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Submitted by Deeke 499d ago | news

Sony sends out free Destiny Beta keys to select PS gamers

After checking my e-mail this morning I found a nice little surprise from Sony: a free PS3 and PS4 Destiny beta code.

If you weren't able to snag a code from a friend or pre-order the game, check your inbox. Sony might have left something nice for you, too.

Sony's criteria for selection may be random or in fact be focused on PlayStation Plus subscribers. Everyday members of the PlayStation nation may be eligible as well. (Destiny, PS3, PS4)

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lupon  +   499d ago
yeah I got a set of codes out of nowhere. if someone needs a code for the ps3 I have a spare one
lupon  +   499d ago
codes gone. and i don't know how to edit post because i'm stupid lol
admiralvic  +   499d ago
It's next to reply, but it goes away after 15 minutes. Very annoying system!

Anyway, since it seems people still want these codes... I got a PS3 code and 3 PS4 codes if anyone needs one.
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Palitera  +   499d ago
I have PS3 and PS4 spare codes. If anyone needs it, PM me.

I've got also a codes message related to an old account I don't use very much, not PS+ also. Go figure...
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Inception  +   498d ago

Mate, thx for the code. I gave you bub+ ^^
Arkardo  +   498d ago
I got 2 codes too one for Ps4 one for Ps3, whoever wants it PM me
Arkardo  +   498d ago
I already give the Ps3 code I have one for Ps4 only
M4I0N3  +   498d ago
hey anyone have a spare ps4 code, I'll greatly appreciate if it's pm-ed to me :)
Christopher  +   499d ago
I was surprised I got 3 for PS4. Though, it came from Bungie, not Sony. Never played a Bungie game before.
Eonjay  +   498d ago
How do you like it so far?
biiignick  +   498d ago
Do you still have a spare code?
joab777  +   499d ago
Thats awesome.

Yeah, they look and see who has spent a ton of money and not pre ordered destiny yet lol!

Bungie has played this perfectly though. An alpha at E3, a beta during the summer when their isnt much to do...and the hype train is building...mostly b/c they can put the product out there and stand by it.
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theDivision  +   499d ago
I have a spare PS4 and PS3 code if any wants them.
xHitako  +   498d ago
ballbistop  +   498d ago
Do you still have spare code?
Colonel_Black  +   498d ago
I'd appreciate one if possible please. For ps3
Awesome1  +   498d ago
Can I get a code for ps3
Back-to-Back  +   498d ago
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pirth  +   498d ago
Anyone have a spare EU Ps4 code? I would really appreciate it thanks!
HugoDrax  +   498d ago
I used my PS4 code earlier, but here is a PS3 code BUNGIE sent me if anyone wants it. Act QUICK :-)

SIX  +   498d ago
Codes everywhere up in yo face!
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UnHoly_One  +   498d ago
I have a spare PS3 code, too, if somebody wants it.
archieh13  +   498d ago
please?? been searching for ages :/
Rapidkidswagger  +   497d ago
Me please?!?!
McScroggz  +   498d ago
If anybody needs a PS4 code I believe I have two extra.
BlueOval  +   498d ago
Can you send me one please, would be greatly appreciated
Maxipawn  +   498d ago
I'm looking for a ps4 code please
legendkilla  +   498d ago
Me too!! Pm me with one please!!
McScroggz  +   498d ago
I've given my two out. Sorry everyone else, I hope you find a way into the Beta!
destiny123456  +   497d ago
i nedd it
admiralvic  +   499d ago
I got this like practically every other beta voucher and am surprised Sony bothered. There are already a surplus of codes and there really isn't any reason for someone who wants in the beta to not get in. With that being said, I do like how Sony sent a PS3 and 4 code.
Christopher  +   499d ago
Better a surplus than the opposite.
kaileb  +   499d ago
Yea during there livestream psblog was giving away code every minute.
Majin-vegeta  +   499d ago
I got mine this morning when I woke up.I have a spare PS4 U.S code if somebody wants it?
unbad  +   499d ago
Yes please!
unbad  +   499d ago
You are awesome! Thanks! This site is great!
jhoward585  +   499d ago
anyone need a destiny beta code for the Ps4?

first person who reply to this comment gets the code.
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TheEternalGamer  +   499d ago
/FIRST NOW Can i have the code? PM it to me on N4G :D
jhoward585  +   499d ago
Sorry to late no one reply to me for almost the entire day so I posted the code below.
Exojet  +   498d ago
ps4 destiny beta code please :)

jhoward585  +   498d ago
Sorry too late no one reply to me for almost the entire day(yesterday) so I posted the code below.

Look below you will see that I already posted the code yesterday.

well I highly doubt the code will work now. you can check it out for yourself.
Voucher Code for PS4: K9D9-MBNE-QCDT
drkknght07  +   498d ago
I need a code please if you still have it
Yo Mama  +   499d ago | Helpful
I have a few PS4 codes and one PS3 code to give out. I would love it if people could bubble me up for them. Thanks.

