Was the Dark Souls II Lost Crowns DLC Already in the Game?

Junkie Monkeys: There’s been a lot of unused content footage and newly leaked information coming in for Dark Souls II and the upcoming The Lost Crowns DLC that has fans scratching their heads. The question that people are asking now is whether the upcoming Dark Souls 2 DLC was already in the game or not. There is evidence that we (and others) have dug up that’s sure to raise some eyebrows. SPOILER WARNING!

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1609d ago

Seems more like a case of content that was cut because it couldn't make the release window, but instead of scraping it they decided to make dlc out of it. I mean with SotC, there was data on up to 24 colossi.

pandehz1609d ago

I can only imagine what the 24th Colossi would have been.

The entire game world as a colossi?

Hellsvacancy1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

On the fast travel menu there's one area hollowed out completely, bottom right hand corner, can't find screens for it

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1609d ago

Not, one, there are like 3. I assume 1 per dlc? I just hope the areas are huge. I don't want something the size of, let's say Black Gulch.

Hellsvacancy1609d ago

3 empty slots? I think you're right actually, I always assumed it was for dlc even though the devs said it might not happen

LAWSON721609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Well Dark Souls 2 is made up a lot of small areas I think it is good to say these are the levels.
Forest of Fallen Giants/ Heidi's Tower- Sinners Rise
Huntsmans Copse- Iron Keep
Grave of Saints- Black Gulge
Shaded Woods- Brightstone Cove
Drangleic Castle- Dragon Shrine
The all over the place end game locations

With a few optional areas along the way

Hopefully the DLC is as big as the trip to the Sinner or the ancient dragon, if it is just an area it better be larger than any other

Kivespussi1609d ago

They dug up the files because the files came in the patch. That's why these "leaks" happened only now and not earlier.

Summons751609d ago

Probably. Demons souls was a compete experience and showed they didn't need DlC. Dark Soul fell victim to the industry and said the same but put out dlc anyway with Hugh Hugh story details which was cut from the game. Wouldn't surprise me if they did the same here.

Luckily the creator of Demon's Souls is in control for Blood borne so you know it will be a complete experience with annual events like Demon's Souls had.

Spurg1609d ago

Demon souls didn't need DLC because they were working hard on Dark Souls...its Dark souls that is the most complete experience.

Secret places such as 'painted world of aramis' and 'ash lake' are prove that they didn't cut content from the game

"Dark Soul fell victim to the industry and said the same but put out dlc anyway with Hugh Hugh story details which was cut from the game."

Stop twisting things around...the content wasn't cut from the game...Dark Souls is still a complete even without the DLC.

Summons751609d ago

No it's not, the DLC has HUGE HUGE story details in it and the devs said they had cut it due to time constraints and felt like they didn't need to put it out and brought it up when they were doing the PC port. Demon's Souls is the most complete experience because it DOESN'T have any DLC.

SolidDuck1609d ago

I do like demons the best aswell for many reasons. But demons had a broken archstone planned for dlc it just never happened.

dragonpunch1608d ago

You have no idea what you are talking about.
That is all.

Summons751607d ago

Yet you have no argument to prove such a statement...