New Battlefield 4 update causing netcode issues and crashes

The latest Battlefield 4 update brings back some of the old problems.

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Snookies121608d ago

Wow, it's Skyrim all over again lol.

elhebbo161608d ago

Do you know what netcode is?

ATi_Elite1608d ago

Not really, Skyrim had mods that made everything better if u had PC version BF4 is a good game thats worth these headaches.

If u only play it after the patch gets patched then things should b smooth lol

MajorGecko1607d ago

what about after the patch that needs patching with another patch which still needs to be patched does that really make BF4 a good game?

TheSaint1607d ago

Sorry but it doesn't matter how good a game is, if it doesn't work as it should for over six months from release, then that's a problem.

dieger1607d ago


daBUSHwhaka1607d ago

Bf4 is a good game thats worth these headaches.Under no circumstances is any game this broken,buggy and glitchy worth the headaches.You obviously like getting shit on from a great height.

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swishersweets200311608d ago

Ps4 version is crashing and has all the issues listed in the article.

I find it kind of stupid according to the article, that the HFU setting on high only works if the server your playing on even supports it. Whats the deal with that? Are they saying a handful of servers are actually good, and the rest are just the junk S**t they put out since day once?

F*ck dice and EA.

Majin-vegeta1608d ago

Really??Havent had any crashes or anything other than the framerate drop or heavy lag that induces on DT maps.I play on PS4

Pillsbury11608d ago

Can I have the only perfect copy of battlefield that plays flawlessly on your system?

venom061608d ago

Naw dude... there really is not any netcode issues at all.. it STILL @ 30hz tickrate (CoD is only 10hz by the way).. this particular site is NOTORIOUS for publishing false hate DICE/EA articles for the sake of views..

NarooN1607d ago


Yeah man, it's only this site conjuring up false propaganda to make EA and DICE look bad. I mean, the fact that DICE themselves came out and admitted how screwed up BF4 is earlier this month was just a coincidence. The fact that tens of thousands of players have been voicing their annoyance that the game is still broken over half a year after launch across multiple platforms doesn't actually mean anything, right?

Seriously, damage control harder. This game is a goddamned mess, and you know it.

Pillsbury11608d ago

Brokenfield will always have problems. EA is too greedy to completely fix their games. I will not be buying ANY battlefield game at launch until it's proven playable.

JetsFool35001607d ago

They better fix it because hardline is going to bomb hard & the majority of people are going to stay on bf4

ExposingLames1608d ago

Raise your hand if you're surprised.

Who here thinks DICE is a good developer and belongs where they are among other top devs?

Pillsbury11608d ago

Dice WAS a good developer before EA got their selfish money grubbing paws on them and made them release unfinished and broken games.

stripe8141608d ago

about time to pre order the next battlefield..thanks EA and Dice you guys are the best.../s

keep it up EA and Dice keep it in your own treasure chest...already decided to get a shooter that works and runs fine

oh here a little souvenir

..!.. (-.-) ..!..

sAVAge_bEaST1607d ago

New Game Mode... "1cash grab1' ///

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