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The Last of Us Dev Fires Back at Those Who Feel $50 is Too Much for PS4 Version: “It’s a Steal”

Lately there have been quite a lot of gamers complaining about the price of The Last of Us Remastered, expressing the position that $50 for a remaster is too much. Sound Designer Robert Krekel, who now works at Sony Santa Monica but previously applied his talent to Naughty Dog’s masterpiece took issue at that concept. (PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered)

Ezz2013  +   351d ago
well, ND shouldn't even comment on this since no one is forcing any one to buy it

it's not like ND is holding a shiv around your neck and telling you to buy it or else...
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DeadlyOreo  +   351d ago
Exactly. It is a steal, certainly for a lot of people who haven't played it yet, one of the best games out even after a year. What bothers me is that people moan about not being able to upgrade the PS3 version for cheap. You paid for a PS3 version, you are not entitled to the PS4 one.
Dancinsolo  +   351d ago
A steal is $20, let's be real. $50 is okay, just okay.
xHeavYx  +   351d ago
It comes with DLC, so I think the price is right, hate the sensationalist part of the title though (the "fires back" part), some people do all they can for some clicks
garos82  +   351d ago
They should have had a £10 upgrade offer just like they did with need for speed rivals and cod ghosts and battlefield 4.

I bought it day 1 with season pass. I think people in that situation deserve at least a discount.
Gaming101  +   351d ago
It's not as though people are asking for it for free on PS4, but I think if you bought it before paying another 50 bucks when you originally paid 60 plus 20 or 30 for a season pass and all you get is the exact same content in slightly higher resolution and framerate is asking too much. Plus it's just one game. God of War 1 and 2 remastered in the same way was just 40 bucks. Remasters almost always come in packs for good value, like Ratchet and Clank, the Sly Collection, Metal Gear Solid collection, and they're all 30-40 bucks because you've already experienced them. All of a sudden because it's next gen it gives license to give one single game a huge price tag, just like Tomb Raider. They sell them for a high price because they know their is little competition this early in the PS4 life cycle and a lot of people are dying for something to play so they'll shell out more money, it's all economics.
Azzanation  +   350d ago
Of course ND would say "its a Steal" for there own product, they want you to spend $50 on there game. A steal is $20 not $50, you can buy a brand new next gen game for $50 that you haven't played before. TLOU is on the PS3 and that's a steal.
MuhammadJA  +   350d ago
@ DeadlyOreo:

You can argue and justify the high prices for other remastered releases about how lots of people didn't play them. 50$ is a lot for a last gen game.

I'll wait for the "but it's ND, but it's Sony so we must defend it." responses.
GamerzElite  +   351d ago
Peoples are so hypo-critic, when Tomb Raider remaster comes on next gen consoles for $60, they bought it and now they have problem with $50 for a great game of 2013.
Gaming101  +   351d ago
Tomb Raider was also too much money for just one single game in slightly higher resolution and frame rate. It was charged at a high price because of the lack of competition from other games since the library is lacking being that it is very early in the PS4 life cycle.
arabiensoldier  +   351d ago
People need to stop complaining -_-
objdadon  +   351d ago
I've already played it on ps3 and I'd happily pay the full price of 60.00 to play it again along with the multiplayer on my ps4! Remastered or straight port, I miss this game! I want to experience it again!
isarai  +   351d ago
Well you get an upgraded version of the game which is upgrading far more than just the resolution, you get ALL the DLC which there is quite a bit of, and you get tons of behind the scenes videos/art/commentary and other extras
XiSasukeUchiha  +   351d ago
It's better deal though :)
MegaRay  +   351d ago
Do we need an article about TLoU every 2 hours? Lol

OT: its not a steal for those of us who dont have a 1080p TV.
But good for those who own one :)
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Jiiiiiiin  +   351d ago
N4g = THE LAST OF US , uncharted 4, crash bandicoot
THE LAST OF US , uncharted 4, crash bandicoot
THE LAST OF US , uncharted 4, crash bandicoot
THE LAST OF US , uncharted 4, crash bandicoot
Every 2 hours
Dancinsolo  +   351d ago
Bubble up good sir. That gave me a chuckle. Very very true. Whats up with this site lately?
2cents  +   351d ago
THE LAST OF US , uncharted 4, crash bandicoot
Xbox sucks
THE LAST OF US , uncharted 4, crash bandicoot
Xbox blows
THE LAST OF US , uncharted 4, crash bandicoot
lol Xbox
LAST OF US , uncharted 4, crash bandicoot
Trade in dat Xbox sh1t
THE LAST OF US , uncharted 4, crash bandicoot
1080p you wish
THE LAST OF US , uncharted 4, crash bandicoot
Xbox = Fail
Every 2 hours

