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5 Reasons Why You Need to Trade in Your Xbox One Right Now

Canadian online gamers:

I know it sounds crazy, but maybe it is time to start thinking about selling or trading in your Xbox One? The PS4 is still sticking it to the Xbox One and there are no real signs of this sinking ship correcting itself. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider trading in that big ol’ black box. (Culture, Xbox One)

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Snookies12  +   411d ago | Well said
Fudge that, just keep it and save to buy a PS4 along with it... No way I would trade in a system within a year or two of buying it, that's just a waste of money and you'll surely regret it when interesting exclusives start popping up on whatever system you thought you wouldn't need anymore.
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XiNarutoUzumaki  +   411d ago
Actually, I was going to sell my Xbox One because I wasn't using it much. I lost interest. The Titanfall hype was what convinced me to get one(My first Xbox Console eveer), but I'm bored of Titanfall already. I have nothing to play on it, but Masterchief Collection came to the rescue.

I decided to keep it and Wait for MCC. This will be my chance to get into that series. I was dying for it. Also, Sunset look really cool.
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MELMAN26  +   411d ago | Well said
If you got bored with your Xbox, you would have definitely been bored with the ps4. Sounds to me like you invested into next gen to soon
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   411d ago | Well said

I have never been an Xbox Fan. I am a Sony and Nintendo guy. And believe when I say, I have never had a bore time with my PS4 because it is my console of choice, where I play 1st and 3rd party games.

It is understandable. When you own multiple consoles, there will always be one which get less love.
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user7402931  +   411d ago | Well said
Yes every xone owner I know is doing it
redwin  +   411d ago
I'm bored at the moment and I own both: the ps4 and the xbone. About Destiny. I'm not getting it because I'm getting the new halo and I rather get that. There is no sinking ship, Nokia is just Xbox's new hand held device.
Rockstar  +   411d ago
Seriously considering the bone for the MC collection.

I'll take the wait and see approach.
mcstorm  +   411d ago
XiNarutoUzumaki it depends on what type of game your into but look at getting Horizon 2. If PG put the work into this game like the did the last one this will be a must have game. For me Horizon was by far the best racing games of last gen and a berth of fresh air to the racing gore.

But I do see where your coming from though. I own a Xbox one and I have bf4, Forza 5, KI, FIFA and titanfall on my Xbox one. I still play Forza a lot as I love racing games but I've not touched bf4 or FIFA since Xmas time. On the other hand I have around 15 maybe more games on the Wiiu and I have played the hell out them all.

For me at this moment in time the ps4 has nothing I'm interested in but do like the look of driver club. I can't wait for halo collection and Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox one and the Wiiu has quite a few games I'm interested in too but the biggest let down so far for me is the 3rd party support. I'm not excited for any 3rd party game on any consoles at this moment in time and I do think this could be a trend that follows this gen as I know quite a lot of people who feel the same way.
ShinMaster  +   411d ago
Even if I had an Xbox One, I don't think I'd trade it in.
CaptainObvious878  +   411d ago | Well said

I think you're a little confused.


You'll notice the PS4 currently has 2 more retail games that aren't available on the xbone, so that 'indie' excuse ain't going to work here either.

I don't know why people like you keep trying to perpetuate this nonsense that the PS4 has no games when you're countered with facts every time. Why do you do it?

Why do you continue to make yourself look so silly?
aceitman  +   411d ago
@CaptainObvious878 on the exclusive list plantz vs zombies modern warfare is not x1 exclusive its coming out in august http://www.ign.com/articles...
so make that 3 more retail games than x1
ABizzel1  +   411d ago
5 reasons you should keep you XBO.

1. Exclusives
2. XBL friends and community
3. M$ money will support the XBO with exclusive content and services.
4. The Cloud......we'll see with Crackdown -_-
5. Preference

Those are reason enough to keep your XBO if that's what you want to do. Personally I recommended the PS4 to everyone, but the XBO is still a good console.
Pain  +   411d ago
If i had a XBOXone and i don't but if i did i woulnt trade it in cuz some games make it worth it kinda ish..

I remember way back when i bought XBOX 1 for Halo and only Halo but got to play my first Edler Scrolls game and bloody hell been playing all there games since then granted on ps3 and then on PC but would have never gotten into them or got to experience them if i didn't keep my Xbox 1.

