EA Says “People Just Weren’t Ready” For Mobile Dungeon Keeper, EA Is Dumb or Lying

Frank Gibeau, the head of EA’s mobile division, said the new mobile Dungeon Keeper game failed because it “innovated too much.” Frank Gibeau is either dumb or being told to say that.

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swishersweets200311607d ago

No people were not ready to get ripped off.

joab7771606d ago

I dont think so. Now hear me out. I actually think its possible that he meant what he said. Why? B/c microtransactions have worked so well and made so much money that they are blinded as to how and what effect they r actually having on gaming.

So, when it doesnt work, their first thought is that something is wrong with the game if ppl are not forking over money. I mean, we idiots continuously give them truckloads of cash for most other games. At some point, it may dawn on them that they may have pushed too hard this time but I doubt it.

U can say its their fault...but it isnt. Lets say u developed a talent to do something stupid...but ppl loved it so much they literally threw money at u to keep doing it. Ur cost was minimal and no matter what u said or did, ppl just kept paying u. If u had a family to provide for etc. what would u do?

I dont agree with it at all, dont get me wrong. I stopped playing DCUO b/c it costs wayyy to much money to play and all the vets defend sony at every turn. But I understand why they do it. Its b/c we gladly sign our paychecks over to them...and do it with a smile. Hell, we even convince others that its worth their money too. Its insanity run amok.

-Foxtrot1607d ago

Everytime a company does something to p*** us off they use the "They weren't ready" excuse

Skate-AK1606d ago

Reminds me of Microsoft and the Xbone.

Snookies121607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

EA knew every step of the way in development, that they were building this "game" to rip people off and take all their money. I put game in quotations, because this isn't really a game. It's an app that siphons money from your wallets. This is why I never buy EA games unless they're used and cheap.

Activemessiah1607d ago

And we will NEVER be ready for your BS.

sovietsoldier1606d ago

just wait till bf hardline lol

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