'Assassin’s Creed: Unity' aims to be historically accurate according to Ubisoft

According to Ubisoft, Assassin’s Creed Unity will be a faithful recreation of events that actually occurred, or at least as faithful as you can get in a video game. The latest installment in the series is set during the French Revolution, which took place between 1789-1799.

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iamnsuperman1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

I hope so. I haven't play AC4 yet but AC3 played it fast and loose with historical accuracy

Metallox1608d ago

The story of Black Flag did not even try to relate to specific historical events, despite the occasional presence of real characters.

Glad to hear this news about Unity.

NewMonday1608d ago

would rather they make sure it's fun and the story compelling and characters intriguing and stop the copy paste mission spam Ubisoft is using to bloat their games.

Eamon1607d ago

They did. There were plenty of "historical moments" in Black Flag. The difference between AC4 and others is that the overall plot was much more focused on Edward Kenway and his story.

If anything, I was disappointed that AC4 hardly focused on Assassins vs. Templars.

But it was still a lot better than the boring story of AC3.

DragonKnight1607d ago

Ubisoft is founded in France, they definitely want to go for historical accuracy with what will likely be their favorite title of the series.

Magicite1607d ago

All of the AC games have certain historical accuracy with added assassin/tamplier ''facts'' from Ubisoft.

iDadio1607d ago

Not really sure just how many people are brushed up with the French Revolution, they could claim historical accuracy and I wouldnt know if that was complete BS without checking online

Hellsvacancy1607d ago

I'm not clued up on the French Revolution

I also didn't know the story of Noah until after watching the film, man Noah was a baaaaaaaaaad dude

(do I have to point out sarcasm, not about the FR)

Steptoe1607d ago

Hey Ubi! How about making it historically fun.

pedrami911607d ago

Sounds utterly boring Ubisoft.

Games are fantasy, it's something we can't do in real life. Like superpowers or being able to jump on the heads small angry mushrooms with legs.

These days for major video game devs, it's mostly about looks, historically accurate and realism.

I buy games being able to do the things i can't peform irl, not so that i can just sit their and listen to how "historically accurate" it is.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1607d ago

That why I go for Japanese games there more imaginative and creative.

skulz71607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

So you are saying every game has to be unrealistic if it is to be any good? Thats pathetic.

It is fun having games that are unrealistic like having super powers. Get infamous, spider man, prototype or any other powers game.

But it is also fun to have a game set in the past and have it historically accurate as none of us lived back then so it is interesting.

Stop complaining and buy the games you want to. If you don't want a game like this, don't buy it. But some people will enjoy this - those who like history.

Revengeance1607d ago

I'd love to see you perform a leap of faith irl and see you hurt yourself.

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