So bleh... but to each there own
rebeljoe14  +   411d ago
@MELMAN Nah NO ONE is bored of the PS4 dude, right now they are filled to the brim with online games like Blacklight, Battlefield 4, Final Fantasy XIV ARR, and even Watch Dogs.
joab777  +   410d ago
Aside from Dark Souls 2 I have been playing my PS4 everyday since launch. Battlefield 4, Assassins Creed 4 and Killzone are beautiful and great games. Also Infamous may be one of the best looking console games to date (though lacking like so many open world games in content and quite repetitive...im talking to u far cry and assassins creed). And wolfenstein is a treat.

But what doesnt go mentioned often and what has taken up much of my time is DCUO & now FF14. Yes, they r on ps3 but FF14 is simply stunning on the PS4. Its looks and runs just like the PC. Lanetside and eventually H1Z1 are coming also. Throw in Warframe and War Thunder and there are so many great games u never need to leave home to play.

The PS4 has gone above and beyond my expectations and it hasn't even done anything yet. Im playing Destiny right now, tried the hardline beta and next week The Last of Us remastered is releasing. Project morpheus and Now are coming and today I played the destiny beta via remote play on my vita. I feel spoiled...and thats why Sony is winning.
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I didn't bother to read this article, but just by the title and opening, I would be pretty offended if I was an XBOX fan. Seems like a troll article to be telling people to trade in their console just because it's not selling as good as the PS4.
UltraNova  +   410d ago
Its early 7th Gen all over again but the heat is on the other camp...its getting really boring around here!

Just get a bloody ps4 and let it go already.
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MasterCornholio  +   410d ago

That isn't necessarily true since both of them don't have the same library of games. For example if I owned both I would get bored of my XB1 before my PS4 because I'm currently playing FF14 on my PS4 which is an MMO in case you didn't know. And like most MMOs they can provide years worth of gameplay. Just look at all those people that got hooked on an MMO for years (World of Warcraft in my case).
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VealParmHero  +   410d ago
Maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty bored with both new consoles right now. They just sit there. TLoU remastered should get me going for a while though, and there's some nice games on the way this fall.
DragonKnight  +   410d ago
I'm disappointed that a Canadian wrote something like this. It's incredibly shortsighted in some points, and irrelevant in others.

The only reason to ever trade in consoles is A)You need the money for something more important, or B)You're simply not using it that much and would like to put the money towards something you will use.

All of the reasons the author listed are not reasons to trade in an Xbox One. Especially the layoffs and graphics arguments.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   409d ago

See you on the Master Chief collection my Ninja:)
lelo  +   411d ago | Well said
To the author of this article.
If the Xbox One is failing, then what about the WiiU and Vita ?

This so called article or opinion piece is simply click bait.
SpinalRemains138  +   411d ago
They're failing too. WiiU has picked up a bit as of late, but all 3, (One, WiiU, Vita) are seriously lagging to what they were hoped to do. Xbox One especially. A new generation and there's literally no excitement for it at all.

When it is 7 months into the lifespan and there are still day 1 editions for sale........something is radically wrong.
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Spotie  +   411d ago
What other products are doing doesn't have an impact on what the XB1 is doing. I won't say any of them are failing, per se, but they all could and SHOULD be doing better.

That said, I would not trade in an XB1 if I had one. It doesn't make any sense. Even though I'm no fan of Microsoft, and wouldn't buy the XB1 as it stands now, it would be stupid to trade one in, especially if I plan on getting one later on anyway.
madworldps4  +   411d ago
for me that is more then enough after i saw this video I decide to ps4

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k3rn3ll  +   410d ago
Exactly. Its poor writing too. Its ok to write opinions but with u write long diatribes with little to no facts to back your opinion, makes it seem like a middle schooler is writing. "Ps4 has more exclusive content than xbox," ok where did you come up with that? I havent seen a single article to support that.

