Is Sony’s “Killzone Fart” pack taking DLC too far?

PS4Daily: "Is asking players to fork up $2 to fart in multiplayer taking things too far?"

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Fireseed652d ago

I think someone forgot games were supposed to be about fun. Fun, remember that thing?

Abash652d ago

The DLC was made in the same spirit as teabagging a player in an online match. I really dont think it's a big deal or worth writing an article about

GribbleGrunger652d ago (Edited 652d ago )

Do you remember when gaming was all about FUN? Wasn't it a great time ...

@Logic: I currently volunteer for a charity organisation (in Britain) that caters to people with problems ... REAL problems. I LOVE gaming and I love gamers (especially on N4Gs and Gaf) but perspective is, and should be, my prerogative.

What is a fart in a game compared to a cruelly oppressed individual?

Rowdius_Maximus652d ago

No! Didn't you hear, smelling farts can prevent disease like cancer. In game you're doing them a favor


Well, actually that is a big deal. It shows how out of touch Sony is with their audience. Immaturity has always been a huge issue in online gaming, yet Sony wants to encourage it. I see that as a problem personally.


"What is a fart in a game compared to a cruelly oppressed individual?"

240 kids died of malnourishment in the past hour

2000 kids died yesterday due to consumption of contaminated water

What is gaming compared to these tragedies? Nothing....absolutely nothing.

Its great that you volunteer to help people with real problems, but that doesn't mean we don't get to bitch about smaller problems:

Sony's reluctance to give the PS Vita any AAA Western exclusives

The Xbox One's issue with supporting higher resolutions

The sexist nature of the hardcore fighting game community.

If you're THAT concerned about people with REAL problems, you shouldn't be on a gaming website defending the right of Playstation gamers to purchase virtual farts.

GribbleGrunger652d ago (Edited 652d ago )

You are right, Logic, and perhaps I shouldn't have brought two worlds together so flippantly, but at the end of the day, perspective isn't a bad thing ... is it?

We are debating the most mundane and pathetic thing here ... It's not your fault, it's the fault of journalists with a complete lack of imagination.

We are debating a FART ... COME ON!

XisThatKid652d ago (Edited 652d ago )

I personally do not enjoy toilet humor but all in all whats really the difference in a dance to a "teabag" or now a fart? Uncharted 3's taunts really showed me that people like customizations and taunts and show off stuff like this. If you don't like the optional animation and effect don't buy it and WIN YOUR MATCHES to not see them in these games. It maybe harsh but I am a competitive player and I play competitive games.

I also understand that dev has gotten expensive why not make a bit of money on all sorts of appeal alike? Yes DLC has gotten out of hand at times but in this case, NO. Season pass has paid for itself and GG has given us several free maps already. I have no complaints besides no Official 12v12 or 8v8 TDM or any other warzone that has smaller player count than 24, and that doesn't REALLY bother me just a preference.

mydyingparadiselost652d ago

I don't recall having to pay for the option to teabag though...


Gribble, if this was Saints Row DLC, I wouldn't have an issue. But Shadowfall is arguably the most serious entry in the franchise. Farts just don't fit the tone of the game. To SOME people, what makes Killzone fun is its mature nature(sense of weight, guns that sound like ACTUAL guns, brutal melee etc.).

Locknuts652d ago

Or worth paying for. It should just be patched in if people want it.

GribbleGrunger652d ago

Logic: I'm not questioning that ... I completely understand where you are coming from. What we have here is a business, and a product that has been on the market for a year.

As much as I recognise the lowest common denominator, I also recognise the need to squeeze every damned Cent from a transaction. If it's fun and people invest, GREAT. If it isn't fun and people don't invest then 'SO WHAT'.

rambi80652d ago (Edited 652d ago )

I wonder what the price would be for "cleveland steamer" DLC

Now THAT would be worth writing about

Giul_Xainx652d ago

This sort of crap belongs in call of duty. And only call of duty.

Where all of the incandescent gamers play.

Double Toasted652d ago

Ugh...I've never paid for a tea bag in a video game, nor in real life- minus the type that makes a beverage. I be read the article after reading the comments aaannndddd...there should be a giant face palm in between my comment and the first one.

JoGam652d ago


badz149652d ago (Edited 652d ago )

I'm not defending the fart DLC as per say but WTF is wrong with you people trying way too hard to hate on it? so what if it doesn't really fit the tone of the game?

does the mercedes kart really blend well with Mario Kart? I don't think so but I don't see people making an article bashing it. and teabagging doesn't fit in any FPS at all as it's stupid but people still do it because it's fun. remember dancing in SOCOM? does that fit the mood of the game? and while we are at it, why don't we bash Turn10 as well because how dare they include rewind in a SIM racer! my point is, why so serious? as long as the gameplay in unaffected, what is the problem?

when I play KZSF and other online games, and people laugh all the time over failing friends and funny ways of dying. so...damn them? how dare they laugh on a "serious" game? people net to get over the fact that even some things are not funny to you it does for others.

