New Super Mario Bros Origins on Nintendo DS

Carl Williams writes, "Remakes, hacks, fan works, whatever you want to call these types of reworks of games, they are sometimes quite cool. Take New Super Mario Bros Origins on the Nintendo 3DS which is based on the Nintendo DS title, New Super Mario Bros. Origins takes all of the levels from the original SMB game and then adds in the “Lost Levels” for even more coolness and puts them in one big game."

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WalterWJR915d ago

the gamer in the video is a platform master lol

3-4-5915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

Yea that person is pretty good.

SM1 never looked better.

MidWestMoFo914d ago

Oh wow! I'd love to try this. Makes me wish that Nintendo would do an HD reboot of Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario World with completely reworked visuals. That would be pretty cool...