Hidden Unbeatable Enemies Found in Destiny Beta

Hardcore Gamer: We found an Easter Egg that could indicate what the full game's enemy hierarchy could contain upon release.

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GusBricker1528d ago

It was in the Alpha, too.

Eldyraen1528d ago

I ran into a second group of level ?? During the beta and had only found the one closer to initial spawn in Alpha. I'm not sure if there was a connecting tunnel or not as 2 huge armored level ?? disapproved of me spying on them. I forgot where they were though as just sort of found them on accident in an area I had apparently missed during Alpha.

Think it was down the tunnel that the Strike entrance (3 part waves--Hive vs Fallen) is but I don't remember them in Alpha which is strange. I could be wrong however.

XtraTrstrL1528d ago

Yup, I didn't even have to click the link to know what they were talking about. Those weird troll aliens with the giant club-wielding one, and you can't do a thing to their HP.

KwietStorm1528d ago

That's what I came here to say. I ran into some leader underground who one shotted me, so I said nope and never returned.

Paul_JC1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

What I didnt find in the Alpha that I found in the Beta was a Level ?? Fallen Dreg in some random cave haha

Ozmoses1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

check out my video.. after I die.. in the top right corner it says

18 Hallowed Acolyte
Blood of Oryx

Sevir1527d ago

Those were in the Alpha, I read the headline and new what was being discussed!

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Ozmoses1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Yeah this was in the alpha also... In the very very beginning part too.. at least the first time I found them. almost immediately from the insertion point on the "Cosmodrone" you can go down these stairs into a tunnel..

I found them randomly in the alpha and messed with them.. I went to the same place in the beta and there they were.

Didn't even mess with them.

Some were normal types like a Wizard and Acolytes with just ??.. but in another area I stumbled across a room full of Hallowed Knights that had yellow ??

it was crazy.

but I wouldn't call them hidden... we are simply not mean't to go that way...

ValKilmer1528d ago

I've dedicated my life to beating them.

I've been running up stairs and eating a lot of raw eggs.

Gh05t1528d ago

Que montage music...

"Your the best, around.... Nothings ever gonna get you down..."

Menkyo1528d ago

Nah its the eye of the tiger to the end of the fight......

Ripsta7th1528d ago

I went all the way to the top of a mountain and found a cave where theres a captain idk what but every shot he took was resisted . ran outta there as soon as i could

GusBricker1528d ago

The one where you have to double jump off the wing of a plane?

You can kill that guy. There's a chest up there, too.

Majin-vegeta1528d ago

If they have a ? on top of them it means you're level is too weak and your weapons wont do crap to them.

The_Sneauxman1528d ago

No. It means they are invincible. No matter your level you will only do 1 damage. It's the betas way of saying, "wrong way, kid"

millerj27401528d ago

I killed some lvl 11 fallen in the forgotten shore with my lvl 7 hunter earlier. When I went back to them with my lvl 4 titan they had ??. I wont presume to know for sure, but I think majin might be right. Its possible some of those enemies will always have that ?? Because of the Beta lvl cap.

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