Then to say that if Sunset Overdrive, halo MCC, Forza horizon 2 dont satisfy you you should get rid of it? Thats just crazy! Ok if you dont like any of the exclusives that will come out in this 3 month window your wasting your money? So you should eat a 200$ loss just to get rid of it. Yup thats intelligent .
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Infamazdre  +   411d ago
5 reasons I'll never trade it, 1.this article 2. Halo 3.Gears 4.Sunset Overdrive 5.Quantum Break and everything else from 3rd party to exclusive so this editor can suck it you trade in your Xbox sucka
Hanuman  +   411d ago
Halo 5 alone, is a reason for me to pick up an XO in the near future. Trading in a console this early in it's lifecycle, sounds like a really dumb thing to do.
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k3rn3ll  +   410d ago
And one of his points is for money. Your losing money by trading it in. Article is a joke. Shameless "journalism." If you can even call it journalism
Infamazdre  +   411d ago
This article is pure bs of course the ps4 is ooutselling the Xbox it was cheaper up until June. Smh us gamers who go to ign GameSpot n4g ect Ya we know ps4 is more powerful and in my opinion less appealing but for the majority most ppeople are going to buy the ps4 and for casuals there not going to buy a system $100 more. The ps4 is selling so well for that reason alone the casuals. The moms that told there kids no to an Xbox because it was to expensive. Things will change it would be more drastic if the Xbox undercut the ps4 by say maybe $20 or so, they matched them so catching up will be up to the games people actually want. BTW whoever wrote this article is a douche
shadowsmoke36  +   410d ago
Your joking right?Just because it the same price and it has basically copied ps plus and got rid of connect don't make it a better system. It is still a weaker system and all the freedom that xbox had last generation is over things should be more evenly done as it should have been last generation. But dlc is going to start to turn as well. All this xbox is getting more power is a pipe dream as ps4 will increase as well. Neither can compete with pc but this isn't about competing with pc. Facts of the matter is no head start by microsoft, no huge price difference like the 360 had over the ps3a 200 difference by the way, no gimping one system just to make the other one seem equal. I left one more out and that was easier for developers to work with. All you have to deal with is Lies even though they both do but to lie repeatedly before the system is even out and force people into their ways was to much for most people. The games should be what matters most. But microsoft fans debunked that last generation nice try though. This article is a joke I do agree with that and I would never trade in a system to eat a loss. Microsoft clearly ran out of ideas and I saw that after games with gold copied ps plus to the T and the change of direction with apps like netflix proved it as well. But the killer was Their E3 where they clearly had nothing and just wanted to see what Sony was going to do So they could get in on the action or copy as they did kingdom hearts 3 which was originally for ps4 but no more then 5 days later went multi plat. Trust me Sony had those theaters to show off something but when they saw Microsoft basically trying to find a way to steal another exclusive.
thenickel  +   410d ago
It's Kinect not connect and for crying out loud quit trolling at every turn!
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CaptainObvious878  +   411d ago
There's still plenty of great exclusives coming out. If you've already bought one you're better off holding onto it instead of trading it in. You'll only be losing money.
solar  +   411d ago
if i owned an XB1 or PS4 id own it for as long as i could. money issues not withstanding. both pieces of hardware dont cost you money if they sit there not being played.
Magicite  +   411d ago
Why would anyone buy it in first place.
LogicStomper  +   410d ago
Because they're not ignorant consumers who pledge loyalty to one company and go online to trash-talk the other. Yes I'm looking at someone here and it won't take a genius to figure out who.
NewZealander  +   411d ago
Lol like hell im trading it in, halo and gears are two reasons alone to own a X1, sure i could move to ps4 but i would be denying myself the chance to play two of the best franchises around, and that's not gonna happen!

i just sold my ps3 cos it spent most of last gen collecting dust.
guyman  +   410d ago
If you're trying to say that the 360 had better exclusives than the ps3, then you're heavily in denial
LogicStomper  +   410d ago

He's trying to say that the PS3 games he had did not interest him as much as other games on other consoles.

Also to add, 'better exclusives' is a personal opinion, so to say that PS3 exclusives are TRULY better than Xbox exclusives or vice versa is ignorance.
kryteris  +   410d ago
a friend of mine resold within a year 3 ps3. And made a profit until the slim was released. Of course we probably wont see a drastic change this round unless the gank the bluray.
TruthInsider  +   410d ago
All those points are vaild, the damage control from Xbots is ludicrous. 
Dx12, the cloud, Titanfall, pricecuts, free games, sunset Overdrive, E3, ditching Kinect, reversal of policies, Upclock of CPU, upclock of GPU, remove paywall, add PS+ like free games etc... 
Can you not see what a mess this thing is? 
They tried everything and failed. 
This is not even including the looney bin at misterxmedia with the 5-6TF stacked GPU, 16 core CPU, 128MB ESRAM, DDR4 RAM, 4k games etc.

