Check Out the Two New Maps from the Iron Banner Destiny PS4 Beta Event

Today Bungie announced an event that would add new two maps to the Crucible multiplayer mode. These two maps were revealed to be Rusted Lands, a medium sized map in a flooded area on Earth, and Meridian Bay which is a medium sized facility on the planet Mars.

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oODEADPOOLOo1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

wow and I thought I had already played new maps, was on as soon as event started and joined, just never knew I was being recylced old maps instead. Damn it!

lonelyplayer1526d ago

I need a code for ps4. If you have one please PM me :)

DRE19701526d ago

Same here ps4 beta code please psn id dre1970

unbad1526d ago

I received a code yesterday post about the site someone will help out. It's a heck of a up to the hype.

marlinfan101526d ago

ive got a ps4 and ps3 code. if anyone needs one message me

DRE19701526d ago

Can u email that ps4 code to me please [email protected]

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