Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS screenshots

Check out a mix of new/old screenshots from the new Super Smash Bros.

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MSBAUSTX1523d ago

Man I am really looking forward to this game. i have been playing Brawl like crazy lately again to warm up for the new one. Now I am hooked on brawl again. Lol I cant stop making my own maps either. Gonna be sweet.

3-4-51522d ago

This game looks good in so many ways. I hope they leave in some surprises.

SpeedDemon1522d ago

I wonder what Kirby looks like when he sucks up Pac-Man. Pac-Man doesn't have much going for him other than his gloves and boots, Kirby is already wearing red shoes and the gloves would seem a bit out of place.

DiscoKid1522d ago

They have shown it in Pacman's reveal image gallery.

SpeedDemon1522d ago

Oh never saw that, he's kinda ugly actually.

jholden32491522d ago

Man this game needs to hurry up and release- I can't wait to play as Mega Man!

Smash and Mario Kart. Those two games alone will provide YEARS of entertainment.