You Xbots clutch at any straw and us PS4 owners are just watching, laughing at you all embarrassing yourselves.

Face facts, Microsoft sold you a data mining trojan horse masquerading as a games console and got caught out, now they having to change it all to look like it was designed as a games console but because it given crap parts to make way for the real money making data mining parts it is left wanting. 
You fell for it hook line & sinker, i'd be embarrassed and ashamed if i had given Microsoft my money.

rubyserg  +   410d ago
Calm down idiot, they're trying to appeal to the crowd with what they wanted to be on the Xbox One. They've been adding all that junk from the customers telling them to add it. So kid, hop off that Sony dildo and enjoy your preferred system while others enjoy THEIRS.
Gunstar75  +   410d ago
I hope you feel better now you've got that lot off your chest!!

it must be so satisfying being a Brony
jamsam360  +   410d ago
@Phil_75 Why you got to sound like a complete DICK? Calm down you like your PS4, I like my Xbox One! Get over this competition Crap!
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Spenok  +   410d ago
Exactly. Why would you sell something for less than half of what you paid for it when just like you said, there eventually WILL be something exclusive to the console you will want to play sometime down the line.

I don't even have one, and right now there is nothing I want the system for. However I have been thinking about purchasing it for the simple fact there WILL be something sooner or later. They just need to stop making their games for PC as well so I can have a reason to buy one. I mean the deal only got sweeter for me when they removed Kinect, so I'm THAT much closer to buying one. I just don't have that reason yet.

But who knows, I just may sometime soon.
reaperofsouls  +   410d ago
Just don't buy one in the first place!
geddesmond  +   410d ago

How could you get bored of your PS4 with games like FF14, Warframe and infamous on your PS4. My PS4 has been on for hours every day since buying it and FF14 has so much content after more than 2 months playing it online. I still have a long way to go before I do everything and I still can't wait to get home from work everyday to play it. Does that sound like being bored?
josephayal  +   410d ago
i want an xbox one
xJumpManx  +   411d ago
Yes lets sell the X1 when their is no doubt the X1 has the better game lineup for the rest of the year. I guess if you like Indie games Sony has that going as an advantage for the end of the year. Sony looks much better next year but this year they are relying on multi-platform to carry the games.
ramiuk1  +   411d ago
better line up on xbone?

halo and sunset overdrive,what else?

all the 3rd party games will be better on ps4 plus
lbp 3
last of us
infamous(first light standalone)
planetside 2

it isnt a great year for either regarding exclusives and its also the opinion of the person so no system has better lineup(excluisve)yet 3rd party ps4 is the place to play for sure.
xxx_Solid_Snake_xxx  +   411d ago
driveclub free to play game .. :)
lbp 3 ... game for children
last of us ...remastered game
infamous(first light standalone) ... just a DLC
planetside 2 .... a free game on my PC for 2 years ago

go away.... and let us play some new ip

everyone has his opinion and this is mine
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xJumpManx  +   411d ago
Forza Horizon 2
Project Spark
Sunset Overdrive
Halo Master Chief Collection

And to your shot at Multi-paltform games I guess all the Multi-player games will be better on X1 because of Xbox Live is superior to PSN.
I really question Last of US since it was just released last year. It is about as useless as Tomb Raider was since it was released last year too.
thecowsaysmoo  +   411d ago
Sunset overdrive
Forza Horizon 2
Halo MCC
Dance Central (hate all you want but the games get good reviews).
SpinalRemains138  +   411d ago
First Light standalone?

So you don't need the SS disc. You do realize it is still only a DLC right? First Light is not a full game at all.

Standalone implies that its something more than what it actually is. What it actually is is DLC.

I love PS4, but lets call a spade a spade.
Dewitt  +   411d ago
Your opinion, I would much rather play FH2, MCC, SO, Spark, Ori, Cuphead, and several other titles. So many good titles coming to XB1 this holiday. Also, Fable and Halo 5 beta coming this year.
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UKzZBULLET  +   411d ago
Get out of here! Lol
MysticStrummer  +   411d ago
Neither side can say definitively that theirs is the better lineup. It's completely subjective.

