Best Buy Sells a Year of PlayStation Plus For $40

PS+ has been the best overall value in gaming since its debut a couple of years ago, and now Best Buy is giving you one year of it for $40 instead of $50.

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ValKilmer1432d ago

Wow mine expires in like two weeks, so this must be god's way of saying "You're doing alright, Val. You're doing alright."

Aldous_Snow1432d ago

Now we know why you never played Bruce Wayne again

Totoro171431d ago

LOL, I'm pretty sure that was the Easter Bunny talking to you...or was it Sandy Claws?

JBSleek1432d ago

I picked up 2 for the future.

Macdaddy711432d ago

OMG talking bout, fanboy!!! What u going to play after you get it??? Dumb little India games, I have both systems and they nothing on ps4 unless you are a MLB fan

Sniperwithacause1432d ago

Not to judge, but if you would expand your gaming genre you would be pleasantly surprised on how much there is to play on the PS4! Just saying. Besides, a discount for the subscription is always a + (pun intended)

MegaRay1432d ago

Ps+ is not a PS4 exclusive ya know....

nosferatuzodd1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

nothing to play oh dc universe strider warframe just drip a new update thats crazy with the new loki prime plus a new warfrane update is coming again plus destiny beta planet side is coming warthunder is so much fun only xbots like you cant find anything to play because really you dont have a ps4 youre just trolling
Go back to youre boaring titan fall oh and I played it on my computer not impress

SpinalRemains1381432d ago

He doesn't understand. He's probably 20 years old or younger and thinks that if it isn't in 1st person or has machine guns, that it isn't a videogame.

Its not his fault. He's just a product of his generation and his Xbox environment.

1432d ago
SilentNegotiator1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

"Dumb little India games"

LOL, someone got their prejudices mixed up.

CaptainObvious8781432d ago

How's this guy have 3 bubbles?

Spotie1431d ago

Because this is a site run by Sony fanboys. /s

My sub won't run out until September of next year, but I might as well capitalize on this.

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solar1432d ago

i will never buy more internet from a console manufacturer.

BoNeSaW231432d ago

Please explain! We are all waiting....


Go back to your Superiooooor Personal Computer! Your wasting your precious Internets on being a troll on N4G!

solar1431d ago

the services Sony and MS offer should be free once you buy their console. it is insane to make consumers pay more money.

one2thr1432d ago

How does one, "Buy more internet from a console manufacturer", when to a MAJORITY of our knowledge these console manufacturers arent internet service providers?

*Double Facepalm*

SilentNegotiator1432d ago

I buy many internets from Sony. Is much game.

BigTee1432d ago

Wow i get to save $9.99

sinjonezp1432d ago

Where I'm at that's more like 8. Damn price went up to a 1.39..

ValKilmer1432d ago

That sucks man.

8 McDoubles just isn't enough.

txchris891431d ago

Aren't McDoubles a dollar and double cheese burgers 1.39?

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