The Last of Us PS4 Devs Say Dynamic Resolution wouldn't Work; GFX Coders "Freak Out" then Succeed

Naughty Dog developers explain why dynamic resolution wouldn't work with the game, and how ND's game are made.

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XiSasukeUchiha1614d ago

Oh damn ND's secret, be careful copiers are just waiting.

Lionalliance1614d ago

Seriously, how the hell are you always first?

brich2331614d ago

He probably comments when the articles are Pending.

windwardmist1614d ago

I don't know man I wish I knew how he does it. He must sit and refresh the front page over and over again haha.

dcj05241614d ago

He's actually not always first. There are many articles that have him 2nd or not at all.

And now you know.

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1614d ago
UNKLE1614d ago

Why the fuck this ps4 version TLOU have every week new idiot dev article? Naughty dog is getting irritating with their idiot 60fps blblablablabla and resolution blbalblabla
what about making new ip with great gameplay hmmm? naughty dog?

Majin-vegeta1614d ago

Bla bla dont like it dont read it bla bla.

MegaRay1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Haha, wait until U4 is about to release. ..

Inception1614d ago

"what about making new ip with great gameplay"

The Last of US IS the new IP and it has great gameplay. Get with the time dude!

dcj05241614d ago

Nope, this is a remake of new IP so it can't be a new IP. He means an actual new IP, not a remaster of a new IP. Just saying.

CernaML1614d ago

Shouldnt you be in summer school?

ltachiUchiha1614d ago

For your information TLOU is a new ip & was 2013 GOTY so please go cry a river to Justin Timberlake. Thanx.

Qrphe1614d ago

TLoU has greatplay son

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