Two Hour Destiny Event Today: The Iron Banner

Bungie is set to introduce the new Iron Banner event today for Destiny beta players. Will you be joining in on the event?

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osborn20091607d ago

I will be playing this on PS4 with anyone who wants to join our MONG fireteam this afternoon! Add me on PSN: osborn2009

PurpleDragon961607d ago

This takes place at 9PM GMT (10PM British Summer Time) for us in the GMT timezone or close for easy conversion :)

drowninginmadness1607d ago

Wish I had a PS4! So can't wait for this to come out.

ReesesPuffs1607d ago

It'll be worth the wait. It's a lot of fun.

thejigisup1607d ago

definitely checking this event out. My fireteam is ready!

Grave1607d ago

I wonder if it's Crucible only or will it include some coop stuff?

osborn20091607d ago

From everything I have seen, it will only be Crucible.

edwick1607d ago

Voucher Code for Ps4: F846-K5NG-NLBR
Voucher Code for Ps3: EPLE-JTNA-76P4

i'm in the North America region, if that makes a difference.
they just randomly emailed these codes to me for some reason. already got my 3 codes the other day, so figured i'd give these away.

CaptainPunch1607d ago

Gave you a bubble for sharing.

Digital_Anomaly1607d ago

Bubble up! Who says the N4G community is a bunch of jerks!?!? lol

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The story is too old to be commented.