Save £10 on Rare Blue DualShock 4 for £40

Dealspwn writes: The red and blue DualShock 4 PS4 controllers have become very rare since launch and you're lucky to see them drop below £50. This latest voucher code knocks a cheeky tenner from the price though, beating the competition by £13. I have one of these controllers myself and can attest to its gorgeous looks that make it a firm favourite over the regular black model. The issue with degrading rubber on the analogue sticks has apparently been fixed with newer batches of all DualShock 4 pads too.

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Geekman1585d ago


Blue is my favorite color.

Skate-AK1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Waiting for the red one. The import prices are too spendy.

Hyper_Tension1401585d ago

I took mine apart and spray painted the top part bright orange, looks sick.

Happy to hear about the analogues, now a better battery wouldn't hurt and you will have no more complaints from me.

Why o why1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

100 %

MasterofMagnetism1585d ago

It would look so much better if it was all blue. Can't wait to pick one of these up.

Clown_Syndr0me1585d ago

I bought shells for all my 360 controllers in diff colours, even had different buttons etc. Cost about £5 from eBay. There's a few abaliable for PS4 too, will be more soon.
Don't understand the hype around a colored controller when you can just browse the net for a bit and find literally any color you want.

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