Signs Of The Times - Crytek's Lead R&D Graphics Engineer Moves To id Software, Will Work On New Doom

Crytek has been facing major economic issues and since its staff has not been receiving payments these past months, a lot of it decided to move to other companies. The latest departure is one that surprised us - to say the least - as Tiago Sousa, Lead R&D Graphics Engineer at Crytek who worked on Far Cry and all Crysis games (including all variations of CRYENGINE) has left the company.

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XiSasukeUchiha1314d ago

Crytek is screwed offically, and Good luck at ID !

ritsuka6661313d ago

What a idiot comment... pff.

Snookies121314d ago

I hope Crytek doesn't go under... I mean, I'm not a big fan of them but it would suck to see them disappear.

On a happier note, Doom sounds like it's going to be amazing... Just pure old-school fun, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

Eonjay1314d ago

So... yeah; Crytek is dead.

johndoe112111314d ago

Yeah, I think that's it for crytek. Crysis 1 will always be one of my favorite PC games. Sorry it had to turn out this way.

Str8Chaos741313d ago

Yep, Crysis is one of my my favorite games also. It's really too bad what has happened to Crytek, so much potential to turn it around. What a waste.

Codey471314d ago

If Crytek die.... the PC platform will lose the most dedicated PC developers.

Tbph, they're the only major dev that actually care about the platform.

-Foxtrot1314d ago

They haven't been dedicated to the PC for years...

Str8Chaos741313d ago

I think that was what contributed to their downfall.

NarooN1314d ago

That's nonsense. Crysis 2 was clearly designed from the ground up to be a console-centric game, hence the constricted level design, move to another boring New York City backdrop (or as Crytek put it, "urban jungle", *rolls eyes*), Call of Duty-style multiplayer, amongst other things.

There are quite a few devs who care about PC as a platform. Stop talking nonsense.

IHassounah1314d ago

major dev ? CD Project Red is one of those that are major devs of the PC platform .

Vladplaya1314d ago

Riiiiight, Crysis 2 had no decent PC options till what months later? Crytek been shitting on PC since forever, which is probably one of the reasons why they are gonna go down.

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sorane1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )


Tbph you're nothing but a console troll that knows little to nothing about PC gaming. The word "Valve" proves your whole post wrong pretty easily.

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The story is too old to be commented.