Top Ten Super Nintendo Games

One of the greatest systems of all time, what have Nintendo Enthusiast staff and readers picked as the top ten Super Nintendo games of all time?

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Jonny5isalive1556d ago

I love super mario world and megaman x. Turtles in time(not on list) is one of the best co-op games EVER!!!!!

Tetsujin1556d ago


Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy 3/6
Killer Instinct
Mario RPG
Gradius 3
Secret of Mana
Clay Fighter 2
Donkey Kong Country 2
Final Fight 2
Super Punch Out

wtopez1556d ago

Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger and Mega Man X are still around my house somewhere. Too bad my Snes croaked.

Thomaticus1556d ago

They forgot to add F-Zero......I'd kill for a new version of that game....

OfficerDewey1556d ago

Super mario world , Earthbound(Remake? Please) and Bomberman. Tons more. Legend of zelda , Mario rpg , Mario kart og !! Killer instinct, MK2, SF2 turbo hyber super editions . Wheel of fortune. I could go on, picking brain haha WoF!!!

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