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Brutal Doom Will Leave You Speechless - 15 Minutes Of Gameplay Action From Its Latest Version

There is no doubt that the upcoming Doom game is inspired by Brutal Doom. Or at least its finishing moves are since Brutal Doom was the first to introduce them to id Software’s franchise (something that the team acknowledged and admired the moment it laid eyes on this mod). And today, modder ‘SGtMarkIV’ released a new video, showing off 15 minutes of gameplay footage from its latest upcoming version. (Doom, PC)

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HaveAsandwich  +   158d ago
one of the best mods i've played.
-Foxtrot  +   158d ago
I couldn't take my eyes off it.
tee_bag242  +   158d ago
Lol I was mezmorized too. Think I'm gonna have a look at his mod. Cant believe Id never heard of it.
problemchild84  +   158d ago
Wow, way to make a classic game even cooler!
AllAboutGaming  +   158d ago
Good luck topping this, Doom 4.
diesoft  +   158d ago
Seriously, brutal doom almost makes the original doom a whole new game, it's that good. SO glad it exists. If you haven't tried it, GET IT, you will love it!
Mr Tretton  +   158d ago
Will the mods work with Steam version?
Drive-By-Stabba  +   158d ago
Yes, I'm running Brutal Doom using the mod (obvs!) and the ultimate doom I have on steam.
Drive-By-Stabba  +   158d ago
This link will run you through install and setup... v20 is NOT out just yet though.

Mr Tretton  +   158d ago
solar  +   158d ago
no health regen. those were the days!
1886afc  +   158d ago
FUCK YEAH! good thing I bought doom 3 bfg this weekend for $5. Gonna check this out
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aLiEnViSiToR  +   158d ago
Dayum that was good !
Mr Tretton  +   158d ago
dammit I missed the sale!
Evildoomnerd  +   158d ago
Doomguy's expression in the lower left corner at 12:58 is PRICELESS!!!
SolidGear3  +   157d ago
Effing love it!!!!
MrDead  +   157d ago
The mod community for this game is fantastic

Here is an awesome mod site that I joined after hearing high praise from John Romero

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