Having said that, more people clearly prefer what PS4 is bringing to the table and I expect that to continue, aside from some weeks or months here or there when XB1 will outsell PS4 in the US occasionally.
DigitalRaptor  +   410d ago
You're missing some games on the PS4 side like Guilty Gear Xrd and Natural Doctrine, but neither console really has a stronger second half of 2014. Every game on one console, has its counterpart on the other. The rest is opinion.

I'm also waiting for the excuses to roll in for the PS4's early 2015 lineup, with the fanboys somehow convincing themselves that Xbone will have a better lineup, when it doesn't have anything until the second part of 2015.


@ Solid_Snake

DriveClub is not a free-to-play game, numpty, so that's not an opinion.

LBP3 - didn't stop grown adults loving the sh*t out of that last gen.

The Last of Us Remastered - don't need to tell us when the clue is in the title. Doesn't count against it when it's a much improved version of arguably the best game of last-gen.

InFamous - still content that a lot of people are looking forward to.

PlanetSide 2 - Titanfall came out on PC and, yet the bots are using the hypocritical "PC" argument. If you cared about playing games on PC over consoles, you wouldn't have been using Titanfall as some kind of point in fanboy lists to begin with. PS2 is still far more ambitious and large scale than ANY multiplayer shooter on Xbone. It doesn't matter WHEN it came out, it's still a great game and a valid part of a lineup.


@ xJumpManx

Your list doesn't really do any favours when ramiuk1 just posted his list. It isn't a complete list either.

"And to your shot at Multi-paltform games I guess all the Multi-player games will be better on X1 because of Xbox Live is superior to PSN."

How about… no. We're not living in 2008-era PSN anymore. Getting tired of the XBL > PSN arguments, when there's nothing substantial to go along with them other than blind promises of dedicated servers that barely anyone seems to be interested in using over their own systems.

"I really question Last of US since it was just released last year. It is about as useless as Tomb Raider was since it was released last year too."

OH, I wonder why you question it. That came as a massive shock :p

So I guess the X360 version of Horizon 2 and PC version of Project Spark are useless too by your logic, and those are just 2 examples of games on one platform releasing at the same time as those games on other platforms.

"Useless"… that describes your attempt to downplay PS4's advantages.
y7jzdgy  +   410d ago
- Ryse
- Crimson Dragon
- Fable Legends
- Forza 5
- Spark
- Crackdown 3
- Halo MCC
- Halo 5
- Forza Horizon 2
- Sunset Overdrive
- Quantum Break
- Scalebound
- Killer Instinct
- Phantomdust
- Gears of War 4

*note* All Xbox exclusive non indie games with no f2p multi-plats
DigitalRaptor  +   410d ago
@ y7jzdgy

We're talking about the lineups for the rest of 2014, and you bring up games from last year, games not coming until mid-late 2015, and some that aren't coming out until 2016. What kind of lousy point are you trying to make?

Do you really want me to list all the non-indie, non-F2P, non-multiplat PS4 games from launch until 2016? It's a shame all the Xbox fanboys think about are the games that can they somehow think put a dampener on what is a great, diverse PS4 lineup.
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zeuanimals  +   411d ago
Take the entire year into account and the Xbox One's lineup doesn't look that great. It's got 5 retail exclusives for the entire year: Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Project Spark, and Halo MCC.

The PS4 had 3 in the first half: Infamous SS, MLB The Show, and FFXIV ARR.

Then it's gonna have Driveclub, TLOU Remastered, Guilty Gear Xrd, and LBP3.

Which is better is up to you but the PS4 has more games for the year overall. It's also gonna have Planetside 2 which is gonna take a lot of my time.
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lelo  +   411d ago
If you want to troll, at least get your exclusives accurate.

Titanfall, Project Spark, Halo MCC, Forza Horizon 2 are not exclusives for the X1.

