IGN: The End of the World is Beautiful in The Last of Us: Remastered

IGN: At a recent New York City media event, Sony showcased 2013’s The Last of Us running right next to PlayStation 4's upcoming “Remastered” edition of the game. The result was, well, two visually-stunning titles playing side by side. Let’s face it, even on the comparatively underpowered PS3, Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic thriller is no slouch in the polygon-pushing department. Hell, you could surround it with beauty pageant contestants and it’d still look damn pretty. Still, the passionate team behind the PS4 port has managed to make one of last generation’s most retina-searing experiences look even better.

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Cindy-rella1612d ago

i can't wait for this game and my ps4

martinezjesus19931611d ago

I am so excited for this game!! Even though ive already platinumed it on ps3 i want to play it again on my ps4!Cant wait to get back into the awesome mulitplayer!

ipach1611d ago

man, those multiplayer trophies are daunting. how long did those take you?


Why have i not seen actual gameplay this close to release? anyone have a link to some gameplay?

Bathyj1611d ago

Methinks it's a marketing ploy to make you want it more. Think about it. Anticipation is at fever pitch for a year old game

mkis0071611d ago

Week and a half arggggg.

Can you imagine if they had held this game off of ps3?

ZodTheRipper1611d ago

Microsoft would've thrown the towel if this debuted on PS4 as a launch title :D

Who1611d ago

I enjoyed it on PS3, and I will do so again on PS4. Just hate seeing these articles that do nothing but tease us. :p

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