Destiny’s Iron Banner Mode Will Return Multiple Times During Beta; Xbox Owners Can Breathe Easier

Today multiple sources reported that the special 2-hour long Iron Banner event on Destiny’s beta would appear only once, but luckily that’s not the case.


Bungie just announced two new times for the event, tonight and tomorrow.

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TheFallenAngel1584d ago

I love destiny. Amazing game! Bungie did an excellent job with this game and music. Day 1!

BallsEye1583d ago

Great game indeed. Funny how suddenly it's loved by everyone on n4g eventho it's a complete halo copy with more open world. Bungie even used most assets from halo: exactly same physics, mostly same animations, shooting feels same way, slightly re-skinned weapons, very similar models of characters, weapons, enemies and surroundings, copied AI and sandbox.

Well, atleast now Bungie get's the respect they always deserved.

NerdStalker1582d ago

What a idiot you are Ballseye, nobody ever trashed halo, most people would agree it's was a class game, unless you don't like that sort of game. You have got so caught up in your fanboy warfare your blinded by ignorance. You know ps4 is superior with more games coming out deal with it.

xReDeMpTiOnx1584d ago

Hope there is a mode that caters to competitive players once the full game releases because power spams get old quick

BiggCMan1584d ago

So using powers, something vital to the game, is considered non competitive? Every game is different you know, it's not always about straight up guns.

kneon1584d ago

The problem is that they are unbalanced. If you want to do well you should be playing as a titan, then you can just charge into a group capturing a flag and instakill every one without having to aim. It's a low skill high kill power. Plus the titan grenades seem much more powerful.

Until now I didn't notice any real difference in the classes as the single player and coop are so stupidly easy that I never really use these abilities.

But I don't expect to play much multiplayer, I hate the stupid jumping and vehicles.

Dmagic1584d ago

your in a battle you're getting beat its a one on one press r1 and your out of trouble competitive wise thats not cool at all for casual game play its fun well because its meant for laughs and good times.

xReDeMpTiOnx1583d ago

Biggc, nowhere did I say powers were non competitive you just took what I said out of context.

The powers as they stand would need reworking if they were to be in compeitive, in no way shape or form should you be able to be getting shot to near install death and able to hit 1-2 buttons and insta kill anything around you while still being alive that isn't what compeitive players want.

BiggCMan1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

" If you want to do well you should be playing as a titan"

Ummmm, no. Absolutely no. All 3 classes are straight up beast in Crucible. I play Warlock and i'm almost always the top player of both teams, don't speak of things you don't know about. When i'm not beating everyone else, the top players are Hunters because it's extremely powerful with that pistol. What at an ignorant thing to say, you're just not very good if you believe that.

@Redemption, some people just want that because it's fun. The main focus of Destiny is not to be another Halo or Call of Duty, it's the PvE and the Crucible is a nice little add on. It's fun and that's all that matters to a lot of people.

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Menkyo1584d ago

The crucible got old quick period.

BiggCMan1584d ago

Well, I only agree because you're doing the SAME game mode, on the SAME 2 levels the entire time.

But I still have fun with it in a group of friends :D I think it will be awesome in the full game with all the modes and planets.

It's like a faster paced Halo, and having that on Playstation has always been something I've wanted since I love Halo! Who would have saw this coming 10 years ago!

dcj05241584d ago

Gotta be ready to evade the powers, quick reaction times man.

Lubu1584d ago

Played several matches on Iron Banner. Was MVP a couple times and didn't get any loot. Others on my team did though.
What's the criteria to get loot from these matches?

Ripsta7th1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I was on last place but got loot because i completed a challenge(forgot what they are called) it shows your progress when you complete a match .
Oh it think its because of the bounty!!

kneon1584d ago

I didn't select any bounties but I got stuff. It was mostly crap compared to what I already have but they still gave me stuff, and I don't know why. It didn't seem related to how well or poorly I did in a round.

Razmossis1584d ago

I noticed no difference in the iron banner mode than the regular dead sector we've been playing

Soldierone1584d ago

Does anyone know if you needed to do something to get on the new maps? Played the entire two hours and not once did the new maps load.

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