It Was Obvious The Xbox Entertainment Studios Would Fail

One Angry Gamer "You may have heard about the recent layoffs at Microsoft. It wasn’t quite across the board but 18,000 people managed to lose their jobs, or 14% of their total work force is now out of work, as noted by IGN. But why? What happened? Well, a small portion of those jobs – a head count of 200, to be exact [via Recode] – were from out of the Xbox Entertainment Studios department, a subsidiary of the Xbox group division that was in charge of taking Xbox into tinsel town and cooking up a storm of original programming content; that didn’t work out."

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JBSleek1558d ago

Great idea with horrible execution.

I also don't like the terms hardcore and casual because no one really knows what that means and everyone has their own interpretation of what hardcore gamers are.

I don't think we should segregate each other. If you play games no matter how much or what platform you are a gamer.

Abash1557d ago

"It Was Obvious The Xbox Entertainment Studios Would Fail"

You'd be surprised how many fails when designing the Xbox One were obvious to everyone but Microsoft.

CaptainObvious8781557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Hence, the position they're in right now.

They have millions to hire a world class research team. You'd think that team would be competent enough to come to the very obvious conclusion that people didn't like their policies. The #DealWithIt should have been the first clue.

guitarded771557d ago

Okay, question (since I never used the service). Was Microsoft original programming only available on the gaming consoles, or was it available on all MS devices like PC's and phones?

Bill_Willson_CIA1557d ago

Although the meaning of Hardcore is subjective,internet gamming community have its own idea of hardcore.

It's almost a common sense.


a person who plays videogame alot and plays different genres/games(if you only play COD,BF,GTA your not a hardcore doesnt matter how good you are).The person need to prefer Single player story-driven games than multiplayer games.(if you not then your are a dudebro or a casual)

NOTE: This is not my opinion, it's the common sense of the internet community.

Think about it.How many time do you see people calling COD players hardcore? now how many times do you see people calling SP gamers Hardcore?

GrandpaSnake1557d ago

i have to kinda up their near my thirties to be exact, been around gaming for a long time, for me and my friends a hardcore gamer is just someone who spends a lot of time on a game/games. It didnt matter how many you played if you only played about a hour a day if that.
imo a casual gamer is someone who actually plays less than a hour a day maybe a bit more and it can be any game really, they are also random maybe they only play a hour one week, then a couple and if they really get into the game it turns into more serious gaming because its consuming a large part of your day. then they turn hardcore.

Spotie1557d ago

Casual means exactly what it means: casual. They have a casual interest in gaming.

A hardcore gamer just plays something a lot. Call of Duty, FIFA, Farmville. I'm a hardcore jrpg player (playing Tales of the Abyss as I write this). Hardcore isn't the opposite of casual.

The opposite is core. People in this site count as core gamers. We give a shit about the industry. We tend to invest more time and resources into gaming than casuals, though perhaps not as much as someone who plays any given game hardcore.

Honestly, it's pretty self-explanatory.

It's not segregation so much as distinction. And in this, it's important because the industry needs to understand what the core is, and that it's the core that drives the industry. It's perfectly fine to cater to casuals. Just not at the exclusion of the core gamers who don't just come and go with whatever's popular at the time.

iamnsuperman1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

I think it has little to do with perceived market position of their product and more to do with the realisation how stupid the move would be. They were essentially going to make shows (financed somehow) for a $400/$500 machine. There isn't much logic behind this unless they were going to charge for it (which would piss people off since the consumer is already paying for a subscription). It is a reason why I feel Sony should abandon the idea and instead look to get their own programmes (which they already make) on Playstation Plus (you could give half a season or a couple of episodes away for free)

Both of these companies think they are Netflix but Netflix is platform agnostic which works in its favour as people pay to use Netflix on a product they already own and use

WilliamUsher1558d ago

"Both of these companies think they are Netflix but Netflix is platform agnostic which works in its favour as people pay to use Netflix on a product they already own and use"

Exactly this.

Netflix has no allegiance; they don't cater to fanboys -- and as much as anyone would like to deny it, MS, Sony and Nintendo MUST cater to the fanboys if they want to maintain some form of market strength when they bring new products to consumers.