TLOU, MLB, FFXIV, LBP3, Guilty Gear Xrd, Planetside 2 are not exclusives for the PS4.
#2.2.1 (Edited 411d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(23) | Report
zeuanimals  +   411d ago
@Lelo: I guess there's really no exclusives then. But by most people's definition of "exclusive", it simply means not on the competitor's systems.
ziggurcat  +   411d ago

titanfall is *not* an exclusive or the xbone.

titanfall also is available on PC, and X360, so it's a multiplatform title.
zeuanimals  +   411d ago

But almost every "exclusive" game fits into that category since they're available on Sony or MS's other platforms or on PC (LBP3 is on PS3 and 360 and Forza Horizon 2 is available on 360 and XB1), just not on their competitor's consoles. The only games that don't fit that category are Driveclub, Infamous SS, and Sunset Overdrive.

I'm pretty sure Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox One is gonna be nothing like the 360 version, though. Two different studios working on them and one is running on a more powerful machine.
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gamerhecz  +   411d ago
Since when does more games automatically make it a better line up?
JBSleek  +   411d ago
1. The first argument is stupid and clearly shows you are not a journalist. Yes 18,000 jobs will be laid off in the upcoming year with 2/3 coming from the recent purchase of Nokia. Outside of the recent departure of the TV studio Xbox is fine.

2. Destiny is unproven. Also this is the reason you should own both a Xbox One and PS4.

3. Trade in value isn't a good argument to get rid of a console this early.

4. Yes Xbox One graphics will not match PS4 and it doesn't have to. If you have compelling games and services people will buy them.

5. I guess I can agree yet it seems their main priority is bringing great games and that is starting this fall with what I consider the best exclusive lineup of all other consoles.

At the end of the day get both consoles if you can. 2015 is gonna be great and owning both consoles will be huge in the future. As well as a Wii U can't go wrong with Zelda and Mario.
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HyperBear  +   411d ago
100 Agree!! I can't believe this came from a site called "Canadian" online gamers, actually makes me question a lot of their reasoning and motives.

Bottom Line: Keep your Xbox One and enjoy it, DO NOT Trade it in and get a PS4, especially not because of the reasons this author mentioned.
Digital_Anomaly  +   411d ago
What does the country of origin have to do with anything? You know what... maybe you're right. All Canadians know about are hockey, poutine, beer, maple syrup and getting nasty with their socks on... THEY CAN'T BE TRUSTED!

At the end of the day it's JUST AN OPINION KIDS. Try not to get your panties burnin' so hard, you'll singe your meat curtains!
#3.1.1 (Edited 411d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(12) | Report
HyperBear  +   411d ago

Maybe if you actually clicked on my name and seen where I'm from and where I live, guess what...I'm Canadian!!! And I'm just appalled at this article/opinion piece cause it actually makes absolutely no sense and actually is sad that it game from a so-called "Canadian" publication, cause usually our journalists don't make up ridiculous articles like this.

Granted, as you said, It's just an opinion. But sometimes opinions actually have to make sense and have some credibility towards them, or else they turn out like this article did and just become a flamebait for the fanboy wars.
lsujester  +   411d ago
Colts- Canadians getting nasty wearing socks? WTF is wrong those people? :)
UnitedGamer  +   411d ago
@Colts....I can't believe you work for that site and actually posted this crap. Please tell me you were not the one who wrote this? and please tell me you don't find any of the points in this article to be valid?

Cause if you truly believe everything that's in this article, you might need to see a doctor. Still can't believe you submitted this crap though...
Axios2  +   411d ago
Well said; also

1. Sony has closed s 3 studios, and their credit rating is JUNK as per Fitch and Moody's rating. Sony has lost Billions EVERY year for 6 straight years despite selling numerous properties and shares to try and post a profit.

2. Destiny is on X1

3. lol

4. PS2, PS3 all couldn't compete with OX and 360 in mutltiplatform games and they still survived.

5. See 1
lifeisgamesok  +   411d ago
Great post. 2 more games for Xbox One people are leaving out this year

1. D4 (still showing a 2014 release time frame)
2. Ori and the Blind Forest
imt558  +   410d ago

Quote :

2. Ori and the Blind Forest

Khm....i smell PC version. Ori is NOT Xbone exclusive.
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kantenkopf  +   411d ago
Also he forgot, that the build quality of the Xbox One is far ahead from the PS4. The console as well as the DS4 feel cheap, even cheaper than an Acer Laptop. And I'm not a fanboy, since I am a PlayStation gamer since the PS1 came out and I had the PS4. To be more accurate I had three of them, the last one two weeks ago, and every console was broken.