DAS692651d ago

EXACTLY. Now... Where's the article about "Weed Prints On Guns." and "Snoop Dogg/Lion Voice Packs"??

SilentNegotiator651d ago (Edited 651d ago )

It's something they added several months after release of the game, when probably 85% of the sales have already happened. You're not entitled to add-on content.

It's $2. A couple of gumballs worth of money for something that won't affect the gameplay in any substantial way. Buy it or don't, it won't have any earth shattering effects on your life.

SilentNegotiator651d ago (Edited 651d ago )

"Gribble, if this was Saints Row DLC, I wouldn't have an issue"

Of course you wouldn't. Saints Row isn't a PS exclusive. As for it not fitting the tone of the game...we're talking about multiplayer. The people on their mics will ruin the tone anyway.

UltraNova651d ago


you beat me to it. Ok lest assume Farts in a game is the most offending matter in human history...when thousands scream, abuse and spew bullshit through their mics online is cool right?

But yeah lets focus on the really SERIOUS matter here, farts.

Septic651d ago

Does this even matter? Who still plays this online? Garbage dlc for what is, in my opinion, a mediocre game.

JackBNimble651d ago

What I can't believe is this article made it to the front page and is 480 degrees as I write this.

How is this even a debate?

Jonny5isalive651d ago

the DLC was made in the spirit of the weed DLC for COD. SOmething so stupid that should be free sold at a small price to stupid children.

assdan651d ago

Exactly. I wouldn't pay $2 for it, but people can if they want. It's not like they're taking away large parts of the game and then selling it to us later.

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Bennibop652d ago

I am in my 30s and I love a fart joke! You have got plenty of time to be serious when you are dead.

2cents652d ago

I agree, but...

time and a place. The only way I can think of explaining what I mean is, it ain't funny when your sitting on a packed train and the person standing with their ass in front of you farts in your face... That ain't funny man, even though I'm pissing myself while typing this, time and a place.

Killzone has had a serious image about it since the first game, now they want to charge you real money to fart.

Now this has happened, killzone will now forever wear the many monikers


Killzone Shadowfart

Killzone silentfart

oh the joys... :)

Jonny5isalive651d ago

Im sure you also loved the weed DLC in COD.

Bennibop650d ago

@Jonny5isalive I don't play COD its for kids.

Jughead3416652d ago

Anyone who has a problem with it takes gaming too seriously. A hobby is supposed to be a way to relieve stress in a fun way. How can you enjoy your hobby is you nit pick everything? If you don't want to pay $2, then don't. Let us gamers who like it and don't mind the price have our fun. Everything isn't for everyone. What I like about gaming is, there's always something for everyone.

Rik_Mayall652d ago

I remember when such trivial things were included within the game for no extra cost.

It's like being charged $2 to be able interact with the toilets, sinks and mirrors in Duke Nukem 3D.

Spotie651d ago

But those things weren't added to the game 7, 8 months after release.

This isn't a big deal in the slightest. Lmao at LOGIC showing his fanboy colors again over farting in a damn video game.

Chrisgamerguy652d ago

Well I wouldn't play killzone if you want to have fun

solar652d ago

gamers forgot how DLC was free.

Enigma_2099651d ago

Either that or *GASP* we don't find farts funny. Frankly, I think they f*****' stink.

DoomeDx651d ago

For christ sake.

This is one of the only games with FREEEEEEE map DLC. And yet here we are, complaining about a fart.

I'd rather have free maps and cosmetic paid DLC then the other way around.

Back-to-Back651d ago

It's sad how most mp games are going to way of COD when it comes to online play. It always amazes me how people pay for stupid shit like camos in game. In COD there are more dlc camo's than camo's that shipped with the game. That is ridiculous if you ask me.

TheSaint651d ago

No one is forcing anyone to buy anything.

Gamers hold all the power, not devs. If we wanted we could destroy any gaming company.

PinkEye651d ago

The article isn't challenge if it is fun. The article is talking about being charged $2 to fart. That is stupid. I think a fart could have been included free. Like the stupid dog skin in cod ghosts was so dumb and overvalued.

3-4-5651d ago

Farts are funny at any age, but this is obviously geared towards like 10-12 year old boys.

