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Submitted by Muneebsalman99 570d ago | opinion piece

Will Tekken 7 come to PC?

Gaming Worm Says: Recently a trailer of Tekken 7 was announced which is the next title in the series. Tekken have always been made for Playstation consoles. Some titles also came in XBOX, but they never came in PC. Although PC gamers enjoyed all the games of Tekken on PC till Tekken 5 because of availability of PS and PS2 emulator on PC but they didn't had any chance to play the Tekken games which were made for PS3. Now when Tekken 7 is announced everyone is thinking that will Tekken 7 come to PC? There are doubts about the answer so we are going to take a look on some facts and then give a possible answer whether it will come for PC or not. (Next-Gen, PC, PS3, PS4, Tekken 7, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   570d ago
No but they'll beg for it. Like they always do.
Aldous_Snow  +   570d ago
mrpsychoticstalker   570d ago | Off topic | show
trickman888  +   570d ago
Spoken like a true Console Peasant.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   570d ago
Go back to your goat simulator.
ShinMaster  +   570d ago
That's funny because peasants usually beg. And a certain group of gamers were the ones begging for console games to come to PC. Dark Souls is one of the games that comes to mind.
lilbroRx  +   570d ago
@Shin, it certainly wasn't us PC gamers. I hate console nerfed PC games. It was console gamers who did some PC gaming that wanted Dark Souls on PC.

I long for the days of old where we still received "REAL" PC games that weren't held back by game consoles. The days of games like Unreal Tournaments 2004, the original Far Cry, the original F.E.A.R. and Crysis 1. The days where games were optimized to exploit the power of PC hardware instead lowering the performance to make the console versions would look more appealing like with Watchdogs and not optimizing the game for the PC at all.

Though it would be nice to see Tekken 7 on the PC, I'm not going to beg for it. If a game doesn't come out on what I own, then I just won't be getting it. I'll buy something else. On the PC their is always plenty more.
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DevilOgreFish  +   570d ago
"Will Tekken 7 come to PC?"

they would be stupid if they didn't. pffff, it's epic's engine for crying out loud, all the fricking tech demos they make are because of the PCs they use.
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tee_bag242  +   570d ago
They all sucked after TT Tag anyway. I played the hell out of 5 but Tekken's thing was it never had fireballs and guns, just broken ribs. Now look at it.
Anyway just emulate the arcade versions on PC of you really want to play it.
DCfan  +   570d ago
lol, basically you killed your argument.
If you can't get it, then dis at it and say it sucks, further then you say emulate the game, i could see where this is if T7 was released.
lilbroRx  +   570d ago
Its started to go down hill for me when they put in walls and made it super juggle heavy.

Though I would say they didn't have fireballs and gun. They did have lasers, unblockable blade and Gon and True Ogre could both breath unblockable fire in Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag. Gon had a fireball so you are incorrect on that front.
tee_bag242  +   570d ago
@DC Fan

Umm no fanboy. I've had Tekken 1-3 on PS1, 4 and TT on PS2, Tekken 5 on PS3 - and I never wanted #6 or #7. I've also got all the tekkens on emulator and Tekken 5 DR on PSP.
But you feel the need to make it about something else. I just said why they sucked for me after #5 didn't I clown?


Didn't mind the bosses like Devil and Ogre having a power as such
I'm guess I'm really talking about one of the Tekken 6 characters.
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Agent_hitman  +   570d ago
We can only hope.. I also have PC and I wish they would port tekken games to PC..
Harada has said he's considering releasing it on PC and he has been playing Dark Souls & Payday 2 on PC recently. With Unreal Engine 4 they're working with PC and Bandai Namco already released Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst on Steam. Even Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat have been released on Steam so with all of these fighting games coming out on PC through Steam, I think it's safe to say that Tekken 7 will debut on PC much like how Tekken 6 made it's debut on Xbox.

I'll still be getting the game for PS4 though as that's where most of the community will be anyway.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   570d ago
I hope so. I'm having a blast playing SFIV AE on PC, having Tekken 7 would be a bonus.
mysteryraz11  +   570d ago
noone will buy it on there so why should they, fighting games are more popular on consoles
voodoochild346  +   569d ago
GGPO, Kof 13 steam editions online community vs the nonexistent one on consoles, Melty Blood etc. Skullgirls is dead on consoles and thriving on pc.

I can go GGPO right now and play top level talent in Kof '98 and 2002. I can play Street Fighter Alpha 2 and 3. I can play ST and third strike. I can play Vampire Savior and Jojo's along with a bunch of other games.

Unlike on consoles the communities don't just die. As long as you want to play there is always someone to play with. And since there are no generations you don't have people dropping from the player base simply because they upgraded to the new console. Every fighting game should be ported to pc not just Tekken.
mysteryraz11  +   569d ago
noone will play it on pc just like every port you guys say buy it on pc but you go on steam to the game and it takes forever to find ppl even on tf2
NarooN  +   570d ago
I hope so. I don't feel like buying a PS4 just yet, would be very convenient to have T7 on PC, especially considering other Namco games are on Steam, T7 is on Unreal Engine 4 which would make a PC version no problem, and lots of other modern fighters are on Steam as well.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   570d ago
PlayStation is the best place to play Tekken where most of the best players are at. I don't see PC gamers getting into Tekken.
Somebody  +   570d ago
Street Fighter 4 was released on the PC and ever since then PC gamers are still receiving the same updates and other releases, including Street Fighters X Tekken, as console gamers. Why would Capcom kept releasing their games on the PC if there are no interest from PC gamers?
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FlameHawk  +   570d ago
What does Capcom have to this? Tekken is published by Namco Bandai.
Somebody  +   570d ago
Capcom was just an example of how a fighting game can flourish on the PC. King of Fighters and Mortal Kombat are also doing well in the PC gaming scene so Namco could perceived it as a good indicator to branch out to new platforms.

