Nvidia extends SHIELD family with SHIELD Tablet and Wireless Controller

In January, NVIDIA announced its new mobile processor called Tegra K1. It is the first SoC to include a full cluster of 192 CUDA cores bringing incredible graphics performance to mobile market.

On July 22nd NVIDIA will announce its own device, called SHIELD Tablet. It will be accompanied by wireless controller designed specifically for NVIDIA SHIELD family, meaning you will be able to control either SHIELD tablet or SHIELD console.

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JBSleek1608d ago

Damn!! I want it so bad I can't wait to pick this up. I have been waiting for a K1 tablet. This is good. Gen 7 graphics on a tablet sounds so good.

ABizzel11606d ago

Here's hoping, I've been campaigning Tegra K1 for the longest, but I have my doubts of some of the secrecies that NVIDIA have yet to reveal.

The steps they've taken to get that level of performance on that chip is what I really want to know. Performance wise it's right on par with their own GT 630m, and almost pound for pound identical with the only major difference being minor cutbacks in performance and 8TMUs (K1) instead of 16TMUs (630m), but 192 shading core (K1) vs 96 shading cores (630m). Basically means they cut the TMUs in half, but doubled the shading cores.

But the 630m is a 33w GPU, while Tegra K1 is a 5w....basically APU. It's possible that the recent GT line of NVIDIA mobile GPUs have been the results of preparing for Tegra K1, but I doubt it.

I read somewhere that NVIDIA had to remove unnecessary data chains, as well as necessary ones, to prevent performance leakage, and some code has to be converted on a bi-linear read which in theory could cut real world performance in half (though that's an extreme situation). They've also conveniently neglected to mention what resolution their tech demos were running at and what clock speeds the K1 was running at to get console level gaming performance, and if those same clocks would be suitable for a tablet or smartphone device (clocks are rumored to be 900 MHz, for tablet devices).

When there's that much secrecy involved generally speaking something's not completely right with the situation, and benchmarks based on leaked products have been much better than anything commonly used in the mobile market (GPU wise), but it hasn't been the thrashing the competition as you would expect something NVIDIA claims to be superior to the PS360 (although they conveniently forgot to include that the K1 has lower Texture Gtexel/s, and Memory Bandwidth than the PS360).

Take these specs with a grain of salt, and even my concerns, but it looks like we'll know soon just how good this chip is. Hope for the best, but prepare for a bit of overhype. The good news is even at it's worse Tegra K1 should still be on par performance-wise with early PS360 games if developers take the time out to actually make good content for it.

KonsoruMasuta1606d ago

Sometimes I really forget that the shield is a thing.

Software_Lover1606d ago

Microsoft needs to come out with an Bone app. Stream your X bone games to any windows pc or tablet within your home network.

I know if steam does it they can do it. I would love to stream X bone games on my device.

MGRogue20171606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

I've already got an NVIDIA Shield.. but I'll be getting myself one of these Shield tablets, for sure :) to replace my ageing PiPO M9 Pro android tablet.

Seems to be pretty powerful from the specs, very nice.

lemoncake1606d ago

The only thing I wish is that it had a controller clamp that it could fit into making it similar to the wii u gamepad.

ginsunuva1606d ago

Like the Razer gaming tablet (forgot name) or the Wikipad?

lemoncake1606d ago

aye like those, much more comfortable than propping up the tablet and playing with a standard gamepad.

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