Edit: Now I don't know how to give out the codes since I currently only have one bubble. Crap. I guess just private message me after you bubble me up and I'll send them until they're all gone.
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Dontworrybhappy  +   499d ago
affrohop  +   499d ago
Can I get a code? I just bubbled u one up!
The_MrSquid  +   498d ago
can I get a code ? I did the bubble up ! PM me
Yo Mama  +   498d ago
Done. Have fun.
RampageHD  +   497d ago
Bubbled up :)
remanutd55  +   499d ago
Free? I thought they were sending the beta codes to playstation plus members.
Az1mov  +   499d ago
PM me if you need a PS4 code :D 1st come first served. EUROPE only
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XtraTrstrL  +   499d ago
Yeah, I saw mine in the mail early this morning. I wish I saw it when they sent it at 11:24pm last night. So I could have atleast downloaded it overnight. I was in the alpha, so I'm familiar with most of what I played of it so far. I just have to finish leveling up and test out Crucible to see the differences with the Beta.
chaosx  +   499d ago
Such a great game .
rikumate  +   499d ago
that being said, you got an extra ps3 US code? lol probably not
chaosx  +   498d ago
Sorry , I got my code for the PS4 given to me on N4G. My pre order is for the XB1.
Droppedez  +   499d ago
I got an email too, and now have vouchers that I do not need.

Voucher Code for PS4: 693A-DPNQ-BK2D
Voucher Code for PS3: LDRH-A3NC-G4GM

Hope someone can use them and enjoy =).
The_Eternal_one  +   499d ago
Ps4 UK LGGN-JRN2-FE76 enjoy
BlasterGR  +   499d ago
Thanks friend! You have made my day!
Eonjay  +   499d ago
Never mind. First come first serve.

Voucher Code for PS4: FG2G-7EN4-NTMR
Voucher Code for PS3: 797K-9HNJ-DABH
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ps3vita4life  +   499d ago
Thank you so much for the PS3 code :) It's really nice and I appreciate it a lot!
Dontworrybhappy  +   499d ago
This is how I'm playing right now. I registered for X1 beta but got PS4 and PS3 one. So now I can play early and l8tr with my friends on X1 which is pretty dope. So good on yah Sony.
Dontworrybhappy  +   499d ago
I got an extra PS3 one if anybody wants it.
ps3vita4life  +   499d ago
Thank you so much for the PS3 code but I got one a couple minutes after I sent you the message. So you can give it to someone else like azdogg007. I appreciate so much anyway :)
Deeke  +   499d ago
You guys are awesome for sharing your codes. Appreciate you doing that for other gamers! ^___^
azdogg007  +   499d ago
hi guys loving the game but my son wants a code to play with me on ps3 so would love a code please
jhoward585  +   499d ago
Voucher Code for PS4: K9D9-MBNE-QCDT
VitaOwner  +   499d ago
Voucher Code for PS4: DG2J-37N7-DMK7
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   499d ago
I got mines and gave them away already.
destroyer11687  +   499d ago
I got one late last night. Made me very happy :). I have an extra PS3 code if someone wants to PM me.
BaltimoreNovak  +   499d ago
Here is a PS4 code, First come first serve. NTA9-QKNM-M5QP
Viperoholic  +   499d ago
Here is a ps3 code. I got this email this am and have been playing the ps4 version all day. Thanks Sony!
GamerCalledAlan  +   499d ago
Just wanted to say I really appreciate you passing on your key, you could've done any number of things with it but you decided to give it away for free and for that, I thank you :)

Also, props to everyone else contributing to this comment section too, soo much generosity, makes me proud to be part of #teamsony ^_^
kaileb  +   499d ago
Heres that code from that email if you guys want it.Enjoy!

Voucher Code for PS4: CBL5-46NT-PE5A
Voucher Code for PS3: E6BA-FCNQ-J96A
Datadude661  +   499d ago
Could any of you guys on me a code on ps3?And anyone who wants to play together psn datdude661
ShAkKa  +   499d ago
Yeah I got a spare one, will pm it to you.
affrohop  +   499d ago
Anyone with a code please PM me, THANK YOU!!!!
DreadMac  +   499d ago
can someone spare a ps3 beta key?
Hallow  +   499d ago
Voucher Code for PS3: LQF8-QFNQ-NC58
xHitako  +   499d ago
Can somebody give me a code?
xHitakox  +   499d ago
Hi, I made a new account cuz I wasted my one comment per 30 min. i am the same guy as above and I need a PS4 destiny code. Thanks.
taco_tom237  +   499d ago
PS3 beta code: BAEQ-5RNL-FQTP
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longdivan187  +   499d ago
Can someone give me a code?
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