At that age farts are still Hilarious so that is probably who this is marketed at.

It's just.....Lame though. Terrible idea, and extremely UNCREATIVE.

I'm embarrassed for the Developer's because I'm pretty sure their not intelligent enough to be embarrassed for themselves.

In 20 seconds any one of us could come up with a better idea.

People got PAID for this idea ? REALLY?

These people are professional ?

Nothing has ever screamed Amature more than this.

XSpike651d ago

Yeah, but now we can laugh at the fools who taunt you with thesex= as "Hahaha he paid $2 for that what a fool!"

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Majin-vegeta652d ago

At least it's better than that weed dlc from cod.


Clown_Syndr0me651d ago

Yeah that one was ridiculous. DlC like this just makes my eyes roll, and anyone that is seen using it looks ridiculous to be honest..

DanielGearSolid652d ago

I feel like half the population still doesn't understand that dlc is optional

MrSwankSinatra652d ago

I feel like more than half of the population still doesn't understand that most DLC is cut from the games to jerk the consumers.

DialgaMarine652d ago

Usually, but sometimes DLC is actually developed post release. TLoU Left Behind is a good example.

DanielGearSolid652d ago (Edited 652d ago )

That's just a conspiracy theory...

DLC being optional is a fact...

At the end of the day developers have every right to decide wat their content is worth.

You can play any game to its completion as many times as you want without touching dlc.

You want the extra content, pay for it... It doesn't matter if u think it was cut from the main game.

Debaitable652d ago

I don't think you understand that studios need revenue to continue to produce games. I mean, am I the only around during here who actually likes to support their favorite developers? If it's content that I deem worthy of my dollar I will purchase. If not, I move on.

Koyes652d ago

Agreed. DLC is usually cut from the actual game to sap more money from consumers. This is especially obvious and blatant when the download for a DLC is only 100KB, which means the DLC is already on disc and just needs 'unlocking' :/

yezz652d ago (Edited 652d ago )


Having to pay for a noise or move that the character makes is preposterous. How many hours have the developers used to create these things? Maybe a half one..

I like to support my favorite developers but not this way. If Rockstar would ask few dollars for every DLC gun, clothing, vehicle, house, celebration etc. I would feel a bit angry..

There should definitely be a line somewhere because we might pay for our patches soon if this continues.

MysticStrummer652d ago

I feel like a small portion of the population is confusing actual gameplay content with a fart.

The content of this DLC isn't "taking DLC too far" but it does seem to go against the general feel of the game. I felt the same about dancing in SOCOM. Those things just don't seem to belong in those games so I wouldn't personally use them even if they were free, much less pay a dime extra for them. If others want to buy them that's their business, but it may just cause at least a few people to not play as much or stop altogether if they prefer a more serious and realistic tone to their virtual combat.

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The issue isn't the DLC itself, but more so about what it says about Sony and what kind of audience they want to attract. If in 2014, you believe virtual farting is so amusing that you would pay REAL money for the ability to do it online...frankly I wouldn't want to play with you.

Blank652d ago

"frankly inwouldnt want to play with you" thats what she said waka waka. Anywho on topic its not like teabagging exists..... Wait a minute!

mediate-this651d ago

Man you make zero sense and you really need a name change, you are the same guy touting ps4 takeover, and sony is taking america, but you realize alot of 360 fans bought ps4's, there are alot of immature kids from 360( ps3 too) so if sony takes the 360 fans, sony also needs to market to immature 360 fams too.

Makes sense.

DanielGearSolid652d ago


And how many hrs does it take you to make $2 in a day?

RIP_Cell652d ago (Edited 652d ago )

costs $2 if you want to fart, but you can watch people fart on you, that's free

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xReDeMpTiOnx652d ago

Not at all, people are seriously oversensitive and like to complain about every little thing...... Its rated M for a reason if people are gonna complain then rated games shouldebt be their thing.

Its not like we have bigger problems in life or anything rather than optional dlc content

truefan1652d ago (Edited 652d ago )

Pretty pathetic they have to take it this far too get some interest and publicity. Also if anything it should be free.

GribbleGrunger652d ago (Edited 652d ago )

Fella, just step back for a moment and consider what you represent. Do you represent yourself or do you represent the required narrative? You are SO consistent in your condemnation of one console over another that it leads me (and others) to believe 'the narrative' has complete control over you. Are you really that weak?

This is NOT a condemnation of your personality, this is merely a plea to look more deeply into what YOU are, and potentially what YOU could be.

RIP_Cell652d ago

that coming from you? lol

Master-H652d ago

Big criticism coming from someone with no pride... lol