The Old Republic earned $165 million last year - report

Bioware's MMO remains strong, World of Warcraft still leading MMOs with subs by a wide margin

Star Wars: The Old Republic remains one of the top five subscription MMOs in the world, according to new research from SuperData.

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Vantage1407d ago

A KOTOR under EA would have been the shits anyway.

pompombrum1407d ago

It's a shame they won't reinvest that money into making some new story content. Despite all it's flaws, SWTOR had some fantastic stories.

coolbeans1407d ago

Indeed. I want to jump back into the Bounty Hunter storyline the more I think about it.

pompombrum1407d ago

Yeah lol, Bounty Hunter is probably my favourite story out of all of them, they really captured the feel perfectly.

3-4-51407d ago

Is playing for free worth it or is it too limiting ?

coolbeans1407d ago


I'd say it can feel too limiting at times. It's great that all campaign content is unlocked but PvP, dungeons, raids are all locked behind purchasable weekly passes. It's a micro-transaction haven.

Pintheshadows1407d ago

I love that it was fully voiced. Imagine how much they spent on actors alone. No wonder it was so bloody expensive.

It definitely has it charms.

mkis0071407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

I want to play it for each class story, but that would defeat the purpose of it being an mmo

I have already beat the Sorcerer Story which was good.

Dan_scruggs1407d ago

Well. ONLY $165 million. What a failure. I think. I don't know. Actually that sounds like a lot of money. And only in one year. Seems like that's pretty good.

Dehnus1407d ago

Let's put it into subscribers. Say 12 bucks a month on average (give or take subscription plans).

(165000000 / 12) / 12 = 1,145,834 subscribers. Not bad I think for a "dead" MMO. It's not WOW levels but good enough.

joab7771407d ago

I wonder where FF14 will fall next time now that its on PS4. I know it went over 2 million it must be up there somewhere...and its amazing...and has a lot of content for being young.

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