Falling on deaf ears: How Bungie has robbed us of our voices in Destiny

Destiny's restrictive chat system has a detrimental effect on the social experience we were promised by Bungie.

As it stands, the system requires players to invite players to parties rather than featuring a dynamic proximity chat system, forcing players to either send invites or play with mute teammates.

This system will inhibit our social interactions severely and take away from gameplay, especially in competitive matchmaking. Being able to easily and quickly communicate with your team is paramount, and it's time we tell Bungie how we feel so that this isn't implemented in the final release.

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ArchangelMike1610d ago

Basically, Bungee need to allow team chat for the Crucible. All they need is a 'mute' option for those douches who like to listen to really really loud emo music in the background and whistle along into the mic!

For sure you need to be able to communicate with the people on your team, especially when you see them walking past your dead body and into an ambush at 'A', and there's no way to forwarn them.

Insomnia_841609d ago

Proximity voice chat would be perfect!

NukaCola1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Who disagreed with this? Party chat for your group. Make a radio net for your team or something. But for anyone else, just do proximity chatting with mute features.

These are all good ideas.

cleft51609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

I use to hold whole voice chat in the highest esteem back when it was just an idea. The reality of voice chat is something I don't care too much about. I am sure Bungie will implement some better form of voice chat, after all this is only the beta, but I am not overly hurt that their is a lack of voice chat options at the moment.

morganfell1609d ago

Party Chat killed multiplayer cooperation. Multiplayer is about more than getting online with just your friends. Now you go into most games and no one talks because there are little groups of 2 - 3 people on a 8 or 16 man team and none of those groups are communicating. Teamplay goes into the toilet.

Above all else there should be a team chat first (other mediums fine but team v/o needs to come first) and a quick player mute method.

HaveAsandwich1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

i thought the same thing. proximity chat for when you run across someone, or another fireteam. when i started the alpha, i assumed prox chat was there, and was wondering why no one was talking back. im there talking to the screen like a jackass. the tower might be an issue with prox chat, though.

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AllAboutGaming1610d ago

Yeah, I feel robbed that I'm not being called the n word on Xbox Live every 5 minutes.

I like the way it is setup now.

Darkstares1609d ago

Isn't it quite easy to simply mute that person? One of the reasons we play online is to meet new people. If somebody buys a new console and is just starting out it's hard to communicate with anyone. Party chat is a great option but it also makes it harder for those on the outside to get inside.

funkybudda1609d ago

I am not a kid in playground that I want to "meet" and "play" with every other kid that I run into. I am a working adult, I prefer to play and choose my online friends selectively. I also dont need to hear every pencil-neck online tough guys cursing each other out and talking crap. Good implementation by Bungie, imo.

Battlefieldlover1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Wouldn't it be easier to play along side someone, get the feel that they are cool then invite them to a fire team? I've done it a dozen times already and have meet a lot of players looking for players to "squad" up with for harder enemies.

The way it is now is just fine. Proxy chat is just another tool to be abused. "Oh let's troll that guy/gal tell they leave the area". " ohh I'm sorry are you trying to enjoy the story? Having a hard time hearing over mine and my 4 friends blaring the trololo song?" "Just mute us all... Then do that again every other day"

Personally I want a buffer between me and the internet assholes who thrive on ruining others experiences. I mean we are acting like you can't chat with your friends.

Darkstares1609d ago

There are a lot of terrible people to play with, no denying that. I'd rather their be harsher penalties so they don't do it as often than to simply strict everyone from being able to communicate freely.

Spotie1609d ago

What battlefield said.

I used to have proximity chat on all the time in DC Universe. But for the past few years, I stayed with my league or party chat. If I ran a raid and found someone exceptional, I'd invite them. Otherwise, I thanked then for their assistance and moved on.

No need to hear every soul around you in an MMO. Now, for a game like Killzone or Battlefield, it's more important because of the way those games are set up, and the importance of team play. But Destiny won't need it.

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bestofthebest1609d ago

Feel the same way I'm so tired of hearing people curse each other out for no reason.

wls10121609d ago

I think it's great,90% of what people are saying is bullshit more kids screaming in the mic,and how about the ones with the loud music in the background,that's all gone
love Bungie

ScorpiusX1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Maybe the dancing , waving and pointing can be worked to a form of sign language.
Dance to party up , Point to give orders , Wave to attack. Lol

rowdyBOY1609d ago

destiny will be much more fun on xbox .

psn = play alone

xbox live = join the party

wls10121609d ago

no sir we got the party chat now

funkybudda1609d ago

He probably meant Xbox 360, there's not enough Xbox Done players compare to PS4 players, ROFL. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

LordMaim1609d ago

Are you kidding? There are tons of people in the game. I'm always running into random fire teams in Destiny, and this is just the Beta.

ricochetmg1609d ago

Xbox can't even pay yet so what do you know.

Revengeance1609d ago

That's funny because I have a bunch of friends I play with on PSN. But what do you know? You don't even use it. That's Xbot logic for ya.

SilentNegotiator1609d ago

PS4 = ~8.5 million players, best seller of 8th gen games
Xbox One = ~5 million players

Certainly won't be the case for anyone buying an 8th gen copy. You're going to be really disappointed if you think you're going to be able to use that tired old Xtroll "more players on Live" adage for the next ~7 years.

Sevir1609d ago

Lol. Really so tell about your experience with the Destiny Beta that you haven't played yet?

HaveAsandwich1609d ago

not the case at all. the beta is loaded with people.

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