Square Enix Strikes Down on FF-0 Translation Patch with Potential Legal Action

Square Enix is bringing down the hammer and has demanded a permanent take down of the fan-made Final Fantasy Type 0 translation patch.

Although the fan-made translation was targeting the PSP (and Vita), this happens in the context of Square Enix announcing an HD remaster version of the game for the PS4 and Xbox-one recently.

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MrSwankSinatra1614d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Why does square have to be such douche-bags for? Why punish people who basically did the job that they wouldn't do. This is exactly what happened with Chrono Resurrection. It really irks me that square thinks that this type of behavior is okay. Instead of punishing them, put them on the payroll or pay them for their work.

Pozzle1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Don't you need to buy a copy of the game for the patch to work anyway? You'd think Square would be happy with this because it would boost sales for their game.

rajman1614d ago

No you dont need to buy it since the patch comes on an ISO file that you can download and run on modded PSP's or emulators. Probably why Square Enix are p*ssed, and the fact their remastered English version is coming to PS4/XB1 and this would affect their sales.
Still a shame for everyone who put in so much work into this translation.

elnacho1614d ago

@rajman, that is incorrect, the file distributed by the people who made the translation requires people to have a legit copy of the game. The translation alone does not contain the game.

That being said, some fully patched ISO files are easy to find, but that is not the files that were distributed by the people who made the translation. Those are files that contain the game + the translation, distributed on other sites by pirates

Yi-Long1614d ago

Isn't the HD-remaster a dub-only release, which means those of us who aren't interested in a dubbed version, wouldn't pick up that game anyway?

If the PSP/Vita game has the original voices and this translation, than that's the only version I would consider playing.

ChickeyCantor1614d ago

Eh I think it has more to with actually modifying the software than anything else.

hkgamer1613d ago

no, normally for fan translated games, its the ethical thing to buy the original. Therefore being able to rip the game. However, its just easier to donwload the iso, patch the game and the play on a CFW PSP.

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Irishguy951614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

...Ah come on, it's SE's product, not ours, as much as I want to play the game they certainly aren't in the wrong for keeping Type 0 'theirs', if they want to translate it and make money off it in the future there simply is nothing we can say against that. As much as I dislike SE for being that way, it's THEIR work, they made it, they can do what they want with it. They probably don't want other people using their products and asking to get paid for it afterwards. Domino effect to your suggestions.

The behavior is okay. I would prefer your suggestions overall of course but still. saying that, I have pirated the game. **** you SE.

Afterlife1614d ago

**** you for pirating it.

Afterlife1614d ago

I don't blame them because I bet a large number of downloads will be from pirates. The patch will encourage people who wasn't interested to be interested in downloading Type 0. It does suck for the legit users.

I'm no expert but isn't this expected anyway. They can't just pretend it didn't happen and let it slide.

elnacho1614d ago

It's definitely ok for SE to try and protect their product. The *way* they did it however is questionable.

They could for example have sent a cease & desist years ago when the translation project was starting to get major attention, instead of waiting for its completion 2 years later.

Pozzle1614d ago

To be fair, the people who are going to pirate it probably had no intention of buying the game in the first place, so Square aren't losing any sales from them anyway.

KonsoruMasuta1614d ago


That is false.

I know plenty of people who were originally going to buy a game but decided not to when they found out they can steal it for free.

This whole "pirates weren't going to buy it anyways" thing is bull. Piracy does take away sales.

Pirates don't buy games because they know they can get them for free. Imagine if they didn't have a way to obtain it illegally, some would be forced to buy a legit copy if they wanted to play.

Spotie1614d ago

As much as I love Square-Enix- or their games, anyway- I WOULD pirate this, because they're being asses about this.

The western PSP community has been waiting for this game for years, and the company paid them no attention. Then, when they announce they're finally bringing the game to western audiences, they don't even put it on the handheld it was made for, or its successor.

A lot of things are called a slap in the face, but this is definitely one. I would rather support the fans, here.

Hell, it's not like they're even making money from this.

Pozzle1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

"I know plenty of people who were originally going to buy a game but decided not to when they found out they can steal it for free."

Yes, but what I meant is that Square was (presumably) happy enough with the Japanese sales of the game and didn't think a Western release would be worth the effort/money, so any sale that happens three years after Type-0's initial release would just be an added bonus for Square at this point. The few people who'll pirate the game in the West aren't going to affect anything because the game was never coming stateside to begin with (well...until the recent E3 announcement anyway). And while a handful of people might have changed their mind once they realized they could get the game for free, I doubt the majority of pirates had any intention of buying the game in the first place (especially because it's an import-only title). But that hardly matters now. Square are done with the PSP version of the game. They were done with it three years ago. They've gotten the sales they wanted.

