.

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illmatic1613d ago

Double Dash is the best MK imo. So many good features.

elhebbo161613d ago

imo MK8 tops it, its just better in so many ways. The only negative would be the battle mode but besides that nintendo out did themselves with this one.

BattleN1613d ago

Challenge mode is another disappointing aspect of MK8

Lightning Mr Bubbles1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I haven't played the new Mario Kart for the Wii U, last one I played was Double Dash and I thought it was pretty weak for a Mario Kart game. The Mario Kart for SNES and N64 were better.

I hope the Wii U one is better than Double Dash. From what I've heard, it is.

Shnazzyone1613d ago

racewise and certainly graphics, MK8 is a clear winner. Battlemode? Doubledash every single time. That's all I've ever wanted online. That battle mode with the MK8 item customization would be heaven.

elninels1612d ago

I agree. My friends and I have put over 300 hrs of just multiplayer. Yoshi's track in mirror mode.

N4g_null1612d ago

I always liked the snes battle mode better. It felt like a violent pilot wings lol. I'm liking mk8 way better than double dash.... I actually did not like double dash due to it being sluggish for a mariokart game.

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illmatic1613d ago

You should. Tons of hidden gems on the console/

1613d ago
techologie1613d ago

Hidden gems for sure. Although the dreamcast also has some great gems as well.

elhebbo161613d ago

If your PC is strong enough you can run dolphin.

elhebbo161613d ago

Its a Gamecube/Wii emulator. Like visual boy advance if you ever heard of that one.

BenRage31611d ago

how do you connect the sensor bar to the pc?

BattleN1613d ago

Wind waker
Metroid prime
Double dash
Battalion wars
Fire emblem
Zelda TP
Smash Melee
FF Crystal chronicles
Pikmin are all a fraction of those gems

Venox20081613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

luigis mantion
metal gear solid:twin snakes
eternal darkness
resident evil remake, zero and 4
viewtiful joe 1 and 2
killer 7
chibi - robo
super monkey ball
super mario sunshine
paper mario
zelda twilight princess
metroid prime 2

i love gamecube

Djkmilo1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )


elninels1612d ago

Def jam fight for NY, double dash, prime, skyward sword, twin snakes, mario sunshine, melee, strikers, party, super monkey ball.

I believe that the GameCube has bedn the single greatest local multiplayer console of all time.

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Metallox1613d ago

Oh God, and with the items, it was a friggin awesome mess xD

WillGuitarGuy1613d ago

That's my favorite map from the game because of how chaotic it was lol.

mcstorm1613d ago

Baby park was amazing ide loved to of seen this on MK8.

WECKmaster3291608d ago

7 laps? My siblings and I took it to the extreme with 9 laps and frantic mode on. The most fun that I ever had as a kid aside from Bob-omb Blast.

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iliimaster1613d ago

battle mode... why...... everything else A+

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