As well as the whole remastered crap going on, horrible UI if you have more than five games, no FW updates incoming. I could go on all day.

The Xbox One is the superior console when it comes to Features, PS4 is the place to be for gamers who want more than just shooters and mainstream games.

Anyway I'm sick of consoles at the moment, waiting for new revisions and joining the PC "master race".

And btw 1000% agree.
SpinalRemains138  +   411d ago
You're joking right? Build quality superior on XOne?

That's absurd. This is MS 3rd attempt at a console and the power brick is still there, on the cord! The machine is twice the size of what it should be, solely because they wish to avoid what happened last Gen with the RRoD.

Stop with the build quality. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
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Artista  +   411d ago
lol.. I'm also waiting for hardware revisions, especially the PS4. It is too noisy for me at the moment. . some say it sounds like a jet engine ^_^. Plus, the games I want to play ain't out till next year anyways.

The Xbox is whisper quiet but Large. I don't mind that tho' so long as it doesn't sound like jet engine. I prefer the controller over PS4s

I'm still playing the waiting game. . my Wii U is good enough for me right now.
q8kik  +   411d ago
suuure ....
SmielmaN  +   411d ago
Artista: my PS4 is quiet. Troll harder next time
gamerhecz  +   411d ago
@spinalremains138 I kinda actually like the power brick on the outside. Less chance of it over heating. I have both and my ps4 heats up way more than xbox one. And half of the console is a vent, so props to that and you say its twice the size it should be? Yeah cause you definitely know the specifications of a console, they made the xbox one big for a reason.
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HugoDrax  +   410d ago
"Artista: my PS4 is quiet. Troll harder next time"

Sorry! the PS4 is quiet, but it is far from WHISPER QUIET like the XB1. The XB1 is dead silent, you don't hear anything. No matter what task the console is performing, it is dead silent.

That is fact! I own both. @Artista isn't trolling.
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Doge  +   411d ago
Trade it in for what exactly? I already have a PS4, Wii U, and a pretty powerful PC.
choujij  +   411d ago
In that case, for more games and accessories. :P
Mexxan  +   411d ago
This article is ranting shire talk. Now I am the biggest moaner of how my X1 is just gathering dust - all I play on is my '4 and Wii U. But this guy is chatting pure rubbish.
castillo  +   411d ago
Let me put in a much simpler response No , but thank u for your concern .
HaveAsandwich  +   411d ago
i'll buy someones xb1 right now, for $200....
ssjkiet  +   410d ago
Exactly what its worth imo.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   411d ago
I didn't get my Xb1 to be my main console, I have a PS4 for that. My Xb1 is for exclusives only.
JBSleek  +   411d ago
My experience is the exact opposite. PS4 for exclusives and Xbox One for the rest.
nix  +   411d ago
quite a surprising choice considering this gen PS4 has better multiplatform games. isn't this gen suppose to be ps4 for their exclusive games (which is going to be huge looking back at how ps3's collection was) and multiplatform games? xbox one for their exclusives.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   411d ago
Interesting. I'd thought it would have been PS4 and XB1 for exclusives and the PC for the rest for you. Not that I'm surprised that's your current experience though.
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PsylentKiller  +   411d ago
That was my mindset starting out. I have about 16 games for the Xbox One including the three free games with Gold. I have about 19 games on PS4. About 16 were free with PS+. I think it's AC4, Flower, and Chess. Oh and I bought Trine 2 before it was free.

I like the Xbox controller better. But playing the Destiny beta these past couple of days has got me used to playing a FPS with the DS4. I think I may start to buy more games for the PS4. Maybe I'll go where the exclusive content is but with Destiny, I love the game so much, I am most likely going to buy it for both systems.
TomahawkX  +   411d ago
If you have both current-gen consoles then the 3+ exclusives make it worth owning the other box, just like the wii u, unless money is an issue than I would definitely keep both.

