Fable: The Lost Chapters Retrospective Review

Continue Play: "In many ways, Fable: The Lost Chapters is a game built upon crushingly huge amounts of potential, and it shows. As it is, it’s a vibrant, lively, wonderful world of eccentricities and witticisms and people puking from too much alcohol. But it’s a game with the chance to be much more than that, and we’re not talking about oak trees growing in real time or everything changing to the world around you. No, we’re talking about the game’s willingness to play around with Monomythic tropes without ever challenging them."

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AllAboutGaming1607d ago

The first Fable is still the best. All the other ones are pretty bad. The newest Fable looks horrible, especially without the guidance of Molyneux.

jyang1607d ago

I think Fable 2, separated from its Fable predecessor, is a pretty good game. I'm not totally sure where it really stands in the hierarchy of Fable games, but I guess that'll have to be a future retrospective.

TheOnlyMastrx1607d ago

Loved it so much I had to get the HD remake, just as amazing the 3rd or 4th time through.

jyang1607d ago

How was the animation? I watched a few videos and the animations seemed as stilted as the original 2004-2005 graphics did. It didn't seem like they updated it as well as they could have, but then again I didn't play the anniversary edition. Was the experience good?

TheOnlyMastrx1606d ago

Probably could have been updated better as you said, and it was a bit glitchy when walking around, you might see what I mean by that in videos, but it was fun, and the achievements were cleverly named. Overall a good experience, the first was always the best.