Eventually Graphics Won't Matter

The “leap” in graphics from the PS3/60 era to the PS4/Xbox One generation is not a great one. Certain developers, like Quantic Dream, have pushed graphics so far that something like Beyond: Two Souls still looks like an impressive title even today, gameplay criticisms notwithstanding. Meanwhile, people play something like Watch_Dogs on new consoles and many people say “Well, it looks better, but not that much better.”

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Once we reach photorealism well I actually think it'll just make me crave more fantasy games as realism is not what I crave.
Anyways gameplay already matter more than graphics.
Many indie games show this fact and the mass popularity on minecraft shows gameplay is what matters.

I'll always prefer a cool art style vs realism

uth111611d ago

This was my thoughts exactly. Stylized graphics are the future, not photo-realism. This will be driven more by talent rather than resolution.

DougLord1611d ago

Gameplay has always mattered more than graphics. Go look at the classic greats and tell me you wouldn't rather play them than something Next Gen with a 30% meta score.

Matt6661611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Do you mean realism as in graphics being realistic, or game play realistic, as in that car acts a certain way and that gun acts a certain way etc.

Game play should defiantly come before graphics, but I would to see more games with game play realism

Magicite1611d ago

its time to make realistic physics, fully destructible world, ability to pass any obstacles and so on.

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SteamPowered1611d ago

I dont know about this theory. The first thing I do with any game on my PC is crank the settings to max. I mean, sure the game is playable, but I think its human nature to want more and push the limits.

Eldyraen1611d ago

True but the theory is sound as once it reaches a certain level more won't necessarily be better and just become distracting clutter.

I don't think we have reached that level yet or even close but graphics of today (especially the top tier games) have reached a point where I can't seriously complain about most of them anymore be they released on PC or Consoles (handhelds and mobile sure but they are catching up and handhelds are now much older tech wise than most mobile devices). There is still room for improvement of course but not near as much as there used to be. Most "weak points" are due to limitations such as physics (static props), true 100% dynamic lighting, etc which makes the world somewhat "fake" but doesn't distract much.
Devs though can do so much today where I don't notice it "most of the time".

Realism, once truely achievable, will become secondary however as there will still be a huge market for it but style and substance will begin to reemerge to balance things out. Think of it sort of like Art or Film as we can make anything look "real" given enough time, money, and talent but there are still huge markets for other styles than pure realism.

I still think we have a few generations of consoles to go though till then and even then scale of games can be expanded which may not be pure graphics related but fidelity wise will make huge advances.

Graphics at some point will be at a level where other aspects of the game will have to catch up for true progress to continue.

Clown_Syndr0me1611d ago

The graphics leap hasnt been that great, that much is true.
I guess the main differences we will see this generation will be to do with gameplay dynamics that werent possible last generations. Maybe more players, bigger worlds, shorter loading times, better physics...Im no expert but Im sure you get my drift.

I also agree with the comments above, often stylized graphics are better (depending on the game ofcourse). I want to see a proper cartoon game this gen, like The Simpsons Game or the Family Guy game that actually looks exactly like the cartoon! That would be cool.

SteamPowered1611d ago

South Park was pretty unreal. Plays just like an episode. Im not saying they broke the budget on animation, but it really adds to the game.

Clown_Syndr0me1611d ago

Oh yeah I forgot about that. That was awesome. I love cartoon games for some reason.

Genova841611d ago

I love that more and more games have either no loading screens or very short ones. Dark Souls is a good example of this.

I remember mortal kombat trilogy on psx took about 20 seconds to load a fight. Injustice on pc takes maybe 5 seconds.

And of course, gameplay is what keeps us engaged in the games we play. That's why I stopped playing the remake of Thief after 5 hours ...

uth111611d ago

Yes despite that the new gen is more powerful, the gain in graphics isn't that noticeable because it was pretty good to begin with. Yet some people want to take us to 4K gaming with faster and faster FPS. So that means you will need hardware that is 4X more powerful, 4X the memory, 4X as much data to load (hello long load times) for the same gameplay!

If you game from your living room sofa, you would not benefit much from 4K unless you had a huge TV.

I'd rather see those compute resources put into worlds that are more interactive, better physics,etc.

Genova841611d ago

Are you saying that you'd notice the better graphics on a smaller screen as opposed to a larger screen? Or are you saying 4K gaming is pointless unless you have a large tv?

uth111611d ago

I'm saying 4k is pointless unless you are really close or have a large screen. Or else your eyes cannot tell the difference (not my opinion, this has been demonstrated)

Genova841611d ago

Gotcha. I sit about 8 feet from my 60" tv. Thinking if it was 4K I'd be able to tell. Granted it's not 2 feet like a computer monitor would be ...

dcj05241611d ago

The graphics leap is small because the consoles are running PC hardware from mid-range 2012 PCs.

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DougLord1611d ago

The Xbone is 1,300 GFlops vs the 360 at 230. That's a 465% increase.

The PS4 is 1,800 GFlops, which is roughly 40% more than Xbone.

So the difference between the 360 and the Xbone is 12x GREATER than the difference between the Xbone and the PS4.

If the difference between last gen and this gen is not significant - then 1/12th of that is INSIGNIFICANT. Basically undetectable to the naked eye.

FlyingFoxy1611d ago

There are PC graphics cards just under 5 Tflops that aren't terribly expensive, and you most certainly can see the difference.

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