Titanfall Marked for Death Mode coming to Xbox 360 on July 21

SegmentNext - "The upcoming Titanfall update 4 is slated for release on July 21 and hence bring you the Marked for Death mode.

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gamer11381609d ago

Didn't even realise it wasn't on 360 yet. It's a great game mode. Really shook things up and changed the pace and challenge of the game. Have fun 360 owners!

generalthadeape1608d ago

Yeah, it's pretty fun.

I have a hard time staying alive.

To me, it's almost like playing "hide and go seek" or whatever they call it.

"You are the next target"-- it's time to go cower in a hidden corner somewhere-- hahaha!!!

I'm sure there are better strategies than that, but when you do become the next target, you better have your titan nearby because you"ll feel 'naked' without it.