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Bungie Teases Moon Access in Destiny Beta

Twinfinite: Oh look, you can select to go to the Moon in the Destiny beta. Well aren't they slick. (Destiny, PS3, PS4)

Mikelarry  +   66d ago
Played for like 10 mins yesterday but now that its the weekend i can fully enjoy this beta secrets. thanks for the info
BattleTorn  +   66d ago
I'm gonna be trying to find all the gold chests. There are youtube guides
ZodTheRipper  +   66d ago
I'm a bit disappointed that it's the same content as the alpha, would be cool to see the moon outside of PvP.
xYLeinen  +   66d ago
I loved the PvE and strike mission, but I suck too much too enjoy the crucible pvp..
Eldyraen  +   66d ago
I haven't touched Crucible in either alpha or beta and may not till release.

The few bugs I noticed in Alpha (mainly Strike related) have been fixed as far as I can tell or at least didn't crop up this time around. I will be running it more still though but it is looking even better than Alpha all around.

The moon tease is a little disappointing only because I was hoping to experience just a bit more of Destiny during the Beta. I still have found a few new areas and Ghosts though so just means the rest of the universe should be substantial (I had put a lot of time in the Alpha alone). I also like seeing the first subclass now (I don't think I overlooked it in Alpha but may have).

Destiny can't come soon enough.
Squeaky_door  +   66d ago
Check back everyday on the beta. They have hinted they will release more things to do during beta(moon missions, raise lvl cap, etc)
Menkyo  +   66d ago
Yes they said there will be surprises during the beta.
Menkyo  +   66d ago
I have no interest in the PVP. Good luck to all that do.
anwe  +   66d ago
It's not for me either. I'm glad that its included for those that enjoy it, but I also hope they don’t try to funnel everyone into it at one time or another.
ZodTheRipper  +   66d ago
Really guys? PvP is so much fun imo, can't wait for the other modes. It's a great mix of Halo and Borderlands. Finding the right weapon type is important, I suck at machine guns but love snipers and shotguns.
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Menkyo  +   66d ago
@Zod Im glad you like it but I dont find anything fun about it. Its just plain boring to me, I compete for real in judo thats the only competition I care about. When I relax I just want to boot up the game and co-op with my peeps to kill stuff.
BattleTorn  +   66d ago
I know a few friends who are, so I'll play PVP along side them..

But for the most part I'm interesting in exploring PVE
ZodTheRipper  +   66d ago
Same here, PvE is where it's at but the PvP is very enjoyable as well.
ricochetmg  +   66d ago
So far so great.
Mr-Dude  +   66d ago
I hope we see some more of the solarsystem. But not to much offcourse
LAWSON72  +   66d ago
I was so sad when I hit the level cap and realized I can't get all the cool equipment at the Tower. I will probably play a little bit more MP and then wait for the Xbone beta so I can play it with friends. The competitive on is awesome though I am quite confused about how equipment works in it like do guns do a set damage and does armor and effects on them do anything still?

July is to far away.
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isa_scout  +   66d ago
Congrats it wasn't that far away after all...lol

It's July right now.
LAWSON72  +   66d ago
I fail, I meant Sept lol
christian hour  +   65d ago
In regualr crucible I don't think yr stats come in to play, but there's an event called the Iron Banner that will take place for two hours where yours weapon/armor/lvl stats come in to play, its a much more advanced, tougher pvp, full details are in the most recent bungie weekly update.
Now that I've played the beta, I can officially say (for myself), this is the next gen game I've been waiting for!!! This game is a must have, it's far better than BF4, Infamous, KZ,etc... I'm only concerned with the balancing of weapons in multiplayer,the inclusion of higher difficulties in pve, the length of the game. I was honestly blown away by this game, it's just amazing and I haven't been this impressed with a game since TLOU on PS3.

For all those that missed the alpha and beta... GET THIS GAME DAY 1!!!
I can't believe someone made an article out of this BS. lol I'm glad I had adblock on.
Gardenia  +   65d ago
How big is this game and what is the level cap? Because it is a MMO so I expect at least 50 of hours of gameplay
Supposed level cap in the final game is 20 so far... Which leaves me a little worried because the AI on hard isn't that smart and they let you get to lvl 8 in the beta so far... Idk about the length but totally agree it need to be 50 hours or more ... And I hope for more than 50 I want a 100 but hey :)
AHall88  +   65d ago
Level cap is 20 for each class and sub class, so you have 60 levels for one character.(First class + 2 sub classes.)
Of course that depends on if the sub classes start at level 1 or not.
Lord Maim  +   65d ago
Sorry, it isn't an MMO.
warshackTX  +   61d ago
Level cap is 8...the game is a mmofps..I've reached the cap in Destiny beta..there are 3 classes...

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