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Godmars2901614d ago

More to the point why did Square wait until the project was finished and released? They look at the torrent traffic and finally realize that western fans wanted to game?

tiffac0081614d ago

That is a possibility. They used the torrent traffic as a gauge for releasing the game in the west. lol!

Silly but possible xD

Eamon1614d ago

Which ironically means that Square uses torrent traffic as an indicator of whether something could be profitable i.e. the whole 'piracy hinders sales saying is false in this instance.

Godmars2901614d ago

Considering that they're putting it on the 360 and PS3, not just the PSV?

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trickman8881614d ago

The only thing this does is serve as a deterrent for other potential fan translations. otherwise, this translation is all across the internet.

Roccetarius1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

People just have to distribute it anonymously, instead of announcing who's actually working on it. That way Square would be even more clueless.

hkgamer1613d ago

No, that is illegal and is actually what is wrong about the internet.

I am not saying S-E is right, but this is what happens with any fan made content. Either not start with translations at all or take the risk. S-E most likely wont allow it from the start, but asking for permission would be the best way to go.

I mean Konami allowed others to recreate a 3D Metal Gear game. Policenauts was fan translated andd as far as I am concerned its still available.

deathtok1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

As much as I hate to admit it, people need to realize fan translations aren't a right granted to the gaming community.

Request permission or risk being shut down.

Kryptix1614d ago

It was a non profit fan translation, they don't need permission because they're not gaining any money from Square Enix's work. Not only that, but the maker of this patch had no knowledge that there was going to be an English translation in the works years later by SE themselves.

I don't blame Sky (the maker of the translation) at all. He did something that SE should of done by listening to the fans way earlier.

Also, Sky didn't distribute the game for free. Square Enix would still gain money from people trying to import the game and patching in the translation. How is he wrong? Square Enix just wants that extra money, that's all and they could at least pay Sky some money for his translation to be used since most likely, it will end up having the same text anyway.

Eamon1614d ago

"Request permission or risk being shut down."

What if you're anonymous? Then none of that matters anyway.

It's just typical Square bullying tactics and no appreciation of their fanbase at all.

hkgamer1613d ago



Lot's of people would never do this anonymously since they want some recognition for their hard work. Also being anonymous just means that they are doing something bad and its almost impossible for S-E to do something about it, which is wrong.


It's a non profit, but doesn't mean that they don't need permission. They maybe gaining something even though its not directly. The translator did not know S-E was making an english version, but it does not make it right. I understand this person or team wanted to do something good for fans that S-E wasn't providing, but they need to know that S-E has every right to shut it down.

We all, know that people are not going to import/buy this game. they will download it because its easier to patch this translation and we all know that PSP gamers love to install CFW's.

He is also wrong because he is causing S-E to lose money on any future projects that they may do with this game. Now the PS4/Xbone version may have lost a bunch of sales because others have played an english version already.

EXVirtual1614d ago

I don't understand why people are so upset. They're finally doing the job and it's not as if they gave anyone permission to do this.

Blackleg-sanji1614d ago

But its odd u wait all these years and when YOU finally decide to localize the game NOW you want to press charges on the fan translation which im sure they knew about way before

deathtok1614d ago


Your argument is irrevelant. SE owns the IP and whether the translation sparked them to localize or not doesn't matter.

Eamon1614d ago

It's a moral argument not a legal one.

Just because what they're doing is within their rights (although still questionable) does not make it morally justifiable.

If there is evidence that Square used the huge interest of fan translation release in order to further their business interests, then it's possible their legal action could turn to bollocks.

And the patch contains no Square-Enix assets anyway so it's original.

Antnee5341614d ago

This is only happening because square wants launch it on the ps4 and xbone. Which means they need to stop this so they don't lose sales on the ones they are making. Even though I'm surprised they can even Develop games them selves. I mean that this probably with their track record we won't get this for another 10 years and it will still end up coming out before ff15 and kh3 we are never getting those till ps6 Xbox 3

Blackleg-sanji1614d ago

Honestly if type-o comes out before ffxv...ill have no words

Antnee5341613d ago

Don't worry it will they secretly had it done on psv and held it back then they ported it to over to next gen after they got del kits and now after announcing will be out late next year and we will get more details at tgs while no ff15 or kh3 in for Wil be revealed Tull e3 next year with release dates of 2020 and 2025 for ff15 and kh3. ..

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