Naruto Storm Revolution: Tobirama and Hiruzen Show Their Skills

The reanimated Second Hokage and Third Hokage in a new scan.

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1557d ago
pompombrum1557d ago


Seriously? Really? That's so ridiculously lame that I've spent the last five minutes thinking of a suitable response but there is no words (maybe you can help me out seeing as you're such a budding wordsmith) that I can use to express just how unbelievably lame that word is.

pompombrum1557d ago

9th September I believe for US, 12th for UK.

Jiiiiiiin1557d ago

Thanks for replaying
Waiting 4 the game..

tayz1557d ago

sept 16 US, sept 12 UK

Jiiiiiiin1557d ago

Yeah tayz .. u're right 16 us.. 12 uk
aiBreeze was wrong with us release

pompombrum1557d ago

Yeah my bad, I'm from the UK and it says 12th so figured you'd be getting it the Tuesday before as per usual, it's extremely rare for UK to get games before the US.

Ripsta7th1557d ago

I want this on next gen ASAP