Global Console Sales Up YoY in June, Watch Dogs and Mario Kart 8 Top the Charts

"It has been eight months since the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 has claimed the top spot in the home console race, ahead of the Xbox One and Wii U. In June there was more than 500,000 PlayStation 4's sold, compared with 349,188 Wii U's and 299,560 Xbox One's.

For the video game industry as a whole console and handheld sales were up in June, when compared to June 2013. In total, there were 2.44 million pieces of hardware sold, which is up from 2.36 million a year. If it weren't for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, hardware sales would be much lower at 1.63 million units."

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XiSasukeUchiha1583d ago

PS4 is just dominates chart everywhere, their all surrounding PS4's greatness!

trunkswd1583d ago

Yeah, Sony has done everything right with the PS4.

wonderfulmonkeyman1583d ago

No native bc and using psnow as a rent-only service on top of not maintaining free online multiplayer.
That's hardly doing everything right.
Better to say that they did MOST things right.
Sales prove that much, at least.

Spotie1583d ago

@monkey: Yes, let's raise the price of the console a few hundred bucks for native backward compatibility. Because everybody loved the high price, and frequently used the feature on the last console.

Oh, wait...

PS Now is a rental service. Get over it. I imagine you'd be saying no such thing if Nintendo had a similar program; fortunately for you, the Wii U is enough like the Wii that they could do emulation at little cost, and the Wii itself is ridiculously cheap since Nintendo abandoned it years ago.

randomass1711582d ago

@Spotie PS4 is an amazing console. It's powerful, it has great games and it's not even too pricey. But PS Now's prices are widely considered to be a low point. So it shows that Sony is not perfect, but I think they will improve upon it. Also the Wii U's OS behaves pretty differently from Wii. I would say its infastructure is closer to 3DS than Wii. I read it does not emulate Wii but rather has Wii tech inside of it that acts as an additional Wii console in the system but without GCN support.

trunkswd1582d ago

@randomass171: All 3 of the consoles have some problems. However, nowadays they will all be able to fix a lot of the problems with patches. The OS on the Xbox 360 now, is very different from the blades that it launched with.

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Gamer7771583d ago

He(or them) is first again.

MysticStrummer1583d ago

Let it go.

Or don't. I find people's reactions to Sasuke much more entertaining than Sasuke himself.

trunkswd1582d ago

This person comment first on everything?

Jaqen_Hghar1583d ago

Soon our numbers will blot out the sun! Seriously though WiiU-PS4 combo is the best a man just got WiiU and he is feeling NO Summer gaming drought

trunkswd1582d ago

Sales are good, especially compared to Wii U and Xbox One. However, it is not keeping up with pace of the Wii in its peak.

Jaqen_Hghar1582d ago

Wii had a strange sales pattern. Its peak years (the first 3 which is weird in itself) were well above PS1 and even PS2 yet it won't outsell either. Playstation consoles last longer hell PS3 is gonna reach 90m and look how far it tracked behind Wii at one point.

corroios1583d ago

More then half a million in a month.... yes, they are really slowing down... lol.

trunkswd1582d ago

500,000 for the summer is impressive. Only the Wii did better in its peak years.