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Submitted by thecastroregime 500d ago | video

How to Play FIFA in the Destiny Beta

Twinfinite: What's the best part about the Destiny beta? For sure this. (Culture, Destiny, PS3, PS4)

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user1439414  +   500d ago
Run and SLIDE by pressing the crouch button, me and my friends was doing this last night as well as doing funny dances. Its a whole lot of fun I love Destiny and cant wait for the full game.
SniperControl  +   500d ago
Where did the ball come from?

Amazing game, just hit level 6, loving every minute of it.
Rowdius_Maximus  +   500d ago
Laying by the stairs in main tower balcony area
Th3o  +   500d ago
What a "Just for hits" title. Instead of saying "How to play soccer/football in Destiny" they had to say Fifa lol...

Although the video is pretty funny and interesting, the title is a little misleading to say the least...
Nightfallen  +   500d ago
The title bothers me way more than it should. I agree.
neocores  +   500d ago
Yeah during the alpha this black soccer looking ball think came out of the ground we had a blast
leemo19  +   500d ago
There also a giant purple ball that appears sometimes as well.

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