Destiny BETA Crucible Gameplay – Destroy Your Frenemies

GOS: "Destiny’s Crucible multiplayer mode is fast, addicting, and fun. Competing against other Guardians for glory will definitely give you more reasons to log back into Destiny.

Enjoy some action-packed beta footage of The Moon: First Light and Venus: Shores of Time maps."

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TheFallenAngel1614d ago

I have a spare beta code but for ps3. CLG6-KNN9-TPG4 enjoy

LAWSON721613d ago

Nothing wrong with that the PS3 version is solid.

Fiestabrian1614d ago

And I as well.
Voucher Code for PS4: 2F3K-DJNN-J69C
Voucher Code for PS3: E82G-9BNF-J4A7

justlikeme1614d ago

Voucher Code for PS4: 2F3K-DJNN-J69C

Used that one thanks!

Paul_JC1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I've got 2 more codes as well:
Voucher Code for PS4: RAC9-J8N2-M6CH
Voucher Code for PS3: RPP7-9FNR-GGHF

And I also have another PS4 code for the person that can tell me how to fix error CE 34878-0 for PS4. I can't play Destiny long enough to finish the strike mission because it keeps crashing, and I've looked for a solution but couldn't find one that worked... :( For me the alpha seemed more stable than the beta :S

Alexander1Nevermind1613d ago

Voucher Code for PS4: 5D5F-6LNT-Q9F8

Mokastro1614d ago

And More PS3: D7GD-A5NE-8KRG


Elvfam5111614d ago

Thanks man. Hopefully I can snatch the Destiny Ps4 bundle

iDadio1614d ago

Very nice of you guys and I urge anyone who has not got it to give it a whirl, the full beta has impressed me. The story/pve is great fun with friends and the PVP is pretty solid and fun.

edqe1614d ago

Looks very generic shooter. What are the reasons gamers should get excited about this game?

Elvfam5111614d ago

Looks great honestly and plus its Bungie too even though I didn't like Halo 3 as much.

The Meerkat1614d ago

It does look generic but it feels very much like Halo crossed with Mass Effect 3 MP.

I was like meh, meh, meh, hmmm, oh, nice, wow, yeah, more , more, more!

DARK WITNESS1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

It's about as generic as your comment

A lot of gamers are already excited about it now that they have actually played it, so maybe you should give it a try and you will see why...

Don't have a beta code? Ask, I am sure there are still people posting them

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The story is too old to be commented.