At least there is some consistency
uth11  +   350d ago

I agree except for the Crash Bandicoot part
2cents  +   350d ago
lol, yeah I'm not so sure about the crash bandicoot bit either, but I was just copy pasting the quote from Jiiiiin... and adding my 2cents :)
thejigisup  +   351d ago
Do you not plan on upgrading your tv?
Gaming101  +   351d ago
If you're paying that much attention to this site you need to get a life. There's more to life than this stupid site and definitely more to life than thinking about gaming every minute of the day.
Mikey94  +   351d ago
Its not a steal. A steal is Halo Master chief collection. 4 Games all DLC and over 100 maps. Ridley scott Halo Tv series and Halo 5 beta.
RichardDawkins  +   351d ago
This article isn't about Halo...
Zhipp  +   351d ago
I actually agree, lol. Not that I think TLOU:R is a bad deal -- it's actually just the right price for what it is. MC collection is just an unbelievable value.
Ezz2013  +   351d ago
how each one of those 4 halo game cost now plus the DLCs

and how much the last of us alone on ps3 cost now and the same for it all DLCs ?!
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Zhipp  +   351d ago
Not a complete comparison. You're not taking into account the work that went into remastering and porting the games. Halo 2 is a full remaster, and Halo 1,3 & 4 are getting bumped up to 1080p 60fps, plus the new modes, plus the miniseries.

Of course we know all the boosts TLOU:R is getting, too. Upgraded character models, higher res and fps, etc. etc.

I've done your basic calculation before, though. Can't remember the exact numbers. Halo is more, but not as much more as one would think.
Doge  +   351d ago
If you want a rough estimate based on Amazon's prices, it would be around $70 for the games minus DLC (Halo Anniversary, Halo 2 (Xbox), Halo 3 and Halo 4).

Including the DLC, Halo 2 would have to be swapped with the PC version for a fair comparison (which is $40, but let's face it. Halo 2 Anniversary would've been the same price if it was released on its own), and Halo 4 with the GOTY Edition (which is almost $33).

As for Halo 3, I can't recall which DLC packs are free and which aren't. But they cost $10 each, and there's 4 of them. So in total, it would cost somewhere between $130-$150.

TLoU is around $30 without the season pass (which was $20). Since the season pass is no longer available, buying all of the dlc (maps, Left Behind, cosmetics, Grounded, etc...) would cost around $60-$70, but it could be more or less.

In the end of it, I think both of them are a good deal. Considering the graphical bumps and lots of other new features you're getting out of both of them.
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objdadon  +   351d ago
That's only a steal if you're a halo fan, I'm not. I've tried but just can't get into it. I never got the hoopla about it and the fanship of bungie. Funny thing is from playing the destiny beta, I think I could play that for a long time! Even if I did like halo there's no way I'd play all 4. It would be a waste to me.
mkis007  +   351d ago
This is how I feel as well. You could package every single halo game for any price and I would still chose the Last of Us Remastered over them. They do not appeal to everyone. Both ways
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ado908  +   351d ago
Shouldn't the same be said about the last of us?
Ripsta7th  +   351d ago
Its a steal for those who havent played it, me ill just till it drops in price. I alredy experienced this game i have no problem waiting for prettier graphics, if they had given me atleast a $20 upgrade option id buy it even faster. Cod ,TR,injustice did it why cant they?? Everybody was complaining about TR but now i dont hear anyone saying anything. Same scenerio
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   351d ago
And yet the same people will buy GTAV for 60 dollars. TLOUR comes with Left Behind DLC.
mkis007  +   351d ago
Sandbox is a tricky beast. I just dick around in GTA5.
lxBlack_Venomxl  +   351d ago
If you simply don't like the price don't buy it!
I bought it for 64 release day and sure in hell will buy it again
It's an AMAZING game
Dancinsolo  +   351d ago
Money bags Magoo
cityboy100  +   351d ago
Still going to buy it but the price sould be 30 dollars it's the same game with better graphics
Dancinsolo  +   351d ago
Just wait till Black Friday. The game will be $20 just like last year.
heisenberguk  +   351d ago
Another tlou tweet, another article!! All this hype is doing the game no favours!!
Spotie  +   351d ago
Right, because the hype is making the game worse...
heisenberguk  +   350d ago
It's the wrong kind of hype, obsessing about things like frame rate so that if this game drops even 1fps under 60 at any time it's going to get hammered online which in turn will mean the devs will get stick being called lazy and worse THEN the console will get the rest of the stick from the fanboys saying it can't even do 60fps of a last gen game! Not every tweet has to be a story!!!!!!
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Number-Nine  +   351d ago
I envy those playing it for the first time. I can't bring myself to pay 50 more dollars even though it was an exceptional game. One day when it's $20 or so.
SpinalRemains138  +   351d ago
Steal is right.

