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Hidden Unbeatable Enemies Found in Destiny Beta

Hardcore Gamer: We found an Easter Egg that could indicate what the full game's enemy hierarchy could contain upon release. (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

GusBricker  +   282d ago
It was in the Alpha, too.
Eldyraen  +   282d ago
I ran into a second group of level ?? During the beta and had only found the one closer to initial spawn in Alpha. I'm not sure if there was a connecting tunnel or not as 2 huge armored level ?? disapproved of me spying on them. I forgot where they were though as just sort of found them on accident in an area I had apparently missed during Alpha.

Think it was down the tunnel that the Strike entrance (3 part waves--Hive vs Fallen) is but I don't remember them in Alpha which is strange. I could be wrong however.
XtraTrstrL  +   282d ago
Yup, I didn't even have to click the link to know what they were talking about. Those weird troll aliens with the giant club-wielding one, and you can't do a thing to their HP.
KwietStorm  +   282d ago
That's what I came here to say. I ran into some leader underground who one shotted me, so I said nope and never returned.
Paul_JC  +   282d ago
What I didnt find in the Alpha that I found in the Beta was a Level ?? Fallen Dreg in some random cave haha
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Ozmoses  +   281d ago

check out my video.. after I die.. in the top right corner it says

18 Hallowed Acolyte
Blood of Oryx
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Sevir  +   281d ago
Those were in the Alpha, I read the headline and new what was being discussed!
Ozmoses  +   282d ago
Yeah this was in the alpha also... In the very very beginning part too.. at least the first time I found them. almost immediately from the insertion point on the "Cosmodrone" you can go down these stairs into a tunnel..

I found them randomly in the alpha and messed with them.. I went to the same place in the beta and there they were.

Didn't even mess with them.

Some were normal types like a Wizard and Acolytes with just ??.. but in another area I stumbled across a room full of Hallowed Knights that had yellow ??

it was crazy.

but I wouldn't call them hidden... we are simply not mean't to go that way...
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ValKilmer  +   282d ago
I've dedicated my life to beating them.

I've been running up stairs and eating a lot of raw eggs.
Gh05t  +   282d ago
Que montage music...

"Your the best, around.... Nothings ever gonna get you down..."
Menkyo  +   282d ago
Nah its the eye of the tiger to the end of the fight......
Ripsta7th  +   282d ago
I went all the way to the top of a mountain and found a cave where theres a captain idk what but every shot he took was resisted . ran outta there as soon as i could
GusBricker  +   282d ago
The one where you have to double jump off the wing of a plane?

You can kill that guy. There's a chest up there, too.
Majin-vegeta  +   282d ago
If they have a ? on top of them it means you're level is too weak and your weapons wont do crap to them.
The_Sneauxman  +   282d ago
No. It means they are invincible. No matter your level you will only do 1 damage. It's the betas way of saying, "wrong way, kid"
millerj2740  +   282d ago
I killed some lvl 11 fallen in the forgotten shore with my lvl 7 hunter earlier. When I went back to them with my lvl 4 titan they had ??. I wont presume to know for sure, but I think majin might be right. Its possible some of those enemies will always have that ?? Because of the Beta lvl cap.
Yeah I've ran into like 4 places with enemies with ?? marks on them, but yeah you can't beat them...yet. I bet they'll be part of the further unlocking more of the beta rumor but that's just my guess.
leemo19  +   281d ago
Its the same ??? enemies from the alpha, only this time you don't do 1 damage to them, it says resist all the time.
Kitt3ns  +   276d ago
Everyone to kill them they have to hit each other

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