I might be mistaken but being an exclusive to one particular platform might not the best thing for a fighting game these days.
LightDiego  +   570d ago
Just another site trying to get a PC version, gaming journalism as it best. Now every game should have a pc version?
If a console gamer asks for a console version, it's wrong, hipocrisy at its best.
tee_bag242  +   570d ago
Nice try but we're talking about arcade games here. Born in the arcades, timed exclusives to coin-op. Typical fanboy having no idea about the world of gaming beyond his chrismas present.
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NarooN  +   570d ago
Funny that you try to pull the "PC Master Race" card, when in reality, as tee_bag said, all of the Tekken games release in ARCADES first. And Harada is a noted PC gamer and has expressed interest in bringing the series to Steam for some time now.
Broburger  +   570d ago
I hope so
DCfan  +   570d ago
"Masta race" is begging for a port as usual.
So much for being superior.
Somebody  +   570d ago
Yes, it does look pathetic that the "Masta race" is begging for games but I sense fear in comments like yours.

If the "Masta race" kept getting games that they are begging for then that would mean there's a possibility that they can get other console exclusives. Does it matter if they look pathetic in begging if in the end they are able to play the same games as console gamers do?

Even the makers of The Division and Destiny challenged PC gamers to beg for their games to come to the PC. That means they want their games to come to the PC but they are held back by publishers.
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DCfan  +   570d ago
I don't care if it gets ported.
What pisses me off is how pc gamers keep dissing consoles yet you guys want consoles games. I thought you guys could play every game in 10000p and 500fps and consoles could do half that.
Plus, i don't see EVO using PC for fighting games.
Somebody  +   570d ago
We want games, is that wrong? Console fans love to point out the PC was only good for MMOs and indie games and yet now those two game types are among the top hottest items for next gen consoles.

Console gamers get Battlefield, Diablo 3 and The Witcher 2 & 3 so why can't PC gamers get some console ports, too?

Yes, PC gamers do disses the consoles but only from the technical level. There's nothing wrong the games themselves but we would like to see those games to be optimized greatly for the PC version. They view consoles in a bad light but not the games. Don't you want a PC game ported to the consoles to be optimized for the targeted platform?
d3nworth1  +   570d ago
PC elitist diss the console, the games and the people who play on them. They can diss the games and console all they want. Those thing s have no feelings but calling people peasant just because what they chose to play video games on is idiotic. Whats worse is calling themselves the "Master Race" a title involved the slaughter of innocent people just because another group of people deemed the inferior. That attitude has earn the alot of deserved hate.
tee_bag242  +   570d ago
Yeah, you can smell the fear on this one. 95% of games are muiltplatform this gen and is leaving him little bragging rights.
Heck, even Destiny looks like it might be coming to PC after all this hype. Honestly, there's not much left for consoles to gloat about thus far
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NarooN  +   570d ago
Don't be ridiculous. You're throwing a tantrum because PC gamers want more games? Why would you be happy that the game gets released on LESS platforms, therefore generating even less revenue than it potentially could? Fighting games enjoyed a boom a few years ago when Tekken 6, Street Fighter IV and a few other titles came back, but has steadily declined since then. It's mostly just the hardcore/faithful fans that play them now. There's no reason for them to not try to bring the game to a platform that would be more than willing to embrace it.

Your rant is based on the logical fallacy that since the worst batch of PC gamers, the elitist "Masta Race" types are the most vocal of us, that they therefore are the majority. This is untrue, and most PC gamers don't share that mindset at all. A lot of PC gamers DO get annoyed at console-only guys who take it upon themselves to troll PC guys with uneducated dribble, so they usually fire back with the usual "console peasant" diatribe and so forth.

Basically, the internet will be the internet, but don't confuse the worst and most vocal minority of a demographic to somehow be the majority, as that is rarely ever actually the case in practice.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   570d ago
Yes it should be on PC too and why not the more people get to play it the better.
tee_bag242  +   570d ago
You'd think people would be happy their favorite games flourished.
Somebody  +   570d ago
I'm a PC gamer and I'm happy that The Witcher franchise reached a wider audience and have grown bigger without offending or leaving out anyone.
ShonenFight  +   570d ago
It'll come to PC,in it's available to pre-order for PC so there will be a PC version

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OfficerDewey  +   570d ago
Field of dreams theory, " if you build it, they'll come" So if people want it. They might.. But i highly doubt it. PC's are so random, compared to a consoles unified hardware. Namco rarely dives in. Too many problems be bound to happen. Namco would flip!! Seriously.
TardcoreGamer  +   570d ago
It will come to PC. Publishers, especially Japanese publishers are beginning to realize the market potential of PC via Steam. The Dark Souls series has flourished on Steam. So has Street Fighter. Kojima himself brought the Metal Gear franchise back over. As a matter of fact Metal Gear Rising is on Steams' weekend deal right now for $15. Tekken 7 will definitely come to PC.
GTXZME  +   570d ago
Woah O_O that war
Jiiiiiiin  +   570d ago
Yeah and for ios too
--bienio--  +   570d ago
We never know maybe😉
MegaRay  +   569d ago
Ill get it on consoles but if there's cool mods then ill get the pc version too :)

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