They're charging 90% of retail for 10% of the work put in.

No sucker here.
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   351d ago
Even if your interested in buying the game I think its best if you hold back a couple months because I've noticed that remakes and rereleases tend to drop in price a lot quicker than normal games. Guaranteed you can snag this game up for 29.99 at target by September or October. 19.99 by Black Friday.
ifistbrowni  +   351d ago
I have a feeling a lot of the games launching this holiday will be getting price cuts really fast. Too much competition.

I only plan to buy TLOU:R, NHL 15, Diablo 3 UEE (PS4), Halo MCC.

All the other games are getting put on the back burner. It's funny that all but one of my games are remastered (NHL 15-which some would argue is another copy-paste game).

I have a strong feeling Destiny, Evolve and The Evil WIthin will all receive price drops this Holiday/early next year. I'll wait.

I know the games that I plan to purchase, TLOU/Diablo, will also receive price drops, but they're both games that i cannot pass on. I have them on ps3 and still play them to this day... I can't wait for their upgraded counter-parts.
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Jiiiiiiin  +   351d ago
@Dancisolo thanx buddy
Man_Son  +   351d ago
$30 is the most I'll pay for it. Guess I'll get it used
Jrmy84  +   351d ago
For those who played it already $50 is too much, those that haven't it is a steal with DLC included. I know I couldn't stop playing it once I started, its that good of a game.
Flames76  +   351d ago
Sounds about like sony developers.Still nobody cares about this game so it doesn't matter if its $20 or $50.I do agree though $50 is to much for a game that just came out last year.I know the PS4 is low on exclusive but hell at least wait 2 years before you remake a damn game
Puppy_Farts  +   351d ago
lol u mad?
BitbyDeath  +   351d ago
Only costs $60 in Australia so is a steal here.
Bought the PS3 version for $80 or $90 when it had released.
Puppy_Farts  +   351d ago
It's great for people who have yet to play this game. No one is forcing people to re-buy this game. That said, I just put in my pre-order to play this AGAIN. Granted, I got a 10.00 discount from BB and had left over credit - It's a fantastic game and I have expendable income. :)
tommygunzII  +   351d ago
It is a good deal especially when you consider companies like EA trying hard as possible to get $69.99 per game this gen.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   351d ago
Every day I see four Dualshockers posts about Naughty Dog's port.
Digimortal  +   351d ago
TLOU is a great game but I refuse to buy the remastered edition that offers nothing New in the gameplay department. Native resolution and 60 FPS are nice but its not worth the 50 dollar price tag its offering. The online was fun but short lived for me and as for the DLC, yeah only one bring some value to the table, I myself don't care about the Multiplayer DLC. Sorry but not worth a rebuy.
Give_me_head_strong  +   351d ago
It's certainly a steal..for Naughty Dog that is.
Fools and their money soon part ways..
CuddlyREDRUM  +   351d ago
I can't believe this piece is from Dualshockers.
Jiiiiiiin  +   351d ago
@2cents hahaha xD
mochachino  +   350d ago
It's too much for people like me that already bought the game and the Left Behind DLC.

Really wish they had a next-gen upgrade price for the people that made this game a massive hit.

I'l wait until it's $30 before I get it, if I get it at all.
bettergetdave  +   350d ago
I have said it before and I will say it again. Too many gamers are whiny over privileged people looking for a hand out. Games are an art and when you buy them you are supporting a culture and community in which you enjoy.
neomahi  +   350d ago
Well, when you know Naughty Dog has two teams, you know Uncharted 4 is slated for next year holiday season and a new IP from Naughty Dog has been in the news, it does start to sound fishy. Additionally, Co - President Christophe Ballestra in interview was asked about their game. "Well, when we develop our games, we always make them higher res and then tone that down for PlayStation 3.... My hard drive is almost full." You could say: "Well, this is just business talk" then that would make him a liar either way. Everyone knows optimization happens but, high res textures and such was done before the game went gold. Naughty Dog has two other games in the works with again, only two development teams.

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