What could Microsoft possibly do that would appeal to the broad audience out there when majority of their content being consumed would be from their fanboy audience? You can't have content-agnostic material when it's not going to appeal to the people who have the console, unless the console already breached the mainstream market (in which case neither MS or Sony have hit that market yet with the PS4 or XB1).

The concept wasn't bad but they really seemed to have no idea how the entertainment market works outside of the products they currently offer (and even then it can be argued that they were way off base with what they perceived the market wanted out of the original Xbox One policies).

AngelicIceDiamond1557d ago

Imo MS could at least given it a chance. They're just trying to differentiate themselves with extra incentive like exclusive TV programming.

Netflix, Hulu, Amzon Prime and HBO Go are all doing it with exclusive shows.

But at the end of the day the only thing that really matters on a game console is, well, games.

That's why people buy these consoles in the first place.

lameguy1557d ago

If anything, it would be Netflix or Hulu approaching Sony/Microsoft to create content for them.

To Netflix and Hulu, they would just be another 3rd party provider of content BUT it would give them a leg up on any securing even more eyeballs from the gamer audience for the services and hence ads. E.g. whatever they had cooking for Halo would end up Netflix/Hulu exclusive.

For whatever they've been doing up until this point, perhaps MS will just sell the content right to them outright?

Darkstares1557d ago

I agree, having premium content on the Xbox limits its availability. Netflix is everywhere. Perhaps if they had some sort of Windows app for cellphones, the Xbox and the PC they could get the content out there but who would pay for it?

uth111557d ago

I'm thinking the logic is if you make must watch shows (like House of Cards) then you can force people to buy your hardware to watch it.

That's hard to swallow at $4/500 though.

Sony might have better luck doing this with playstation TV at $100. But still. Sony's already in the TV content buisiness. If they want to hedge on digital distribution, it might work better if they partnered with Amazon or something.

dcbronco1557d ago

You're wrong and hears why. First, Xbox already has a bigger subscriber count than any cable company and I believe bigger than Netflix. Two, their programming would have been geared towards the very group advertisers crave. Three, any thing they made that became a hit could be packaged and sold to the general public or to other networks. I believe there was already a deal in place for Halo on ShowTime. Not having an allegiance to anyone is irrelevant. You just have to have enough potential viewers. Live give them more than enough. Walking Dead is considered a huge hit. But it's audience size doesn't compare to the size of an audience during the 80's. TV has splintered. Netflix wasn't Netflix until 18 months ago. Before Season one of House of Cards, Netflix was struggling to survive after being slowly strangled by content holders looking to take it's place. Now they can't touch it. Its making money now. And growing. So much so that the telecoms are blackmailing Netflix. I can walk into a store and buy HoC today. No reason why Microsoft couldn't have done the same thing.

HacSawJimThugin1557d ago

And what a show HOC, Orange is the new Black...beast. I'm going to give Hemlock Grove another go didn't compel me like the others. Good post sir.

dcbronco1557d ago

Had ignore those disagrees. There are a huge number of children on this site. Coupled with a lot of adults that only read news about games. They have no clue about anything outside of release dates. Or they are so blinded by hate that reality ceased to exist for them anymore. They're like the American tea party.

Godmars2901557d ago

" It is a reason why I feel Sony should abandon the idea and instead look to get their own programmes"

Except Sony's doing it as much for their TVs as the PS brand. They likely will be offering it on iOS.

While the thing about Netflix to remember, which was pointed out long ago, is that use to be Xbox exclusive. That MS maneuvered the deal, had it all to themselves on consoles, only to piss away the advantage because it was put behind a paywall. Once it became available on the PS3 with only its own subscription to worry about, that became the most popular way to use Netflix for a while. Even over PC.

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DanielGearSolid1558d ago

Shut your 20/20 hindsight ass up

(finally! been waiting to use that sentence effectively for yrs!)

ArtificiallyYours1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

In reality, Microsoft's Xbox services needed to go back to their 2004-2006 days, when getting a Live subscription was less hassle and bloat.

I don't want to be told how awesome the super bowl was, if I paid to play Halo online...

BX811557d ago

Lmao, you never go full Hollywood.

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