How To Install Xbox One Controller Thumbsticks on a DualShock 4

Hal is back with another helpful guide on how to install Xbox One Controller thumbsticks on a DualShock 4.

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ramiuk11610d ago

ive done this and it feels better on games like fifa,but im prefering my 2nd pad with stanard ps4 stiocks for destiny.
the sticks on xbone are a little too long imo,yet ps4 to short lol.

BadlyPackedKeebab1610d ago

Yeah I did this too a long time back. I prefer it with the Xbox sticks full stop. I have big hands though so maybe length is down to personal geometry.

Mikey322301610d ago

I completely agree. I have Xbox One Thumbsticks in one of my controllers. They are slightly too long and controls feel a little to loose when playing fps' If i'm ever bored enough i'll probably put the original PS4 thumbsticks back in.

I didnt really see any positives to the Xbox One thumbsticks, although they are completely usable and fine, The PS4 Thumbsticks just feel better suited the Dualshock 4 ( as they should ).

truefan11610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Hilarious how people can call the ds4 the best controller ever and use XB1 parts to improve it. XB1 controller is miles ahead of the ds4.

UnHoly_One1610d ago

What I want is a way to somehow put the "guts" of a DS4 inside of a 360 or XB1 controller.

The touchpad would obviously be a huge problem, but I need my offset thumbsticks. I can't play on a DS4 for any significant amount of time, it hurts my left hand because I automatically try to hold it weird in order to get the stick in the correct orientation in relation to where my hand is.

MaxKingoftheWild1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

I'm trying to imagine the shape of your hands in order to need to hold the controller weird. Is one hand longer than the other? Did you suffer from some injuries in or hand like a break that didn't heal right? Since your hands are different, do you also have a weird screen on your phone while you text? Like the y,g,v (and to the right of those letters) take up the bottom right part of the screen and the rest take up upper left in order for you to text comfortably?

Outlaw19861610d ago

I'd love to be able to put the guts of ds4 in the xbox one controller. Maybe I could even make it run off the xbox one controller battery. The new play and charge kits use a lithium ion battery and they last a real long time. I doubt we will have the problems with the last play and charge kits with those batteries.

ramiuk11610d ago

bro inlaw actually made the crazy decision to sell his ps4 and get xbone just because the pad.

we both had xbox 360 and both found it impossible to use DS3 as sticks was to far in middle,now there spaced better DS4 is brillaint for me.

as someone said above,i prefer the ds4 sticks to xbone ones but i only have short fingers.
but the offset of sticks i defo prefer ps way to xbox offset

UnHoly_One1610d ago

My hands aren't shaped funny. The left stick should just be up where the D Pad is.

Every other controller since the advent of analog sticks has the left stick up high, "above" your thumb. The Dualshock is the only one that refuses to fall in line. I just absolutely hate it.

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OrangePowerz1610d ago

That's your opinion. In my opinion the 360 controller beats the X1 controller. The bumpers are horrible, the sticks are too small and too long and I don't like that the triggers don't "click".

strickers1610d ago

I agree with you. Don't understand XB1 pad fuss. It's the 3rd best pad.

Nate-Dog1609d ago

I agree. I think the X360 pad was fantastic, miles ahead of the Dualshock 3, 4 and the Xbox One controller. I think Microsoft took a bit of a step back with the Xbox One controller while Sony took some small steps forward with the DS4.

Sarcasm1610d ago

In your opinion.

I do not like how loose the sticks are on the xbox one and the weird texture it has. And the bumpers suck.

user74029311610d ago

With those double a batteries lol

thrust1610d ago

Better than having to have a wired controller when the batteries run out, hahaha wired controller back to the 80s

raptorjacob1610d ago

@thrust. really!? the 80's, you have aa batteries still!!! talk about the 80's

xHeavYx1610d ago

Lol, Truefan got enough courage to post again

OT: Personally,I think that the DS4 is perfect the way it is

DigitalHope1610d ago


Just like how the PS4 is miles ahead of the X1 right?

How did June turn out again?

SpinalRemains1381610d ago

I prefer the DS4 myself.

I don't like the offset sticks. Feels alien to me.

I also love the headphone input on bottom of stick.

TURKEYonWH3AT1610d ago

Except for the fact that it still uses double A's lol

Dehnus1609d ago

Nothing wrong with using a standard actually. But MS should have allowed for Chargeable double A's. So you could just charge them via a cord instead. That way you would have the best of both worlds and cheap replacements should they crap out after 1000 charges ;).

I know chargeable batteries already work, but I mean that they would have them standard also to charge them via the USB connection.

mixelon1610d ago

People like different things about different controllers.. Obviously.

None is going to be perfect in every way for all users in all usage scenarios.. Doesn't stop it from being a great controller.

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spacedelete1610d ago

why would you put the Xbox one thumsticks on a PS4 controller ? the PS4 controller has the better thumsticks in fact the PS4 is superior in every imaginable way. only negativefs for PS4 controller is the battery life and pointless touchpad. i have used a Xbox one controller and its worse than the 360 controller never mind the PS4 controller.

JBSleek1610d ago

PS4 thumbsticks wear down very fast and are not durable.

Then you say Dualshock 4 is superior in everyway then proceed to tell us the areas it isn't superior in... Okay.

spacedelete1610d ago

no YOUR thumsticks have weared down because you been munching on doritos and curry then ruining the thumsticks. i've had no problem with my thumsticks and i've had my PS4 since day one.

so basically if your filthy then obviously its going to ruin the thumsticks. next time clean your dirty hands before using the controller.

strickers1610d ago

Neither of my 2 have. I know of one of 5 friends it's happened to.
Mine gets heavy use.

DigitalHope1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

I'm as big a DS4 fan as anyone but the quality of rubber on the thumb sticks is terrible. How low they are is pretty awful for me as well (maybe not others).

So yeah I put in X1 thumb sticks because for me they are better. I like the length and the grip.

Also would call the touch pad useless. Its just not being used properly. Wish I could use it for Destiny, a nice swipe to get the mission marker as apposed to pushing it in and slowing everything down.

Goro1610d ago

The Touchpad isn't pointless, just not many games have made us of it SO FAR.

JBSleek1610d ago

Your argument is silly. It is well documented that those thumbsticks are fragile. Instead of insulting people you should actually do research.

Go look at the official PlayStation forums and reddit.

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hello121610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

PS3 controller was garbage my friend had one and used to play Fifa with him on his PS3. It felt empty and cheap to me. 360 felt better in the hand, now compared to xb1 controller it feels a bit dated now. I prefer the xb1 controller to the 360 one.

I can't comment on the new PS4 controller haven't used it.

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