Cliff Bleszinski’s Blue Streak Gets New Picture; The Division Cover System Developer Hired

After the reveal of Cliff Bleszinski’s Blue Streak, Boss Key Productions has started trickling down information and assets about the game, and today we get a new piece of concept artwork, showing a lush forest level, while a new developer from Red Storm Entertainment has been hired.

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PeaSFor1610d ago

so.... its a fps with ewoks?

Benchm4rk1610d ago

Not FPS more likely a TPS

user56695101610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

That's good hopefully the game is good to back up all the talk that he was doing before . I welcome PC exclusives but most likely console gamers will enjoy this if its fun. More power to devs that's trying to make games they want. It pays off to all gamers . I like the cover system in ghost recon

MonstaTruk1610d ago

We'll see if he's a one-trick pony or not...

gamerfan09091610d ago

I think going from jazz the jackrabbit to unreal tournament to gears of war proved he's not a one trick pony......

MonstaTruk1610d ago

How long ago was Jazz? Did you expect anything other than a shooter from Cliff in 2014? :-/

Lannister1610d ago

People are cover system developers now ??

Abriael1610d ago

Yes, when they develop cover systems.

CorndogBurglar1609d ago

Cliffy B is a douche of monumental proportions.

Does no one remember back in the day when he was talking all that noise about how the new consoles would kill the industry and that AAA games were bad because they were too expensive? And how because they were too expensive to make, devs would keep making tons of DLC to help make money?

Now, does anyone remember all the DLC for the GoW games? All the different gun skins and garbage like that?

Yet here he is, making another AAA game. Pretty much contradicting all his crap talk. If it was really as bad as he made it sound, he wouldn't be here doing it again.