If you can only have 1 console then it comes down to which exclusives do you want more.
HaveSumNuts  +   411d ago
Gotta say all I really want an XB1 for is Quantum Break but PS4 on the other hand has Bloodborne, Uncharted 4 and Last of Us which I must have.
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thexmanone  +   411d ago
I would sell your PS4, Its only a matter of time until Sony folds. They only have some many buildings they can sell.
saint_seya  +   411d ago
Meanwhile Sony hiring for studios, MS firing 18k people.. The logics of a X-box fanboy..
Also selling twice as much is probably bad for sony right? selling more software is bad for sony, i mean, that is terrible for sony.. Crushing X-box one in every possible way is bad for Sony.. SONY IS DOOM... Sell your ps4 right now /s
JBSleek  +   411d ago
You both are stupid fanboys who lack logic on both sides
jkendrick   411d ago | Trolling | show
mhunterjr  +   411d ago
Wait, so I should trade over my Xbox because more people have a ps4? Should I have traded in my ps3 because more people had a wii?
saint_seya  +   411d ago
Shoulda have had a ps3 in the first place...
I can trade my imaginare plane for a boat.. is that a good trade?
Volkama  +   411d ago
You found someone willing to trade a real boat for an imaginary plane? Omg take the deal before they change their mind!
CharlesSwann   411d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
mysteryraz11  +   411d ago
keep it if you want I got a ps4 though
mrpsychoticstalker  +   411d ago
I didn't really waste my time reading this article, but thanks for the good effort.

There's nothing on the PS4 that attracts me (opinion)

I game xbox since the beginning and will continue to do, I also owned ps1 ps2 ps3 and still sticked to xbox.

Only reason I bought a ps3 was because of God of War. It's probably the only reason why I would buy the ps 4 if there's ever another God of War.

But of course, no trading necessary.
Tedakin  +   411d ago
There are no signs of it correcting itself, except for it doubling its sales in one month and heading towards surpassing Wii U to become the second place console.
MonstaTruk  +   411d ago
"Sell high"

Couldn't have said it any better myself...
MultiConsoleGamer   411d ago | Trolling | show
azure1990   411d ago | Offensive
typittt69  +   411d ago
Garbage article.
a411411  +   411d ago
i agree with most of his statements. paying 500$ plus tax and have the inferior system. developers struggling to reach 1080p on whats considered a next gen console. This year is 5 months over i don't believe any of the exclusives Microsoft have this year will sway people from the multiplatform games like cod/destiny etc. Next year exclusives will hit the mark for Sony and Microsoft will not top the amount of exclusives (Good Exclusives) Sony will have for the lifespan of the PS4. #Opinion
BlakHavoc  +   411d ago
It's probably best you have both but if you could only afford 1 I'd go with the ps4, it'll simply be the better console to play this gen because it'll have a larger install base. X1 won't crash and burn like this guy believes but I don't think much will help it's case. People think the 7th and 8th installments of halo will help which is funny to me, but sunset and forza won't do much either. The fact that they're losing in the US is alarming, if they can't dominate the US & UK they'll lose this gen by a huge margin.
Dothraki  +   411d ago
I really want Microsoft to announce what us xbox one owners have to look forward too, because im so close to trading mine to play The last of us, lbp 3, and the order. I'm tired of waiting now.
gamertk421  +   411d ago
jholden3249  +   411d ago
My primary console is Wii U, and my secondary console is PS4. I still went ahead and bought an Xbox One- guess you could call it my tertiary console. And while my X1 sees less play time than any of my other consoles (or handhelds, for that matter), I still wouldn't want to sell it.

I bought an Xbox for exclusives only. Obviously games will be few and far between, but that's ok. I'm in favor of MORE games and options, not less. And selling a console would mean LESS.
saint_seya  +   411d ago
Stupid article.. the reason why people bought a x-box one is because they like the games that know will be on x-box one. Forza, halo, gears, fable etc.
People dont need to be told what to buy or what to do with the things they bought.
Thats why i laught when the "no games" argument starts on ps4, the hype will die and all.. people buy what they want.. most people wants a ps4, a lot wants an x-box one, and also a lot want wii u.. noone can tell me or others what to buy.. and if someone buys something is because they want it.
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IAM  +   410d ago
Id like to buy your mother.
Jag-T1000  +   411d ago
Are you stupid! No way I trade in my Xbox One.
Demoa  +   411d ago
how about no. the ps4 is a borefest with no games and terrible fanbase
ZerobyZero  +   411d ago
actually the ps4 has more games that XBOX ONE
fuertespedos10  +   411d ago
Im not playing destiny. He said everyone is playing it so I felt out. Thank you Canada you hurt my feelings. Nah destiny is no good.
Macdaddy71   411d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
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