Destiny is the Premier Online Shooter for this Generation

I know it’s only a Beta. We’ve only received a small piece of the pie but it’s so reassuring that I wouldn’t be surprised if pre-orders take a dramatic hike between now and the end of August.

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JBSleek1614d ago

You make that determination despite:

1. It actually coming out yet.
2. It only being eight months in the generation so far.
3. Tough competition from CoD, Rainbow 6, Halo, Evolve, Battlefield says this competition is wide open.

But I'm loving this Beta nonetheless and this generation is going to have some really great shooters.

Dualshockers_Carlos1614d ago

It's polished as hell, the game when it launches will be even better.

Soldierone1614d ago

Rainbow Six won't be for a while. COD is COD. Halo is a ways out. Battlefield Hardline is just a BF4 expansion pack and nothing more.

When a BETA is competing with finalized games, you can only assume the final game is going to be amazing.

Game0N1614d ago

you sir, win the comments.

JBSleek1614d ago

I'm reserved to call this game amazing but I understand your point. This game is getting much hype and I'm not saying that isn't good but that same thing happened with Watch Dogs.

People get super excited their expectations are too high and they get disappointed. Not saying the same will happen with Destiny but I tend to not hype games too early.

VaporCell1614d ago

Tbh this beta feels lika finished game performance and glitch wise, which is the opposite of bf4 release like it or not.

gamertk4211614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

My exact thoughts. We haven't even reached a full year of the generation (sorry Ninty), and this will be the best, huh? I hope not. I'd like to think that something that hasn't even been announced yet will come along and blow us away further in the cycle.

Or Halo 5.

TGF_Carlitos1614d ago

why halo 5? last time i checked halo 4 wasn't anything special

TGF_Zero1614d ago

Beta capped at level 8 but im having a huge blast with it. Don't know if its a day one for me, have to see what else they do with this game

RichardDawkins1614d ago

The max cap for the full game, from what i've read, is level 20.. I'd expect Bungie to raise it as the years go on considering it's planned to be supported for a decade...

TGF_Zero1614d ago

Seriously? but is it level 20 with tiers? That seems awfully short, what is gonna keep us from going elsewhere?

TRD4L1fe1614d ago

The cap is 20 but you can continue to lvl up with things called motes of light

TGF_Carlitos1614d ago

I wish the character customization was deeper but the models look fantastic, especially the female models ;)

Def picking this baby up, i even like the crucible part

LAWSON721614d ago

I am loving but I really wish it was 60 fps. I would rather have 720p then 1080p in competitive shooter (primarily this genre for me at least) if it means 60 fps.

Game0N1614d ago

That would have been icing on the cake but its still so gorgeous

LAWSON721614d ago

I am playing on PS3 until Xbone beta and it does not look bad just blurry and jaggy. I just wish it was 60 fps.

1614d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.