The Sims 4: 20 Minute Gameplay Walkthrough

One Angry Gamer "EA and Maxis released a new 20 minute walkthrough of The Sims 4. It features a look at the character personalities, some of the traits, some of the activities, some of the house parties, a little bit of death by hysteria and a puddle of pee that attracts the grim reaper. Yeah, this trailer is like a 1980s frat comedy without the frat boys."

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Vantage1608d ago

I wonder at what point in development they'll add the graphics.

Deathdeliverer1608d ago

I will be getting this. The Sims is a series that I always get day 1. House building looks better than ever and having one persistent world that you can actually travel within is cool. They should have a "drive to" action so that if your Sim has the means, he can do so. And let it happen without load screens. Seamlessly to really give the scope of the towns and the ongoing life within.