Amiibo Isn’t What Nintendo, Or The Wii U Needs

Gamers-Association: "Last E3 Nintendo caught a lot of people’s attention when their Amiibo figures were officially unveiled. It seemed like Nintendo fans everywhere (myself included) were ready to throw all the money at these little figurines. Even if we aren’t even 100% sure what they do yet.

The NFC (Near Field Communication) craze is going full force right now. Skylanders is still going strong, and newcomer Disney Infinity is also selling quite well. Not to mention the fact that Disney Infinity is about to start having Marvel characters! This is all coming together and leading me to think Amiibo can’t possibly be a success of the level of the already existing NFC IPs."

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DryBoneKoopa851610d ago

Well I for one know I'm buying all the figures. A bunch of my friends say they plan on picking them up as well. For me Skylanders have run their course. Disney Infinity was NOT what my wife and I thought it was going to be. So that was a let down.

I also find more value in the Amiibo figures considering they work in more then one game. Where's Skylanders none of the new figures work with the older versions.

I think Nintendo has a good idea with their figures and Nintendo (IMO) has done a very good job of not ripping their fan base/the consumer off.

Also to say already that Nintendo's Amiibo's are not what the Wii U needs is a little premature. I say let them come out and let the consumer/fan base decide the fate of the figures.

Chrischi19881609d ago

I hate such articles...

Just because it is not something, what the seemingly "hardcore gamer" thinks is not needed to save the Wii U, doesnt mean they are not allowed to at least try something fresh. Sometimes I believe gamers think they are tooo important...

Many like the term hardcore gamer, I myself feel offended by it.

Geekman1609d ago

And people like this who buy every figure is what Nintendo planned for, bringing a crap ton of cash to fund more projects.

This IS what Nintendo needs. People need to stop acting like they know everything when it comes to Nintendo.

Shnazzyone1608d ago

I don't know if they are what they need but they certainly won't hurt... I want that samus, link, kirby, starfox and maybe kid icarus. I know I will at least be buying.

randomass1711610d ago

It can make Nintendo a lot of money and add more functionality and even advertising to their games. Think of buying the Marth figure for Smash Bros. and then Nintendo sends a message to your Wii U saying that you can use it in Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem. Amiibo can do a lot of good for the company if handled in a smart way.

weekev151610d ago

Amiibo isnt what Nintendo needs..... Do Nintendo not need money? Amiibo will print cash for them.

Chrono1609d ago

The fanboys are responsible for the financial needs of the corporate?

KonsoruMasuta1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

That is an incredibly dumb question, even for you.

Fans are what give these companies their money. In a nutshell, yes, fanboys are actually responsible.

It's the fans that give these companies their revenue and their popularity. Without fans buying their products, these companies wouldn't be able to keep afloat.

It's a simple equation.

If you like what a company is doing, support them. In return, they will keep giving you services.

weekev151609d ago

Its not just the fanboys, it's people in general. There is a trend for NFC figurines making money, they will be have a large profit margin given that the cost of plastic and a wee chip inside them won't cost much, there isn't really a whole lot of development involved and they can sell them at a comparitively high price.

The financial needs of the corporate are what drives market trends, someone does something to disrupt the market, so another company will copy to get a slice of the pie. Nintendo is merely responding to market trends to make some extra cash and doing it in a way that I believe is great for gamers as they aren't single use throwaway figurines, you'll be able to use them on multiple games in very different ways.

-Foxtrot1609d ago

It's basically Nintendo jumping on the Skylanders/Disney Infinity bandwagon, at the end of the day they are just silly little gimmicks.

They'll make you want to buy them all then after a while they'll come out with new models of the same characters but in different poses.

How people get sucked into things like this is beyond me

Blackleg-sanji1609d ago

Foxtrot I just wanna examine ur brain u so negative all the time lol

weekev151609d ago

Yes they are jumping on the bandwagon but yes I reallly want them. I dont feel like im bein sucked in, its a cool concept, I like collecting things and I like what Nintendo is doing with them.

DiscoKid1609d ago

I embrace it. Not my type of thing, but if Skylanders' success taught us anything, there is a strong market for it.

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