The Score: Who Should Develop The New Wii U Starfox Game?

Head inside to see how the majority voted with regards to their plans of buying Project CARS following the Wii U exclusive delay. Whilst you’re there why not answer this week’s question about who you would like to see co-develop new the Wii U Starfox game? Miyamoto himself revealed at this year’s E3 that despite the game releasing sometime in the next year, full development has yet to begin and Nintendo are actively scouting for a development partner.

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Godmars2901608d ago

Just don't let it be someone who turns it into a "space sim". Meaning don't make it a 3D flight game where you auto-fly to way points. Keep it a semi-on rails arcade to some degree.

colonel1791608d ago

I didn't really get excited based on the description of how the game is to be controlled. It seems like it's going to be too arcade-y and handholding.

Godmars2901608d ago

Well, I'd love to see a Metroidvania style title set along the lines of No Man's Sky, and maybe a hint of an old Atari, Space Rangers. Just instead of a whole universe, condense things to only the Cornelia system with worlds either having where you - and hang with on this one - get out of the ship - *OR!* There is an *OR!* - you use different vehicles on special worlds or environments.

Additionally, the Great Fox would work as a mobile base for refueling, repairs and to select wing-men.

Not that Nintendo would like do anything like that. And it would take years to get right what they've just announced they're looking for help for.

3-4-51608d ago

* StarFox Wii U CAN NOT just be an On-Rails Shooter.

It won't sell as much as it could like that and that style is very limiting to what StarFox could potentially be.

* I think including On-Rails portions of the game or having it as a separate part of the game all together would be a good idea, but the main game needs to be something more.

* That or just make two different types of starfox games.

lilbroRx1608d ago

There have been 2 styles of star fox. The ones that wasn't a straight flying shooter sucked.

That is what star fox is. That is what its known for. That is what people liked.

It would be like God of War without violence or Gran Turismo without licensed cars. It would be missing a large chunk of its identity.

3-4-51608d ago

I understand, but I'd like to see them try something new and better and not just settle for a replica of a N64 game.

The multiplayer in that game was awesome though.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

To the people who disagree with 3-4-5

I hope you remember that
Star fox has free fly zone too.

Star fox WiiU will have the same and the range will probably be greater than before.

Since Hands-On report say that you will have to drop bungied robots down into the city to gather resources- I'm guessing the game will have areas/levels that are more Open-World-ish.

Prepare yourselves.

herbs1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Wish Factor 5 still existed to assist Nintendo in this effort. They were master devs for both the N64 and especially the GameCube when it came to pushing the hardware. Too bad Sony forced them to implement the Sixaxis's broken motion sensors in Lair. That shoehorned design choice destroyed what could have been an awesome game along with the awesome studio.
RIP Factor 5 ;.(

randomass1711608d ago

Nintendo EAD with Miyamoto as the director. Duh.

Metallox1608d ago

Well, as you could know, they want to sign another studio to make development quicker, and I'd give the job to Platinum Games.

Geekman1608d ago

Weren't they considering mergers and aquisitions a few months ago?

Blank1608d ago

Definetly agree only I would say whoever Miyamoto personally chooses I have my ideas but this is Miyamotos game.

addictedtochaos1608d ago

The on rails sections need to be kept to a minimum. The best sections of Star Fox Assault were the ones where you were in your Arwing but had free roam throughout the battle.

BosSSyndrome1608d ago

I personally thought platinum would have been perfect but from the sound of it, Miyamoto is going to be in charge and it will likely be developed internally which is also A-OK. Nothin wrong with that.

Number-Nine1608d ago

Retro. I hear good things about the DKC series

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